Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moved to Facebook and Twitter

Hi Guys
Have found it much easier to communicate through facebook and twitter
For more frequent updates please follow
lisakellysinger on twitter and lisa kelly singer on facebook
Hope you are all well xxxxx


Lizzy said...

Oh fail. :/

*isn't on facebook or twitter*

Ahem. Oh well.

My best friend and I plan to be at your Houston concert next year!! I surprised her with tickets this year and we had THE most amazing time. Ever. And she's still trying to make herself believe it REALLY happened. This was the first concert she'd ever been to in her entire life. And the first concert I had ever attended was your Houston one during your Isle of Hope tour last year.

I really hope to meet you, your family, and all the girls someday!! :)


Tom~Tom said...

More frequent is good. Have a safe trip to Chicago.

Rici86 said...

Added on Facebook! :D Thank you so much! You are great! :D

Scott Manke said...

OK, Lisa, thanks for letting us know. Blog is still a nice place when you want to post a bit longer thoughts. Thank you for staying in touch with your supporters. It means a great deal.


Enchanted said...

Looks like I better get with the times and figure out Twitter. Thanks for sharing you life with your fans.

Bernard said...

say hello to Brazil......

Unknown said...

Hello, say hello to Brazilians
I'm a fan of you, like most of the music, always listen. I love spanish lady caledonia and has no equal. Hugs and success!

Unknown said...

Hello, say hello to Brazilians
I'm a fan of you, like most of the music, always listen. I love spanish lady caledonia and has no equal. Hugs and success!

Roo said...

NOOOOOOO! Curse me being underage and thus unable to get a Facebook account!! And further curse me for not wanting to be like the girls at my school and not getting a twitter account.

I'm a failure.
I'm a failure as a teenage girl.
Yes, I'm 15.
I'm sad. Very, very sad.

If only to keep the many of us who don't have twitters and facebooks happy, post a response every now and again! Please? I'll give you a virtual cookie...
...I've been told they're better than the real life ones...
...okay, that was a lie. But a cookie is a cookie, am I right?

I don't know if you can reply to comments on blogspot, but it would mean the world to me if you could if you can! If that made sense.
Don't feel bad if it didn't. I barely make sense to myself.

Peace, Love, and Ferrets!!!

Allan said...

Thank you for wonderful performance at the Sydney venue.
Enjoy the remainder of your tour and please come back soon.

Safe jouney home.

Gerhard said...

Hi, dear Lisa.
Very nice, to tell us, that you say, facebook is better for you,....and us.
And Twitter..
Yes, I'll f "follow" you.
In the past your blogs where very interessant.Lets see on facebook.
Lisa, you have no "myspace" account ? OR ?
Send you nice greetings from Cologne/Germany,

Arte di Cuori said...

Lisa i love your sweet voice.
Please tell me if you will go to Brazil in 2011.
I hope see you soon.
Thanks for all.
Kisses for you.

llewis said...

lisa this is louisa from vermont just wanted to say i really enjoy listing to the lovely music you ladies sing. wish you could come to vermont someday anyways keep up the good work and maybe someday i will get to meet you all. bye

Unknown said...

Thank you for coming to Pittsburgh last night (March 18th). We came to your concert to celebrate my husband's birthday (his #1 request). No disappointing him. You all were so lovely and your angelic, beautiful voices are like no other. Such a delight to be there to see and hear you in person and we plan to see you at Heinz Hall in December. Blessings to you all. You have God given talents and use them in such beautiful ways! Blessings!

colynick said...

possible we can get married,love you,your awesome.

Bev said...

Dear Lisa,
I am crushed to hear you won't be singing with the group, however happy that you are welcoming a new addition to your family. You have always been my favorite along with the little one with viol. I am originally from Wales Pontypridd.
My mother's best friend since childhood is Stuart Burrows of Opera..the famous Welsh Tenor, better known as the best Mozart lyricist of all time. We of course know several famous performers, I count you amoungst my favorites. You are delightful I am sad for those of us that loved you and your talents. Many Blessings are wished to you and yours. I don't know how you did it all with four children, which makes you even more remarkable. Love and Prayers to you and yours. God Bless, Bev xoxo

မိုးသက္ said...

Lisa.. . Nice 2 meet u.
I'm a blogger from Myanmar.
really like your songs.
carry on...