Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tour So Far

Hi everyone
I hope you are all well. We've just finished two amazing nights in Radio City Music Hall. What a fantastic time we had. Apart from the snow, that stopped a few people getting to the show on Friday night, it all went incredibly well. We were so extremely lucky to have the PS22 school choir join us for two numbers. They helped us out with You Raise Me Up and then lifted all our spirits with their rendition of Spanish Lady. What very special talented children. I've never met a nicer bunch of kids. They performed under the guidance of their choral leader Gregg, who was just an inspiration himself. He had a unique ability to bring out the best in these kids by such kind, gentle words of encouragement. It was definitely the highlight of my time with Celtic Woman. We were sad to see them go!
We've been to Wilkes Barre, Erie, Baltimore, Charlottesville, Charlotte, Atlanta, Greenville, Durham and Roanoke and haven't escaped the snow once!!! Bring on Florida.
But the cold outside hasn't affected the warmth of our audiences. We have had such a wonderful response to our Songs From the Heart tour. It's such an enjoyable show for all of us and we really are having a ball. There is such a lovely mix of songs. I won't give it away to any of you holding out for your first viewing.
Thank you so much for all the cards and gifts of encouragement. Special thanks to Annie who sent me a huge Tinkerbell embroidered picture. It must have taken her months.
Looking forward to seeing some of you in the upcoming weeks
Love and best wishes


Elizabetta said...

I saw your show on Friday night and it was amazing! You guys were so fantistic! That was the best night of 2010 I've had so far. It was such a fun mix of songs! I was so surprised! I'm so anxious for your next arrivial in new york city which will be in a year. I hope you guys have an amazing tour! Thank you for making that my best night in my thirteen years of living. :)

Unknown said...

Hiya, Lisa. The videos of all of you with those great kids from PS22 are inspirational. You all looked like you were having so much fun! I could tell the kids brought out the mommy in you, too. ;)

I just wrote to Annie and told her to read your blog entry - quick. She'll be thrilled.

See you in 3 weeks.


Emily said...


We all SO loved the videos of you girlies with the PS22 kids. It was adorable to see you all interacting with them!!! I sent the videos to pretty much everyone I know, haha. Those kids are incredible, and I wish I had had a music program like that when I was in 5th grade. Their director, Gregg, seems like an awesome guy who can really connect with the kids. That's cool to see.

Anyway, I'm glad the tour is going well and I can't wait to see you all in Chicago!!!! I've been counting down the days SINCE NOVEMBER 12!!!! I'm SO tired of waiting, it's crazy. Haha. I will also be seeing you the first night in West Palm Beach and in Tallahassee. Florida should have some nice, warm weather for you girlies. ;)

Hope to see you at one of the M&Gs in Chicago. I have something for you. ;) You know how much I think you ROCK, Lisa!

Stay fabulous and ~fierce~,


Coleen said...

Hi, Lisa.

I absolutely loved watching the videos of you and the girls with PS22! It looks like you all had such a great time!

I am so looking forward to seeing the new show! See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I saw the videos from Gregg's Youtube page! They were all so fantastic! It looks like all of you guys had a fabulous time!

Love you, and see you march 24th!

Clarissa! said...

Hi Lisa!,

Would've loved to have seen the show w/PS22!
Those are some very talented kids! Gregg's an awesome guy and does a great job with them.
It would have been so fun to be a part of something like that as a kid!!

April can't get here soon enough! I'll be at the Memphis show @ The Orpheum on the 26th...and at the M&G! (57 days) :D
It's pretty much what I think about all day!! Ha..That and whether or not I'm going to pass music theory, LOL.
Hope it stops snowing on ya soon. Thanks for the update, and look forward to seeing you too!


Kerri C. said...

Hi Lisa, I'm totally thrilled that you're having such a good time on this tour, I could tell from the pre-tour performances and interviews that you were quite excited to be back in the thick of it and you are so enjoyable to watch while doing it.
You ladies were so great with the kids from PS22 in welcoming them to be a part of the show, it just goes to show once again how kind and generous you are with yourself and what truly genuine people you and everyone in CW are.
You are such a great role model for those kids and I'm sure you gave them a special moment they will never forget.
I don't want to jynx it but as of right now all the snow in the Providence area has melted as we had all rain from that last storm system so hopefully it will stay that way for at least another week and a half.
Well, until then enjoy the shows and travel safely. I'll see ya soon.


mpdallen said...

Hi Lisa,

The snow is trying to interfere with fans getting to see the beautiful “Songs From the Heart” Show but we faithful fans will make every effort to be there. Yes I know it is beautiful, but enough is enough for now. Spring is almost here, and that gives hope that everything will get better.
I saw the Videos with all of you and the PS 22 school choir and you all seemed to be having such a great time; and then the Show performance of “You Raise Me Up” and “Spanish Lady” and all of your interactions with these kids showed the love of what you were doing was beautifully displayed on all of your faces. I loved it.

The three Shows in Roanoke were outstanding and the beauty of these songs and the way they are performed by all of you is breathtaking. I was blessed in so many ways, and I want to thank every one of you ladies that made this happen in this beautiful Show, and especially you.

Now you are on the road again, so travel safely and stay healthy.

I look forward to seeing you in Birmingham April 14th.


Jeanine said...

Hi, Lisa!! It's lovely to hear from you! I'm one of those that has been holding out for my first show. Only 3 more weeks and I'll see you all in South Bend! I can't wait! Loved hearing about your experience with PS22. How I would've loved to be there! Thanks for sharing so much with us! All of you take care and be safe. God Bless!

Love Always,

Larry said...

Hi Lisa,

So thrilled the shows have been going well. Can't do much about the weather though. It's been balmy in the northwest and we hope it will hold for you when you come to Seattle. Continue to have a great time.

Bless you,

Larry D.

Celtic Lady said...

Lisa: I can't wait to see you at the Peoria Civic Center in April! I have been wanting to see Celtic Woman for quite some time. A severely broken ankle kept me from attending the concert at the Moline, Illinois concert last fall. I don't know which hurt worse - the surgery or missing the concert!
Personally, I want to thank you, Lisa, for something you did for me without knowing it! When I heard you sing "The Voice" for the first time you gave me a very special gift. You helped me identify what I had been feeling for more than 50 years. I now know what that "voice" is and it gave me my identity in more ways than one. You see, I recently found out I was an American woman with an Irish heritage. I was adopted as an infant and I only found this out after my wonderful adoptive parents passed away in 2006. It was while my sister and I were going through all my father's papers that we found the links of our birth. God Bless that song and may God bless you for bringing that song to me! I will now be "going home" to Ireland in the not too distant future, hopefully to stay. I can't thank you enough, Lisa! I would love to meet you someday and give you a big Irish hug!
A Celtic Grandma
Michele Scott
Kewanee, Illinois

Anonymous said...


It was great to read your new blog! I am so happy the tour is going so well! It sounds like you truly did have a wonderful time with the PS22 kids! What a special night that must have been! Anyway, I am counting down the days until I get to see you again in California!!! Good luck with the rest of the tour!


Starman said...


Thank you for taking time out to post a blog for us! Such wonderful posts and footage of you with PS22! What inspirations you in Celtic Woman must be to them all! Exactly the model of entertainers we need for our youth and we thank you for it! Look forward to seeing you in upcoming shows--for me next is Cleveland and Cincinnati! Stay safe!


Yurah said...

Lisa, the way you carry yourself on and off-stage inspires me. The performance on Saturday with the kids was very, very, touching. You girls really know how to instill beauty in music.

Wishing you safe travels and can't wait to see you in Seattle!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! It is always so great to here from you! I have really enjoyed watching all of the videos of you and the rest of the ladies with the PS22 choir! They are some amazing kids, and you all really looked like you were having so much fun. :)

I had an amazing time seeing you in Greenville and getting to meet you and Lynn again. You were so kind! I am anxiously awaiting to see you in California in May!! I hope you are having a fantastic time on tour! :)

Scott Manke said...

Hello Lisa!

Thanks for the blog. Seems like the day off in Reading was a good time to do that!

It was wonderful to have been there to help launch the show three nights in Roanoke. It is a fantastic show and a very moving experience.

The PS22 videos are amazing and all of you just so lovely with those incredible kids. Wonderful as always to have chatted with you in Roanoke. Safe travels, God's blessings, and we'll see you in April for a certain fiddler's birthday.

All the best, Scott

Enchanted said...

Hello Lisa,

Thanks for the update. It sounds like you have had quite an exciting start to this tour. Thanks for all of the videos you guys have shared. It almost feels like we are there with you.

The PS 22 choir sure is lucky to have shared the stage with you all. How wonderful that you guys had so much fun with them too.

The new show sounds spectacular. I couldn't resist the spoilers. I am really looking forward to seeing it when you come to California.

With love,

Unknown said...

Hello Lisa,
Having a hard time getting away from that snow?
Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the kids of PS22. I am sure that you are all inspirations to the kids.
Huge is a little exageration,don't you think? And NO it did not take months to make.
Something to think about: Christmas is still alive and well, and very much in the giving spirit.

See you soon I hope

Katie Leann said...

Hey Lisa,
I've seen some of the performances of CW and PS22 on youtube... they are soo cool! It's nice to see CW in a different atmosphere. You guys looked like you were having so much fun! And it was a lot of fun to close my eyes and pretend that I'm there. :) I love to see you having a ball and acting like kids. :) Waving your arms like you just don't care. :)

lots of <3

Unknown said...

Hehehe... I think Annie has something up her sleeve.

Anonymous said...

Happy Woman's Day Lisa! I am the manager of CWBr, and the fansite!
I am passing by here just to wish you a happy woman's day =D

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lisa.

I can't say I saw your show already, cause I am not able to afford a ticket yet!
I will follow your blogs very carefully from now on and I hope you will come to Holland some day with the rest of the girls!

I am glad to hear you are all having fun on your tour, that's what touring is about!
Bye lisa,
greetings from Holland!

Unknown said...

Lisa! You have got to add Omaha to your next tour! PLEASE! Our family has fallen in love with the Celtic Woman and their music. My mothers dad was from Ireland - O'Callahan, now Callahan. You all bring out the Irish in us! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Saw your show in Manchester, NH on Feb. 28 and loved it. The song 'Isle of Hope' really hit home since I was 16 when I came to this country. Please visit New Hampshire again on your next tour.

Unknown said...

I'm walking on Cloud Nine!! Earlier this month Celtic Woman appeared at Proctor's in Schenectady, N.Y. Last night I learned you will be returning to New York's capital district on July 26 to perform at SPAC in Saratoga Springs. I ordered my tickets from WMHT the minute I found out. Can't wait to enjoy the performance again.

megbec said...


The concert in Fairfax on St. Patrick's Day was awesome and special. The traffic outside was horrendous, but we managed to get to our seats just seconds before the first number. I cannot express how uplifting, soothing, and encouraging your music and the beauty of your stage presence is. Your renditions of "Amazing Grace" and "You Rise Me Up" especially touched me. May God continue to bless you and help you personally, as well as the entire group, to keep your focus. He has gifted you greatly. Would love to meet you because you seem so genuine and sincere. Until that should happen, just know that I appreciate your talents, I am thankful for the day I "discovered" Celtic Woman.

Tom said...

Hi Lisa,

I saw Songs from the Heart last night in South Bend, Indiana. All I can say is wow! I'm speechless. Having a heart for music myself (I play drums and saxophone), I came alive! Thank you!

Elton said...

I have three questions: 1. Will we ever get to buy CW DVD's in HD? 2. Can we get up a collection and buy these girls nice clothing to wear outdoors when it is cold? (They have beautiful arms and shoulders, true, but they appeared bare-shouldered even at the White House Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony!It made me want to give at least one of them my coat!) 3. They are all beautiful, but please, what is the name of the gorgeous back-up singer who is almost always foremost in the background, and even appears in the poster, behind the five principles? Just curious.

Nichole said...

Hey Lisa,

This is Nichole, I am from Australia just letting you know you and the girls are a huge inspiration to me. I love listening to your music and watching the DVDs especially while I study as I do my education through corespondance. I can't wait till you visit Australia - are you excited? The media here hopefully will be very excited , they'll try claim you as one of us like they do everyone who has any Australian connection whatsoever. What is your favourite part of Australia and do you like Tim Tams?

I will be at the Meet and Greet in Brisbane on Nov 3 (its a while away but I'm very excited)

Till then have an awesome tour and say hi to Chloe,Lynn, Mairead and Alex for me from Australia.

By the way youll have to visit Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo when your here - its an hour north of Brisbane :)

Lots of Love


got Jesus? said...

Dear Lisa,
My name is Adeline I'm 13 and I love your songs I really love the violin too. I play the violin and I was wondering if you could help me get the music for Celtic Woman - The Sky And The Dawn And The Sun on the violin I now your a busy person but if you could help me out I'd really appreciate it.=) I'll pray for you and your career.
May God Bless You with all the happiness in the world.


LisaKellyfan10 said...

I saw your show on March 24th at the Xcel in St. Paul. It was my first Celtic Woman live show, and I was blown away!!!!! You girls are amazing!!!!!! I can't wait to see you again in August!!!!! Thank you for changing my life and touching my heart. :)

Ryan said...

Hi Lisa,

Sorry it's been so long between responses; hopefully you can forgive me one more time. ;-) Loved reading about the PS22 children, it further demonstrates just how big your hearts really are. Who knows how many promising talents you've help to inspire with activities like these.

Chicago was an absolute blast! You five were crushing it on stage all weekend, and it was clear from my vantage point that the audience couldn't get enough of it. Here's hoping that your patrons are equally appreciative throughout the remainder of the tour.

Best wishes as always to you and your family, Lisa. Provided I don't become an uncle--and my mother doesn't become a grandmother--on April 30th, you'll be seeing us on the front row in Houston. Keep up the outstanding work!

(Understudy in Waiting) ;-)

Madhur said...

Your show in St. Petersburg on Sunday was awesome ! I have never ever felt better on a Monday morning as I reminisced about your performance.

IMO you are the best in the group ;-) ... but it was a special privilege to see all of you live...

All the best for the rest of the tour... and hope you have more sunny weather ahead !

Madisen Cope said...

Well, I hope you are ready for the uber hot weather here in florida! Can't wait to see the show on thursday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa!
I'm Val from Brazil. Val is short of Valter hehehe. Tomorrow is your birthday isn't it? So, today I wish you a happy birthday. You are so adorable. Keep up!

Simonliu06 said...

Happy Birthday Lisa Kelly!! Love you and your songs; I've been listening to them since 2005...from May it be to If you Believe. IF you or the group have the time, then come and visit China(Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Nanjing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, or Harbin) again! I'll be there for sure just to see you sing! Have a wonderful birthday!

Besh Wishes

Liu Si(Simon)

Unknown said...

Lisa! You and the other beautiful ladies were just amazing! I was so in shock for the Meet and Greet! You rock 'Moon's a Harsh Mistress and Fields of Gold'!!! I can't wait to see you again in September for you show in Tucson! Keep up the fabulous work!
Your #1 Arizona Fan, Phillip!!!!

megbec said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LISA! Thank you for being a blessing.

mpdallen said...


May you enjoy this special day with friends and family; and when you perform tonight just know that all your fans wish they could be there to wish you a “Happy Birthday” Lisa Kelly. Jim

Thomas said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!


Ryan said...


Please accept my warmest wishes on this your 33rd birthday. You are without question one of the most genuinely charming and personable individuals I've ever had the good fortune to encounter, and it is only fitting that such a beautiful soul was endowed with an equally beautiful voice. My best wishes go as well to Scott, Cian, Jack and Ellie--may you all soon enjoy a well-deserved respite in Ireland.

La-breithe mhaith agat!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, kiddo. ;)

Elton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elton said...

Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful and talented persons in the world today. You are like a cherished rose in our global garden.

Celtic Lady said...

Happy Birthday , Lisa! I pray it is a wonderful one that was full of nice surprises for you!
I got to see you in person on April 11, and the entire concert was amazing! Best night I have had in a real long time!
Celtic Lady

Bill said...

Hi Lisa,
Happy Birthday! Finally got to see you in LA on thursday night. One of the best nights of my life.
Your voice and smile opens my heart and I am returned to my Self. I dont have words to expression my appreciation. So ill just say I love you and thank you.


Laura said...

I was trying to wish you a happy birthday and send a message to your mother. (I always sent flowers to MY mother on my birthday) your Mother....I want to thank you for giving the entire world a beautiful gift on May 7, 1977. Lisa Kelly is beautiful woman with an angelic voice and a personality to match. Thank you for giving her passion for her gift, the desire to share it and her ability to change so many lives with only a smile. She is surely a reflection of the life she loves , the lessons she’s learned and we are honored to share in but a small part of it. Thank you for your daughter, Lisa Kelly.

Paul Fogle, Ph.D., CCC-SLP said...

Hi Lisa, I just saw you this evening in Sacramento on Mother's Day. Celtic Woman was the best Mother's Day gift I have even given my wife, Carol. We are celebrating our 40th anniversary next December. Carol is an RN and I am a speech-language pathologist and professor at a private university.

In 2006 Carol and I visited Great Britain and got to spend a few days in Ireland. I was on a sabbatical from my university and was writing a textbook. I traveled around the world: 2 1/2 months in Sydney, Australia, 2 months in Christchurch, NZ, a few months in Great Britain, and a few weeks in Sweden. When we were visiting Ireland I visualized you living there, although we did not get to Dublin.

I just read in your blog that your husband is from Australia. How long have you been married and how many children do you have?

My wife and I have two daughters, both 33 and both named Heather. One is Heather Brooke (we call her Heather B.) and the other is Heather Lea. Not many parents have 2 children with the same name! Actually, Heather B. is the daughter we raised and Heather Lea we officially and legally adopted on March 16th 2009. It always take some explanation about our 2 duaghters.

Lisa, you are my FAVORITE Celtic Woman and I loved watching you in person tonight.

Best wishes from one of your many admirers!


dao said...

Hi Lisa. I have a daughter. She is 8 years old. She is your BIGGEST FAN. She and her twin sister even got their entire class into Celtic Woman. But she just loves you. They begged us to take them to your show recently at Universal City. She had made a flag with a picture of you on it, so you could autograph it for her, and she also wrote you a letter. We tried, but couldn't get close enough after the show.

Is there a way for me to mail you the flag for you to autograph? It would make her dream.

She wanted to see if you and/or Celtic Woman can come to her birthday party. Yours and Celtic Woman's picture will be on the cake. I told her that it would take a miracle for that to happen. But she said she can dream.

You and the Celtic Woman were great. The girls have all of your DVD's.

Do you actually read these? Do you respond to them, by chance? It would mean to much to her.

A young fan's desperate mom

Anonymous said...

My wife and I, and another couple, just returned from your concert in Spokane, Washington. We were overwhelmed by the quality of the concert. While we have watched Celtic Woman on PBS for a few years, the live performance was amazing. At one point, I said to our friends that I would drive to Spokane each year for your concert. My friends said they would go every WEEK if they could! I agree! We already started planning to go back to Spokane if you are there in 2011, and discovered you most likely will be in Missoula, Montana on August 23, 2010. We all live just south of Missoula (my wife and I work at The University of Montana in Missoula), so have already been placed on the notification list for beginning of ticket sales. We had good seats in Spokane (4th row center in the mezzanine), but hope we can be much closer here in Missoula. In fact, we hope to have our respective families join us in Missoula. So, our group of 4 may grow to 10 if all goes as planned and we can get tickets.

Lisa, I have said ever since I started watched Celtic Woman on PBS that you have the best voice and stage presence of all the performers. The show in Spokane confirmed that, and more! My only disappointment was that you didn’t sing Caledonia – hopefully that can be added in Missoula.

We are all curious as to why you have been to Spokane five years in a row. Do some of you have friends or relatives in Spokane, or do you just like the area and venue?

Finally, I hope that all of you get a chance to spend an extra day or so in western Montana as it is a very beautiful place. If you plan to do that and would like some personal recommendations on restaurants, things to do, and places to see, please feel free to contact me. I sent an email to the address listed on your site with my contact information.