Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall Tour 09

Hi All
So as per usual, i'll start with apologising for not writing sooner!!!  It's funny how the shorter tours end up being the busiest and feeling like the longest!.  I hope this post finds you all well.  Well this have been a whirlwind tour.  We started out in Waukeegan and of course being the fall i've packed my winter wollies and have yet to hit cold weather.  It has been incredible.  I don't think i've worn my coat once!.  We were in some cities that I have never been to before like Paducah, Sioux Falls, Prior Lake, Merrillville, Lubbock and Appleton.  These were smaller cities but you wouldn't know it by the audiences.  We've been so lucky to have such wonderful audiences in all our venues.  The crowds seem to be getting larger and louder!.  Plenty of singing and dancing.  It's also getting to the stage that nearly every night there are people in the audience that we recognise.  Your dedication is incredible and very much appreciated.  
We got meet some fans that have written to us that we have never met before and of course we got to meet the good ole regulars that turn up at many concerts.  With the economy the way it is, it never ceases to amaze me how many of you still come to as many shows as you can.  But please know that we just love the fact that you are there, you don't need to bring gifts.  They are always so thoughtful and appreciated but times are tough these days and we really don't expect it. But thank you for all the gifts that we have received!.
I think the highlight of this tour was probably the showing of the special on CPTV in Connecticut.  We were so excited to see it finally on some of your screens.  We're incredibly proud of this production and hope that all of you will get a chance to see it before you get the DVD.
So here will are in the final week of the tour.  It's been a great few weeks.  We finish on Sunday and have a few days off before we have promo with PBS for a week.  We're all heading off in different directions for the PBS interviews so keep an eye on the celtic woman website for listings and any other appearances that we may be making!.
I'd like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  I'm very excited to be in the USA for thanksgiving.  It's a very special time.
Wishing you all health and happiness
I look forward to seeing you all soon
Lots of love


Larry said...

Thrilled that you will have Thanksgiving in the USA. Have a wonderful time.

Blessings on you all!

Larry D.

Emily said...

Hi Lisa!!!!!!!

Thanks for writing! I can't wait to see the new show. The promo video from PBS is so great. Songs From The Heart looks like it's going to be the best CW production yet!!!! I cannot wait to see it, and most of all, I cannot wait to see it on STAGE in the Spring! :D :D :D Also, I am looking forward to FINALLY getting Fields of Gold on CD when it comes out in January. FINALLY!!!! I've been waiting since I last heard you sing it in West Palm Beach in May!

Have fun doing promo stuff and have a safe trip back to Ireland. :) Also, have fun celebrating turkey day here in the States!

Love always,

Emily :) :)

P.S. We love bringing gifts!! It's FUNNNNNNNN!!!

Unknown said...

Hey Lisa! Won't see you again on this tour, but wait til next year. We're gonna fill up the Rosemont Theater and rock the house!

Enjoy the rest of your stay, and thank you for everything.


Mel said...

Thanks for taking time to write. We know you have been very busy. Glad to see your getting to spend Thanksgiving in the U.S, hope you enjoy some Turkey and pumpkin pie. It was great seeing all of you, and can't wait till next Spring. Will be seeing SFTH airing on a PBS in a diff city on the 28th since it's not being aired in Columbus. Been staying away from all spoilers, though I was almost tempted last night to watch the trailer, but went to bed instead :D. Good luck on the last part of the tour, have a safe trip back home and see you all in the Spring

Taylor "Angus" Gibson said...

Dearest Lisa,

Cead mile failte!

First, I must apologize for not being able to see you at the Chattanooga show (in my hometown no less!). Unfortunately, I was in school in Knoxville and I'm trying to save up for my trip to Ireland. I'm sure you understand. ANYways, I saw the youtube video preview of the Songs from the Heart...and I VERY NEARLY KEELED OVER IN EXCITEMENT! What can I say? The costumes, the setting, the lights, the girls, and YOU look absolutely STUNNING! I predict that this will be bigger than Slane!

I hope very much that the spring tour will bring you to Knoxville. Luckily, all I'm asking for Christmas and my birthday (January 14th) is money for my Ireland trip. I hope to have some left over to come meet you again in Knoxville (and if I don't have money left over, I'll go anyways and work over the summer for my Ireland trip).

Can't tell you how much your voice means to me. I take it everywhere I go on my iPod.

Hope you and the others are doing exceptionally well and have a WONDERFUL holiday season.

Please send Chloe and Mairead my regards as well (I got to meet Chloe again in Nashville as well as Mairead), and please tell Alex and Lynn I hope to meet them someday.

Your friend in Knoxville, Tennessee,
Taylor "Angus" Gibson
P.S. Angus is my nickname from a LONG way back, and it may help you to distinguish me from other Taylor's. ;-)

Kelli said...

Thank you for everything, Lisa!! Safe travels home, and remember on Thanksgiving many of us will list you as one we're thankful for!


zankoku said...

wish you come to Phoenix for an interview.


Kaylie said...

Lisa, just wanted to wish you the very best of Holidays this year and safe travels while finishing up the last leg of the "Isle of Hope Tour." I just watched the PBS trailer for the new "Songs from the Heart" dvd and oh my goodness! I got chills all over just like seeing you perform live, although not quite as much as seeing, or dancing for you, in person (wink wink...still get all red in the face when I think of how silly I was but as least we all had fun).

Can't wait to see you again next year. I usually bring my brother and a bunch of friends to a show but I'm hoping to get the whole family out this time. I know they will love it and I look forward to sharing with them something that means so much to me. You are all such powerful performers and have such a positive influence on everyone who hears your music. Thanks for making the world a better place!

God Bless!

The Dancing Kaylie =)

Clarissa! said...

:D YAY! Thanks for the update! just finished watching the new promo vid! You're belting it out on "The Moon's A Harsh Mistress"! :D I love it!! Amazing Grace gives me chills :)
My boyfriend and I have ordered our tickets for the concert at the Orpheum in Mem next spring! It's our first time having front row and M&G! We're not going to know what to do with ourselves. You'll be able to see us down in front - the goofy looking couple that can't stop smiling!! HAHA.

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving.


Lindy Leigh said...

Thanks for the update and have a wonderful holiday!

Jeanine said...

Dear Lisa,

Hello!! As always it's wonderful to hear from you whenever you are able to write! It was so lovely to see all of you in Merrillville!! My first show of the new tour will probably be in South Bend, where this all started for me! So glad you'll have some time off before promo appearances, and then get to head home. I've watched the trailer several times, and I LOVE this show!! I can't wait to see it aired next weekend and to see it LIVE! Meanwhile, take care, dear Lisa, and God Bless!

Lots of Love,

Rosie Allen said...

It is always great to hear from you. You make us feel as if we are the stars! Your kind words and thoughtfulness regarding the economy is well received. I guess there are a lot of ways to spend your time and money...and I can't think of a better way than to listen to you and the others bring peace and harmony into our lives! When life is torn and difficult a push of the button and your music lifts our spirits.

Hope to see you in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) for the SFTH concert. I loved the trailer from all looked as if you were having a ball and that makes me even more excited to see you in person!

Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa...I am more than thankful for you!
Blessings and prayers,
Rosie Allen

Rosie Allen said...
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Starman said...

It's been a thrill of mine to see you at several shows on the Fall tour as well as those in the Spring! You are absolutely right that your crowds are getting bigger and louder! And with good reason, as your hard work in touring pays off! I doubt there is a town in America where you would not encounter your fans if you looked around! I predict the new DVD will make it even more so!

This Thanksgiving we certainly count you and Celtic Woman among our many blessings and are so pleased to share it with you and yours this year! Always know that you can count on your many dedicated fans, should you ever need anything from us!

John Mann/Starman

Justin said...

Thanks so much for another wonderful update!!! It sounds like you have been having a great but busy time on this short tour!

I am also extremely excited about your new production! I watched the promo video, and I about died from excitement...I already know that "The Moon's A Harsh Mistress" will be one of those that I can't stop listening to! Me and my girlfriend will get to see your new show in Memphis at the Orpheum! We'll be down front..and like she said, we'll be the goofy looking couple with big goofy smiles on our faces! :D Haha!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, and have fun!!

Bluefire said...

Hello again, Lisa.

No apologies necessary. We all know how busy you and the girls are. I'm glad you got to see more of the U.S. this tour, and yes, it's been a strange year as far as weather. I'm starting to forget what seasons look like. :)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels back home for the holidays. All your fans are eagerly awaiting the PBS airings of "Songs from the Heart", esp. after that promotional video. I looks absolutely breathtaking (I envy those who were able to be there for the taping!) Thank you again for all that you share with us.

Take care and best wishes,

lintje said...

Hey Lisa!!!,

Thanks so much for the update it's really nice to hear you have a great time in America. I saw the promo from the dvd and I think I saw the back of my own head :P
I so can't wait for the release here in Europe :D

Have fun in the time when you're still there in America.



Unknown said...

Hey Lisa, this is Laura. I went and saw Celtic Woman in Tucson the other day, and it was a dream come true. Would you please tell Chloe I loved her speech. I just wanted to share an interesting fact with you real quick. I'm getting married next january and my fiance's name is Scott, and I have a brother named Porter. I thought it was nice to know we have something in common. Hope you girls can come to Salt Lake next year because Tucson was a 10 hour drive. But it was worth it, I would drive across the whole U.S. to see that show again. Take care, Laura:)

Scott Manke said...

Hello Lisa!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to blog! It really is appreciated when you each communicate with us.
The spring tour, fall tour, and the show at Powerscourt were amazing.
You all touch lives so very deeply doing what you were born to do. The gifts come in a difficult economy but come from grateful hearts willing to make the sacrifice.
It was such a joy to be one of those familiar faces you saw when you looked in the crowd each night. Equally sweet were the chances to chat with you after. You are a joy and thank you so much for your kindness.
Most special of all was the Oxfam check to Mairead the other night. We wish all of you could have been there for that. Ahh what she and all of you inspire.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving here and a joyous Christmas season. See you in the spring.

Scott and friends

Enchanted said...

As always your words are a blessing to us all. Your kindness is evident in all that you do. Enjoy your mini break and have a lovely Thanksgiving.
It appears that you and the whole Celtic Woman team have much to be proud of. The Songs From The Heart Promo took my breath away. I can hardly wait for the Spring tour already. Any chance you could sing The Moon's a Harsh Mistress as an encore on Saturday. ;) I'm teasing of course, but I can hardly wait to hear you sing that song in its entirety.
We will be driving 12 hours to see you in Pasadena this weekend and I already know that it will be worth every dollar and minute spent in the car. Thank you for all that you give to us.

With Love,

Mary Ann said...

Hi Lisa I think you are just wonderfull and I cant wait to see you in February in Radio City. I would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and if you are in Ny there is so much to see for the Holidays, I hope you enjoy this time with your family. Say hello to Helen and God Bless You.

Mary Ann

mpdallen said...

Hi Lisa,

Any message from you is a gift to us, and any gift to you is given with love and happiness; but I will try and restrain from doing that. Yes, I will try. I am glad so many familiar faces were recognized in the audience throughout the Tour and I am glad one of those was mine. This Show is contagious and it is so hard not to become addicted to it.

Yesterday for the first time I saw the You Tube “Songs from the Heart” promo, and now I know just how much I missed by not being at Powerscourt. It is absolutely beautiful.

Lisa thank you for a wonderful year entertaining us, and thank you to all the ladies and everyone that helped bring so much happiness into our hearts and lives. The Show “Isle of Hope” may be coming to an end but what all of you have done is instill that hope in our hearts. Thank you.

May every one of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels home. Enjoy your families during the Holidays and New Year and come back to America in 2010 with those “Songs from the Heart”. We will be anxiously awaiting your return.

Lisa, the song “The Voice” may no longer be in the Show but “The Voice” will always remain. You will always be “The Voice”


Phillip said...

Dear Lisa,
It has been so wonderful to have been to so many shows this tour. My wife and I have been to 7 Isle Of Hope shows and Heather to 4. I love to hear you sing so much you really touch my heart with your beautiful voice and your sweet smiles. I am sad that Paduca was our last show this time but I look forward to seeing you in the new show this spring.
Take care of yourself and stay warm.

With love and support always,


Melissa said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent with the world!! I have 3 kids(ages 7, 5 & 3) that keep me busy(and can get quite!) but, whenever I need a quiet moment, I know I can pop in my Celtic Woman CDs and relieve any tension I have;) You ladies have done wonders for my stress relief...LOL!! Hope to see you in concert in the spring! Have a wonderful holiday season;)


Coleen said...

Thank you so much for writing to us, Lisa! It's always nice to hear from you. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you next year!


Bobby Howell said...

Well Mrs.Lisa Kelly I have wrote you about one hundred messages on your Lovely forum I hope you may get to read some of them so time.I know you are very busy and one day I still would love to just meet you.I am the guy that gave you Ladies the Award/Plaque in Tulsa,Ok.I thank you are an Irish Angel Lady!Hope you and your family has some great Holidays.I am the Messages from the Heart Writer,Mrs.Lisa.Like the Songs from the Heart you Sing,Very well Too!Mr.Bobby J. Howell,Luv Ya Lady xxxxxxxxxxxx''Bobby''

Bobby Howell said...

Hey Mrs.Lisa got a question for you Irish Angel.Have you or would you ever come to the Usa and live here?As much time as you have been in America we would just love to have you move here,just a thought.Luv Ya Mrs.Lisa Kellyxxxxxx''Bobby J. Howell''

vanski said...

have a happy and wonderful thanksgiving lisa. i love the music you make with CELTIC WOMAN. you ladies are truly an inspiration to me. i do have question. how do i go about getting meet and greet passes to the concert in wallingford on march 6th. thanks and happy holidays.

Robert said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I just bought tickets to the April 9th show in Rosemont, IL. It will be my 5th time seeing the group! I can't get enough. It's the best show I have ever seen and they get better every time I go. I met you at a meet and greet in Chicago last April. I was so thrilled. I listen to your singing every day and still can't keep back the tears. So beautiful and moving. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us!

Lester said...

Hi Lisa,

Well, it's Thanksgiving evening. I had a great day and wishing you the best on this day too. Thank you for your music!

I do feel blessed. We all do with all that you give us.

Looking forward to watching the PBS airing of the new concert.

Take care,


Maddie :D said...

It's so nice to hear from you again!! I went to the Isle of Hope show twice and it was so wonderful! I think the best part was meeting you at Covelli Center in Youngstown!!!! I cant wait till the Songs from the Heart tour!!!! Love always, Maddie

Raquel Caetano said...

Hi Lisa!

I'm very happy to know you had a wonderful time in USA, but today I'm here to talk about other things.

Yesterday, I finally saw Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure, and what can I say about that? IT'S AWESOME! The movie is great, but the soundtrack (and even more the song you sing) is absolutelly amazing!
Oh my God, you really are the best singer in the word!

Well, I hope you have a great weekend! One day, I have faith, I'll see you and the girls on show, and not just in my TV screen.

Brazilian kisses to you all xxx

Kerri C. said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for writing. It's been a month since I saw you at Mohegan Sun and I am still saddened by your departure.
I was so happy that I got to meet you in person when you were in the food court getting some chili for dinner before the show. It was one of the highlights of my life. I only wish I could have talked with you longer but I know how busy you must be before a show. I cant wait to see the SFTH tour next spring at the Providence PAC. I plan to go both nights so I'm hoping to get seats close to the stage for at least one of them. I recorded the PBS special that aired last night so I'm looking forward to that right now. Well I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and congrats on being asked to perform at the National Tree Lighting Ceremony. I'm looking forward to seeing that as well. I wish you, your family and the rest of the girls a healthy and happy holiday season wherever you all may be.
Kerri C

Anonymous said...

My husband and I saw you all in concert for the first time. I believe we first saw Celtic Woman on PBS in 2004. After all these years, we finally got the opportunity to attend in Lubbock...we were also able to bring all of our children. It was something we have looked forward to for years (wished we had come sooner) and will now cherish as a wonderful, family vacation time. Thank you all.

Karen W. said...

Dear Lisa,

I was able to see Celtic Woman in concert not once, but twice this year! The first time was here in Minnesota, where I live, and the second time was recently in Bloomington, Indiana, where my parents live. You all really won them over and I'm sure they will want you to go back!

I've been a fan ever since I received my first CW DVD for Christmas several years ago. I have been a singer for many years, and been involved with community theatre too. A highlight for me was being able to play "Maria" in "The Sound of Music" several years ago.

I especially fell in love with the songs you sing because I have found they fit my voice like a glove. Singing is like breathing to me, and although I haven't made a career of it, (I'm married 23 years with two children) I am always so honored and humbled whenever I'm asked. I've sung for many funerals and weddings, and countless church services and things. I'm actually going to be singing "The Blessing" at a wedding this coming May 1st. I can't wait - I love to sing it!

I'm writing this mostly because I want to thank you for all your gifts, and also because I feel such a strong connection as a performer, and appreciate what you all do so much. The heart and feeling and soul that you all bring to each performance is breathtaking.

Very Sincerely,
Karen Whitaker
Zumbro Falls, MN

James Christie said... are the greatest. Watched your new show on PBS (Songs of the Heart). Great new
cast. Beautiful music. Thank you
so much for your gift to us.

mpdallen said...

December 7th, 2008 Remembered

Hi Lisa,

One year ago today at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Baton Rogue, at the Celtic Woman signing, I got to see you for the first time in more than a year, and what a blessed event this turned out to be. I thought I would only get to meet you and all the ladies, but when this signing was over I had something to remember and treasure the rest of my life. I had brought gifts from forum members to all of you ladies, and when the picture taking began and I got to mix with and talk to all of you, this was something that dreams are made of. Getting greeted with an embrace and then to hold and talk with you while having pictures taken with you, Mairead, Chloe, Orlagh, and Lynn is an event of a lifetime. That experience I will always treasure.

Lisa, if you remember in my letter to you after the Baton Rogue signing, and posted on the Lisa Kelly Forum, I stated that seeing you walk in, “It was as if I was seeing God’s most beautiful creation of a woman walk into the room this day”. That statement was true then. It is true today. It will be true in the future.

I just wanted to tell you how much that meant to me. Thank you for everything you do to make my life that much more enjoyable. This has been an excellent year for me, and I thank my God for that, and I thank you too from the depths of my heart. As always……

Lisa, Send Me a Song…….


kjordon1 said...

Hi Lisa! It's wonderful to hear from you again. It is always pleasing to read your blog. You are a sweet lady and I love your songs. I would sooo love to go to your concerts but I haven't got a good chance to go to any as yet :( I hope everything is fine with you and your family. Take care and may God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, hi, Lisa!

This is my first time ever posting something like this online, and I just wanted to say, thank you soo much for writing! I've been a huge fan of you girls since the beginning, and you and Mairead are my idols. I saw Songs From the Heart on the tellie a few days ago, and I nearly passed out from excitement. (Imagine what'll happen when I see you guys live.) It was amazing and beautiful as always, and I was left stunned! You all are so amazing! It sent shivers down my spine, everything was so truly otherworldly. Celtic Women is my dream job (a ridiculous dream, but alas) and I want to say thank you guys so much for being awesome idols. You inspire a teen girl veryy verry much. :] You rock the world! I can't wait to see you in Los Angeles next year. Happy New Year and very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings always from Elizabeth

(PS, if theres any chance you do read this, could you tell Mairead that I think she's totally awesomely stunningly cool? Merry XMAS!!!!!)

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa.

Thanks for writing. the 2009 show is really amazinf. I love it.
You have got such a beautiful voice.
My favorites songs are "The voice", "At the Ceili", "The soft Goodbye". But I really love others.
Everytime I listen to these songs, I want to sing too :-)
But my voice is not as beautiful as yours.
I'm waiting for the 2010 Show.
I hope you'll come to the Canada.I will be there for 6 months.
I hope you'll come to Belgium too.

Thanks for all of yours songs.

Pauline le H.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to let you know that you have a new fan. I just came across your videos on YouTube and love the singing! The unfortunate thing is that I am apparently two days late as you came through Arkansas on the 14th. ARG! Anyway, looking around the site to see where I can buy the CDs now. Have a great holidays!

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa...
When you come to Colombia???? Please I hope very soon here to hear your amazing voice live!!!

God Bless you!!!

ke lamborn said...

Lisa, Did you know you wiggle the best? Did you know that God broke the mold after he made you? After watching the most recent PBS broadcast, I have determined that the current "group" is the best ever and as a group your performances are really fantastic. The solos have always been the best but this time your 2010 tour will be highlighted by tour group performances. I will see you all in Orlando, but just so you know, youtube brings me The Voice and Caledonia anytime I want to see and belive me it is frquent.You are beautiful, stunning, and perhaps the most talented singer I have ever seen or heard. Happy Holidays! Good luck with that grinding tour next year! Ken

mpdallen said...

Lisa, Scot, Jack, Cian, and Ellie,

From my family to yours, may the love of the Christ Child be in each of your hearts as we celebrate Christmas, and may God’s blessings surround each of you with love and happiness throughout the coming New Year. To each of you may your dreams be fulfilled, and there be joy and happiness in your life beyond measure.

Where there is peace and love, God will always be there, and may His protective arm always be around you in everything you do, and wherever you go.


Bobby Howell said...

Hey Mrs.Lisa Kelly:Just like to say Thank You for the Great Americian Tour in 2009,Please do it again soon.Just a note,How bout a New solo CD?Got a good name you could use:Lisa Kelly/Celtic Dreams or just Lisa Kelly/Dreams just a thought,read somewhere that you always dreamed of being a great singer and that you are Lady!Luv Lisaxxxxxxxxxx!Bobby J. Howell.

Hermes Guedes said...

Lisaa!!! you´re so beutiful!!
all the blessings from the sky for you all! always!!

i hope to meet you someday, and who knows we can sing and dance a music!

is in brazil a fanclub already ?
if no, i will start one!

come to our contry one day!

god bless youu!!!!


megbec said...

Lisa, I am a relatively new Celtic Woman fan, and am looking forward to seeing you live at the Patriot Center in Virginia this March. I am a Baptist pastor, who was studying one Sunday afternoon while my wife was upstairs watching you all on TV. She tends to keep the volume low while I am studying. But, with the voice of an angel, you singing "May It Be" caused me to lay down book and pen and drink in that beautiful sound. I have since become a fan. "May It Be" and "Send Me a Song" quiet me daily when the pace becomes too hurried. You have a marvelous God-given talent and I pray that you use it for His glory. On top of everything else, you seem like such a down-to-earth and just plain nice person. I'm sure that sounds a bit corny, but I don't mean it to. I just wish you and the rest of the ladies the very best. May the Lord bless you!