Monday, August 17, 2009

What a summer!!!

Hi All
I always seem to start these blogs with an apology for not writing sooner!  Each time,  I go to write another one, i realise another month or two (ooppss) has passed!!!.  Although we are only home 5 weeks, it feels like so much has happened.  The tour is nearly a distant memory at this stage!.  Obviously the month of July was totally consumed with the DVD special from Powerscourt.  We arrived home on the 5th of July and had a few days rest before we headed in to rehearsals.  Rehearsals are always so much fun.  We have our director and choreographer Daryn Crosbie who takes us through everything from start to finish.  He showed us the stage plan, the set list, the set and then hinted at what he thought the dresses were like!.  We spent six days in rehearsals and then headed down to Powerscourt on the Tuesday.  (By the way, when we arrived they were filming "The Tudors" in the courtyard beside our trailers.  Myself and Chloe thought they might give us a walk on part! But it wasn't to be.  Seemingly our jeans and leggings were not appropriate attire for the show!) Our show was being filmed on the Wednesday and Thursday.  Tuesday, however, was a total washout!!!.  We managed to get down to set and have a look at it and also take in the breath taking venue!.  I haven't been to Powerscourt in a very long time and I had forgotten how incredibly stunning it is.  So much so, my aussie husband asked why I had never thought to bring him there in all the years we've been living in Dublin.  It really is one of the most amazing places. So we didn't get to do a full run through of the show that day, which was a little worrying.  Even though we had done it many times in rehearsals you really need to get on the stage and have a good run through but it wasn't to be and we headed home for some rest and warmth!!!!.  And of course to learn the words to some of the songs.
Wednesday morning didn't look all the promising either but we at least got to do a run through.  We also got to see the stunning, stunning dresses for the first time.  As you can imagine, there were squeals coming from the wardrobe trailer!!!  Synan O'Mahony designs all our dresses but this time he excelled himself.  They were all amazing and i'm dying for you to see them!.  Anyway as the day went by the weather got worse.  At 9pm the rain stopped and we got to do the first show.  We managed to get through the whole show but it was freezing and damp.  I've never been as cold.  I know I complained about San Diego being cold but this was like the North Pole in comparison!.  The chill in the air was incredible and for me the first night wasn't great as my eyes kept running due to the cold, the wind and the lights!.  So poor Sara, our make up artist, made quite a lot of appearances on stage - much to her family's delight though!.  Thursday,however, was a different day.  It was warm and sunny.  We got to run through the whole show again during the day, just to tweak some things and thursday night's show went without a hitch, well that's not entirely true - we did blow a generator but it was fixed in a matter of minutes.  The show was a huge success and I really enjoyed every minute.  The highlight for all of us girls was not just performing for all our family and friends who rarely get an opportunity to see us live, but also to see so many familiar faces from the US there to cheer us on.  It really was wonderful and we are so appreciative to all of you who managed to make it over.  And for some of you from the warmer parts of America, I'm sure you didn't know what hit you with the unpredictable Irish weather!.  I know many of you made the most of your trip and travelled on around Ireland.  I hope it was everything you dreamed it would be.  Thanks again for all your encouragement and support.  For those of you who couldn't make it, I hope you enjoy the new PBS special and DVD as much as we enjoyed making it.  The new songs are incredible, the set was beautiful and as I've said the costumes were stunning and not just ours, the choir girls all looked amazing! I'd just like to thank all of the people involved in the production.  It's not just all of us on stage, there is so much work that goes on in the background and we are very lucky to have the "best of the best"!!!!
I hope this finds you all happy and healthy.  We're looking forward to getting back on the road in October.  Our dates haven't been fully confirmed as of yet but keep a look out on for updates. 
Lots of love
On a side note, i just got back from London after a little trip with my sisters and saw the show Wicked - what an incredible show.  I saw it in New York too.  If it comes to your city, which i'm sure it will eventually, go see it!!!.  Amazing


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the update, Lisa. We can't wait to get the new CD and DVD in our hot little fists! See you in October.
Love always,

OldFart said...

Thank you Lisa for all you do! It's always so great to read your thoughts!! I'll never be able to make one of your shows but I do LIVE for your PBS specials!!! I sure hope you and the rest of the girls get plenty of rest before the next tour!! We all worry about you ladies and LOVE you all vary much!!

Love Rick

Brad and Cindy said...

Thanks, Lisa, for the update and all the wonderful news. I'm looking forward to your return in October to cities near my house and at least one show! (maybe more - we'll see!!) Now, get some rest with your family and friends. You all deserve it! See you soon!
Brad T

Chris said...

Glad to hear you had at least a few days to relax before starting more work. I know I'd need it! My mom, my sisters and I still rave about the show we saw in Red Rocks. It was amazing! Anyway, thanks to Moscapoet from the Mairead forum I get to go to my first M&G in El Paso! I can't wait, and am literally counting down the days. I hope you all have a blessed break and get to spend time with your family (maybe take Scott to a few more places he hasn't seen yet? ;-)). Good luck and we'll see you in November!
Chris Brillante

zankoku said...

Hi Lisa,
Can't wait for the DVD and the special. In a way, I am fortunate not to have been there, being that it was in the 110s here in Arizona. I think that one frozen Arizonan in the audience was enough.

Have a relaxing time brfore October and hurry back to the States.


Sara (07GRAD) said...

Thanks for the update, Lisa. Sounds like the DVD and CD will be amazing and I can't wait to see/hear them.
I'll agree with you about Wicked, it is pretty awesome!

Bob said...

Thanks, Lisa. We thoroughly enjoyed Ireland and Powerscourt. Being from Seattle, we had Gortex, fleece, umbrellas, and ponchos at the standby... and so wanted to let you use them on Wednesday. There was a young Japanese couple sitting front row center on Wed. night who had travelled 3 days from northern Japan just to attend the 2 concerts...then another 3 days to make it home... hopefully you noticed them. CW has some very caring and devoted fans.
Warm regards,

Jeanine said...

Hi, Lisa! It was wonderful to hear from you! I can't wait to see the new show! Wow! A lot's been going on and now your next tour is just around the corner! I plan to see you in Merrillville and am so excited about that!! Take care and enjoy the rest of your break. God Bless!

Lots of Love,

Bluefire said...

Hi Lisa.

Thanks for taking time to update us. From the reviews I've read, it sounds like Powerscourt was a fantastic show, even if it was rather chilly. We are all definitely looking forward to the new PBS special and its DVD release. I hope all of you have plenty of time to relax before you start your next whirlwind tour of the states.

Take care and best wishes,

Also, Wicked is indeed an awesome musical. I caught the US tour of it recently, and plan to see it again in San Francisco this fall. :)

Kelli said...

Funny how I always seem to start my responses to your blogs with "Thank you!!" ;o)

I hear you about friend Zee and I went to New York and saw it. It was my first Broadway show and I couldn't have been more impressed!

You know, don't you, that if the footage from Wednesday night ends up on the DVD it will reignite the whole "Is she crying or is she cold" debate? lol

I hope you have loads more time to relax before hitting the road again.

Lindy Leigh said...

...can't wait for the new show! Thanks for the update!!!

Enchanted said...

No apologies neccessary. It is always wonderful to hear from you, and even if you posted weekly we would still long to hear more. I am eagerly awaiting the new show. You all always put so much in to making it wonderful. Thank you for that! I'm sorry you had to endure such foul weather for the filming. As for the gown, with such a lovely person to wear it, how could Synan go wrong.
I am excited about the Fall tour, but I sure hope you get some Lisa time in before you are back on the planes and buses.
Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Hey lisa,
Thaks for the updates! i can't wait for the new dvd! i also can't wait for your fall tour. i told my mom i wanted tickets to see you guys for my 18th birthday. which is in 10 days! haha
Thanks again and see you soon!
Dayna Michelle

Scott Manke said...

Hello Lisa!

Wonderful blog! It was indeed a great pleasure to have been there to experience that marvelous new show in person. All of you were simply wonderful, and yes beautiful as always. The new DVD will really wow those who see it. Also, it was wonderful to have met Helen and your parents after the second night. Such lovely people.

Yes, you poor things were freezing that first night and we all wanted to give you our coats. Ireland was beautiful, and yes I did manage to see lots more of the country. What a great experience and lovely land and people.

See you on the fall tour. All the best to you and your family from all of us in your forum and from the Mairead forum. God's blessings.


Glenn said...

Wish I could have been there. I considered it but just couldn't devote enough time to do justice to the trip. Next time. Looking forward to the DVD. Thanks so much for the detailed blog, it was worth the wait. Hope to see you at a M & G next year.

Emily said...

Hey Lisa!!!

Great blog!! I will miss you all so much this Fall as I won't be able to go to a show, but I'm SO SO SO SO SO excited to see the new DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet it's going to be incredible! Can't wait. :)

Lots of love,

Emily :) :) :)

Snookie said...

Hey Lisa,

Thanks so much for writing! It's great to hear what you have to say! As everyone else, I can't wait to see this new DVD! Also, I'm glad you liked Wicked! I've never actually gotten to see it, but from what I've heard it is really a great performance! Make sure to get a lot of rest for this next tour!!! I hope you and all the girls are well!!

Take care,

Coleen said...

Hi, Lisa,

Great hearing from you! So glad to hear you saw Wicked. I agree that it's an incredible show! I saw it in my hometown a few years ago.

Can't wait for the DVD and the Fall Tour. Enjoy your time off and see you in October.


Winzo said...

Hey Lisa

Thats awesome! Powerscourt is a beautiful spot, am looking forward to checking out the DVD! Glad to hear that you are back home enjoying the beautiful Irish weather once again!

Slán agus beannacht leat


Kaylie said...

Lisa, fantastic blog as always. We love to hear from you but don't worry...we don't mind missing a couple of months because we'd rather you get some much deserved R&R. Congrats on the new dvd and can't wait to see and hear the finished result! God bless!


Mel said...

Hi Lisa, things to fly by when your busy ;). Glad you had a great time taping the DVD, even with the cold. I really wished I could of been there, Powerscourt is one of the places I wanted to go my first trip to Ireland, but just didn't have time. It's a must in 2011. Looking forward to the Fall Tour, get some much needed rest.

As for Wicked, I have to agree with you. Sara and I seen it in Chicago and it was simply amazing. Makes you rethink the whole Wizard of Oz story.

Take care,


mpdallen said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for this wonderful way you have provided to keep us informed about you and what you are involved in since the Tour has ended. The beautiful indepth description about everything involved with the DVD taping at Powerscourt let us know so much about what you saw and felt and how in affected you and so many others. That and the forum fans reviews that were there helped us feel as if we witnessed so much that you were involved in with this event. It was a happening I wish I could have witnessed, and thank you for your beautiful descriptions. Some of my friends got to meet your Mom and Dad and were so impressed with them; and if I could have been there to meet them that would have been the highlight of my trip.

The London trip with you sisters had to be such an enjoyable time, and if Wicked comes this way I will make a point of seeing it.

This was such an informative message you gave us, and thank you. I know the time slips up on you about writing messages to us, but when we are anxiously waiting for you to write, it seems like it has been months since we have heard from you.

Lisa, bless you for doing this for us.


Craig said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa and Helen Fanatic said...


Thank you for your lovely update. It's always fantastic to hear from you. I couldn't make it out to the filming but I've seen the IoH show twice. Can't wait to get the DVD and CD!

Take care, enjoy your break! Hope to hear from you soon!

with love and admiration,

Craig said...

Hi Lisa,
I couldn't make the trip over for this taping. But was at Powercourts after the Christmas tapings. My first time to Dublin and just seeing how pretty it is and all. You shpuld take Scott and kids to other places at Ireland. Of course when you have time. Sooo much history and at Dublin and the buildings and other places. I hope to see you on the next tour.

Your friend,

Unknown said...

Hello Lisa,
Attending the concert at Powerscourt was a dream come true. My husband put the trip together for our first anniversary and I was so happy to visit Ireland. The fans that stood in the rain and cold on Wednesday were truly dedicated and the show was worth every minute. The dresses as well were the prettiest yet and I look forward to seeing it again on DVD. Hope to see you on tour this fall.


Unknown said...

I'm waiting to see you on PBS, per usual. I live in the MidWest USA - Illinois. My wife died recently. She truly liked you guys and gals. What a great troupe.


*_Rina_* said...

hey lisa,
thanks for the detailed update.It´s always like travelling with you ;) cool to read what´s on in your life.
Can´t wait to see the DvD....I´m really curious :)...


lintje said...

I Just wanted to say that I was very happy to be able to come to see the taping since it was filmed in Ireland which is only a 1,5 hour flight from The Netherlands/Belgium. The show was amazing and you are totally right about the dresses. My mouth fell open when I saw them. Just hope to see you back in Europe for a concert someday cause i will be there front row (at least trying to get tickets for front row). Tell your sister thanks for the picture she took with me and 2 others after the second night. And your mom is really really nice. Probably runs in the family.

PS. I liked the top you were wearing during souncheck thursday afternoon :D

Can't wait for the dvd. I met so many lovely people from the UK and Germany and also a lot of Americans ofcourse.

Thanks for the amazing both nights I will never forget it :)

Bye bye


Lin said...
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Lin said...


Raquel Caetano said...

Finally! An update! But I don't think it's you fault... I forgive you for all delay if the DVD is half better than you say it is *-* And I'm freaking out to see the costumes!! Hope you are as well as we are.

P.S.: someday I'll see a Celtic Woman show, even if I have to walk from Brazil to USA! See you girls on stage is my biggest dream!

brazilian kisses of brazilian fans to all of you, girls!

Kerri C. said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to write to us. I'm so glad your show in Ireland went well. I'm looking forward to seeing the show again in CT this fall, I'm so excited I can hardly wait. Hopefully I'll get up the courage to meet you after the show this time. We've had an unusually hot late summer so hopefully we'll have a nice warm indian summer for your return in Oct. I remember a Halloween night 2 or 3 years ago when I went trick-or-treating with my nieces and nephew in a short sleeve T-Shirt and no jacket so it is possible. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Until then, enjoy your free time and be sure to get plenty of rest and relaxation.
Kerri C.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
I had a good time during the show
Bad weather and bugs or not
What about the generator he could handel celtic woman anymore
And for me was it good to be in ireland again

Unknown said...

Hello, Lisa, from Quincy, IL. Looking forward to seeing all of you on our PBS station. Take care!


kjordon1 said...

Hi, lovely Lisa! It's so great and awesome know what is going on in your mind and in your life! I'm glad you enjoyed performing at Powercourt, despite the cold and wet weather there. I am in Amereica and I wish I was there to see you live and experience the show, and maybe even to shake your hand. Even though I love the whole celtic woman group, you are definitely my favorite lady :). Get lots of rest. I rather scarcely see you perform and know you are resting and spending lots of time with your family (and taking out Scott to the other places that you should but didn't take him to yet, :)), than to have you being all tired and not spending time with your family. I wish you all the happiness in the world and may God bless you Lisa!

Unknown said...

Hey Lisa,
It's nice to hear from you. I just wanted to say that I can't wait untill you ladies come to Tucson, AZ in November. I also can't wait to see your dresses. That yellow dress you wore when you performed 'Let It Snow' at the Helix Theater is my favorite, it's just absolutely stunning! But I can't wait to see you ladies perform 'The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun', it's just one of my favorites.

Good Luck on your tour,
Laura Barlow

Starman said...


Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to bring us this wonderful post with all the details concerning the filming at Powerscourt! You must know that we devour every detail! We are thrilled beyond measure to be able to see you in the fall tour beginning only next month! I personally will be at Paducah, Evansville and Akron at least! In the meantime, please take care and rest up with friends and family!


Rosie Allen said...

Hello, Lisa...I just now saw this new blog.
How you are standing upright is a mystery to me after the hectic schedule you have held with the tour and the Powerscourt DVD filming. You are all so dedicated to what you do...for us! Thank you. I am sorry there is no tour date for the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) this time around, but, I know you can't be everywhere. Enjoy the days you have left to rest before you hit the dusty trail once again. Be safe and enjoy this next leg of this remarkable tour. I am excited to purchase the new DVD.

Blessings and prayers for all of you! Much love, Rosie

Unknown said...

Lisa, it's good to have an update three weeks later. I want to direct you to a blogsite. The site is for a unique group of people who since the site was put up have been blessed by your music. I have felt the words of "You raise me up" especially sung by "The Celtic Woman" to be inspiring, and I found today that those who come to the site are being uplifted not only by that song but others. Please visit the site and let the girls know they are helping keep many peoples spirits up as they battle a condition called "Arnold Chiari". The site is Maybe next time you all come to Utah we can arrange to have you all meet this group. They are a special group of people and have been and many still are if you will excuse my expression "To Hell" some are back, have gone back and forth, and some are still fighting to get there. God bless you all and please COME BACK TO UTAH!

Robert E. Wilkinson said...

Hi Lisa,
What an absolute joy it is to watch the Celtic Woman videos and listen to your incredible voice. You may not know it but Taureans have the most beautiful voices because Taurus rules the throat and voice. Yes, I am an astrologer and a Taurus like you. Your music has given me such joy that I would be delighted to return the favor. If you, or your Celtic Ladies ever find yourself in need of a good astrologer it would be my pleasure and my gift.
I am really looking forward to your next album.
With kind regards,
Robert from North Carolina

Unknown said...

Lisa Irishceili is my Wife's & I email name. We saw you for the third time this past june in Nashville. We have all your CD'S & DVDS and buy extras to give to our friends & family. We try to preorder any new recordings you do. When I saw you in Lobbly by accident you ask me not to take your picture & I didn't. We do have siged Photo's of Mairead & Chloe. we would love to add a signed picture of you to our CW collection.
Love you and all your group
We will be in Chattnooga to see you in October
Ken & Din

Anonymous said...

Just so you know i got tickets to your performance on oct. 20 in Akron, OH! Best birthday present EVER!!!!!!! You're AMAZING!!...but that's just an understatement!!

In aw of your talent
Dayna Michelle

KingCobraDude said...

Hey Lisa I Loved the show in Kansas city Cant wait untill the cd/dvd comes out. when is it coming out?

mpdallen said...

Hi Lisa,

Soon after your last post, and in reference to you going to London with your sisters to see Wicked, Wicked was listed to be in Nashville September 2-20 at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, the venue where Celtic Woman performed June 17th. I immediately started trying to get tickets and found all the good seats had been purchased, and some of them were now for resale. As I told you in my reply, if this show came this way I would see it; so with that in mind, and the fact I was determined to take Ann to see this show I found two seats in ORCHL third row, and yes I paid about two times the regular price, but the show was worth it.

The show last night (Friday) was as you said it would be; beautifully performed and amazing. The sets, costumes, acting and singing was spectacular and enjoyable, but it did not capture my heart as Celtic Woman has.

Thank you and I hope to see you soon.


Thomas said...

Hello Lisa,

I just finishing listening to TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure.

All that I can say is WOW, what a wonderful creation that David, Máiréad, and you have made in "If You Believe".

Please be safe and travel well.

PS, see you in Akron

Thomas said...

Hello Lisa,

It’s “Thomas” from the forums. I wanted to be one of the first people to welcome you back to Ohio. Our forum fans group is looking forward to seeing you perform live with the other cast and crew members again next Tuesday October 20th in Akron, OH.

In the event that you or any of the other cast and crew are looking for something to do while in Akron, I would suggest the following:

National Inventors Hall of Fame (your kids will love this, it is a must visit!)
Quaker Square Mall (small specialty shops)
Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens (a magnificent historic house museum and country estate)
Harry London Chocolates (factory tours with plenty of chocolate)
Akron Zoo

Our group has taken over the first three rows at the EJ Thomas Hall.

We'll look forward to seeing you at the show.


PS, Please be safe and travel well

Sue and Bill said...

My husband and I both are big fans of Celtic Woman. I got introduced to your group back in January 2006. I had just lost my father and was trying to recuperate from a sciatic nerve problem. As I was home trying to mend, I came across your show on our local PBS station!!! I immediately ordered your DVD and CD and played it everyday for two months!! I still play them all!! The pleasure and peace I received when watching and listening to your performance made a very tough time in my life a tad bit more tolerable!!!
We will see you in Columbus and will be sitting on the front row. We are both so excited! This will be the third time this year for us to be fortunate enough to see you all perform. This is the FIRST time we have been lucky enough to get front row seats!!!
Praying that you all have safe travels as you go across the states and then back home!!

Kerri C. said...
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Kerri C. said...

Hi Lisa,
It's Kerri. You probably don't remember me as I'm sure you meet so many people when you're on tour but I was in Geno's Food Court at Mohegan Sun on 10/30 when you were there getting yourself some chili for dinner. My friend and I were changing tables because the one we sat at was dirty and I just happened to turn around at the
right time because there you were. At first I thought I was seeing things, I said to myself "oh my god, that woman looks just like Lisa Kelly" then I said " I think it is Lisa Kelly" and then
you said to the cashier at the Mexican food stand " How are you ?" and I heard that adorable Irish accent and knew for sure. I wanted to just run up to you and give you a huge hug but I'm so incredibly shy that I couldn't even bring myself to approach you. My friend Tammie kept saying "go talk to her... just go up to her and say Hi" but as hard as I tried I couldn't make myself do it. I think I have a slight case of social anxiety because I get really nervous around people, especially someone like you who is so articulate, graceful, and poised, not to mention absolutely beautiful all of which I am so not. Luckily my friend has more confidence than I do and she agreed to say hi to you first. I've always thought that you were a real down to earth, genuinely nice caring person and I'm happy to say you did not disappoint me.
I've always been much better at expressing myself in writing than with speech so that's why I didn't say to much but after you left I thought of all the things I should've said and I realized you probably thought I was such a clod because I didn't ask you for your autograph or to have a picture taken with you or tell you all the things I'm sure everyone who meets you says. Like how you're my favorite member of CW, how you're even more beautiful up close and in person than you are on stage and in pictures, how your smile lights up a room, how you sing like an angel...I could go on but this letter would never end. In my defense though, I was too star struck to be able to put an intelligent sentence together
or even something as simple as "enjoy your dinner" and the reasons I didn't attempt to shake your hand were for one I was so nervous that my palms were sweating and two, with the flu epidemic not under control I didn't want to chance passing on any germs that I may have had on my hands. Even though I'm constantly using hand sanitizer you can't be too careful especially where you have your little ones to look out for. Also, I didn't want to bring too much attention to you for fear that everyone there would mob you. Anyway, I hope this makes up for all the things I wasn't able to say to you in person. I'm lucky I have such a good friend or I never would've gotten to meet you. I have to say was a little bitter-sweet. When I was around you I felt so happy inside but then when you left I was incredibly sad. But it's like they say...."Better to have loved and lost...".
As far as the show goes, it was absolutely amazing...even better than when I saw it in March, which I didn't think was possible. All of the girls voices were incredible but yours was brilliant. My heart nearly stopped when you sang Fields of Gold. It was just so full of passion and you could tell that you put your whole heart into it, the way you do with every song you sing. I can't wait for the new PBS special and dvd and I'm really hoping you tour again next year and come back to Mohegan Sun or the DD Center in Providence, RI. Until then I'll just have to keep in touch with you here on your blog as I have done in the past. Hopefully now when you read my comments you'll be able to put a face to the name...if I'm lucky enough to have you remember what I looked like. Please wish everyone well and I hope that the second leg of the tour is as successful as the first.

God bless you, take care and travel safely.
Love Kerri C.

Unknown said...

Kerri, that was adorable. You're a very sweet (and articulate) young lady, and I'm sure Lisa will remember you fondly.

Bobby Howell said...


Juan Carlos Calderón Pasco said...

You have a beautiful voice... Greetings from Perú...

Lisa said...

Of course I remember you!!! There is no need to be shy around me! I really enjoy meeting people who love the show! It was my please to meet you!. Your post was very sweet xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa. It was so wonderful to read Kerri C's letter to you. It reminded me a little of Judy Garland in the movie, singing, " Dear Mr. Gable". Except Kerri's letter was so real. I am sure I would have just stared and not known what to say to you also!!! Thanks for being you!!! Jim