Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hi All
As i write this we have only 4 more shows in this tour!.  I can hardly believe it.  Whilst it's been one of our longest tours, it has gone by really quickly.  The last month has been quite busy however.  After our lovely break in May, which I spent in the gorgeous Ft Lauderdale we spent a few days in Ft Myers and West Palm Beach.  I know many of you attended the show in WPB and it was great to see so many familiar faces there.  I love WPB, it's probably one of my favourite parts of Florida and the Kravis Centre is an amazing venue.  After that we headed to Savannah, GA and in the 9 years I have toured the USA, I can't believe that I have never visited this beautiful city.  It is so quaint and of course the southern hospitality is alive and kicking there.  They even have an island called "Isle of Hope".  I wish I could have spent more time there.  We then hit the good ol reliable cities of Charlotte, Roanoke and Raleigh.  We even got to have a "cook out" in Roanoke on our day off, which was lovely.  Then on to lovely Portsmouth which was an outdoor venue right on the water and of course the gorgeous Wolf Trap!.  It's always so nice to for me to go back there as it was the first outdoor venue i'd ever played in back in my Riverdance days.  It's so special to me.
We spend Chloe's birthday in Cincinnati and had a fantastic night there and then moved on to Youngstown, Cleveland, Richmond, Lexington and Nashville, where I received the honour of being appointed, "Honorary Chief of Police".  I'm not sure what that entitles me to, but i can assure you, there is no living with me now on tour!!!!.  The girls are terrified of me!.
We spent a good few days in Philadelphia last week and then headed to Trenton, Penn State University and Ft Wayne.  So this month has been quite hectic for us and it's not over yet!.  We played Kansas City last night, which was fantastic. I love that city and tonight we're in Little Rock.  Then it's on to Tulsa and on Monday we fly to New York to do a Good Morning America slot on Tuesday morning - very exciting and then fly back to Denver for RED ROCKS on Wednesday and Thursday.  Red Rocks is one of the most beautiful places in the world and we love ending the tour there!!! So there you have it, i hope you are all well.  Thanks so much for your endless support, gifts and letters of encouragement.  You have no idea how much it means to me!!!!.  I hope you've enjoyed this tour.  I'll write after the DVD shoot in Powerscourt and I'll even try to post a few photos, if i learn how to use my computer properly!!!! 
Thanks again for everything.
Lots of love


OldFart said...
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OldFart said...

Thank you Lisa for keeping us informed!! It sounds like you've had a great tour and I'm soooo glad!

I also want to thank you on a personal level! I won a contest on the Lisa Kelly Forum and as a prize I received a signed Lisa CD! You probably don't remember but you signed it to OldGoat!! I can't tell you how much it means to me!!!

Thank you for sharing your gift of talent and love with the world! It's a much better plkace because of you!!

Taylor said...
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mpdallen said...


It is so good to hear from you again; and to have seen you in Lexington and Nashville on two successive nights. Both those Shows were beautiful; but the Nashville Show absolutely was fantastic. Nashville became Lisa`s Place that night, and it is Lisa`s Place wherever that sign says it is. You know what would have made that a perfect night; and I thank you for all your special attention. Take it easy on those girls with that newly acquired power you have; and just use it as need be. I had to do something for you.

Lisa, this has been a long and tiring Tour on all of you, but it was never obvious to anyone. You all have my admiration in doing this. In a few days you will head home and maybe get some rest. I know there is still the DVD to tape, and I wish I could be there. But after six Shows across this country I have to sit this one out. From Evansville to Nashville those Evansville Eight remained faithful to you ladies, and this beautiful “Isle of Hope” Show. Each time I saw this Show it became even better, and you ladies performing each song so beautifully carried it to new heights of enjoyment.

I hope I will see you again this fall. Until then please use this means to keep us informed as to how you are, and what is going on your life. Fourteen months last time was forever it seemed; and now that I have gotten used to seeing you so often, this fall seems like such a long time. You already know me and my feelings, so I will not say it. Until then,

Lisa, Send Me a Song……….


Taylor said...

WOW what a hectic time!!!! Its so great to hear from you :) Im very glad to have been able to see you on this tour :) You are a big inspiration to everyone especially me!! I bet you are pretty happy to be almost done so you can go back to your homeland :) best wishes on you last week! See you Tuesday on Good Morning America!!!
XOXO Taylor Pinegar
15 Years Old

PS: Wish Chloe a very Happy Birthday for me :) Im getting excited about my sweet 16th birthday on July 5th!!! YAY!!! :)

Emily said...

Hey hey hey Lisa!!

I can't believe the tour is almost over. Jeez...time flies when you're havin' fun, eh? ;) Thanks for all of the amazing shows, especially in West Palm. Saturday night in WPB was rockin'! I can't wait for the new DVD! It'll be nice to see you all on my TV again hehehehe. Safe travels, enjoy the final few shows!

See ya,

Emily :)

Kelli said...

Lisa, thank you for your wonderful performance in Kansas City last night! I always wonder more time...I will get goosebumps when you sing The Voice. Yep, you did it again! And I KNOW it wasn't because the Sprint Center was cool ;o) Here's to seeing you all at Red Rocks and please have safe travels HOME.

Love, Kelli

zankoku said...

Lisa, or should now address you as Chief?

I wish I could have seen the Isle of Hope, but reading the reviews of the Forum members, I know it had to have been fantastic.

Can't wait to see the pictures and the new DVD.

I am glad that you enjoy touring our country and I long for the day that I can visit the land of my Grandfather. (County Cork).

I know the last 4 shouws will be more than fantastic.


Cait said...

Hey Lisa, thanks so much for updating us! I can't believe the tour is almost over either! Gosh seems like yesterday you all were just starting out! Have fun in RR! Wish I could attend another show but hope to see you later in the Fall tour!

Lindy Leigh said...

Sounds exhausting and fun! My family is from the to visit!

I'll tune in to GMA Tuesday Morn!

DoubleDeej said...

Seems like I just saw the show here in Salt Lake... But that was almost 6 weeks ago now. How time flies.

I'm flying to Denver on Wednesday just for the show. So promise me you'll do everything in your power to make sure it isn't cancelled. :) I'll be on the front row too... how exciting is that?

See you Wednesday!

Mel said...

Lisa, even though you all have had a long tour, sounds like you have made a lot of new memories along the way. I know I have. Thanks to ALL you girls and the rest of the cast for putting on such a wonderful show night after night.

Chief of Police??? Oh great, does that mean SOME of us will have to behave at shows now? ;)

I wish you all good luck on your final days, and wish I could of made it to the Finale in Red Rocks, as I agree, that is one of the most beautiful venues.

Take care, rest a bit once home, and look forward to the new DVD AND CD. Will be nice to have the songs for real instead of stuck in my head all the time LOL!

Thanks again

Tom~Tom said...

Got to see you all for the first time live in Portsmouth. Where do you get the energy after 7 shows in 6 days? I'd love to get to Red Rocks, but that will have to wait for another time. I do hope there's another chance. I'm also really wanting to go to the Powerscourt shows but challenges abound. I was there many years ago, and the place is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the staging. Still some time to make that happen.
I'm sure you're all anxious to get back to home and heartland for a well deserved albeit short rest.
As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts from the tour. Aside from the awesome performances, I really believe that these notes from the tour and the Meet and Greets separate CW from other performers as far as personal touches go and contribute that much more to the group's popularity. So, you may want to nudge Chloe, Lynn, and Alex in that regard. ;)
Continued success and safe travels!


Brad and Cindy said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for the wonderful update. I always enjoy hearing all about your travels. Have a great time in NYC and in your last few concerts. Wish I could be at one of them! Safe travels as you head home for some MUCH deserved R&R. Thanks again for a wonderful Tour!
All the best...

Janean said...

Hi Chief Lisa!
So wonderful to hear from you again with an update! I'm delighted that you were able to get to so many places as the more people that hear you the more are blessed. I love sharing the experience with you as you write. I am so looking forward to seeing the TV show, and you all on tour next year!!

Thank you once again for your kindness and generosity.

Love to you all!!!!

Coleen said...

Hi, Lisa.

Thank you for so much for the update. And thank you and all the ladies for a fantastic Spring tour. Looking forward to the Good Morning America appearance and the new DVD.

Take care and God Bless.


Destiny said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. It is always nice to hear from you, I am glad that you have had such a wonderful time on tour even though it has been long, and I am sure at some points stressful. You are an amazing person and are supported by lots of great fans.

See you in Red Rocks

Maddie :D said...


I had such a wonderful time watching you and the girls at Youngstown! I think meeting you and Alex was the best and I will never forget it!!! Thank you so much for touring here in the US and I hope you do this again!

Love always,

Anonymous said...

Sounds that some had a good time

hopfully the others didn't kept a nightmare from you as a cop ( just kidding)
Good luck and have fun with the remaining of the tour

Scott Manke said...

Thanks so much for keeping your friends and supporters up to date. Folks really do appreciate you taking the time to do that amidst your busy schedule.

I had the great blessing of seeing you at many of the shows you listed and meeting you afterwards a few times. Your interactions from the stage and afterwards mean so much and thank you for your kindness.

We'll see you soon at Red Rocks and then again at Powerscourt. Thanks so much for all your hard work and sacrifice on this beautiful new show and tour. God's blessings.

Scott and friends

Isabel José António said...

Hello Lisa!

It´s lovely to see that you have a blog and that you were updating it recently, which gives us a better chance to get eventual feedback from you.

We are Isabel and José António, a Portuguese couple living in Lisbon who discovered you and Celtic Women two or three years ago and never stopped buying yous records (DVDs and CDs) and enjoy seing your marvellous shows.

You give us such a nice impression of being quite humane and open, we dared write to you.

We will be looking forward to watch the Tinkerbell movie!

All the best to you and your co-vocalists,

Isabel and José António

PS - If you check our link, you will see that we have one of our blogs in English - Newsletter from Lisbon - maybe you can check it out! That would be a treat!!!

Rosie Allen said...

Dear "Chief"!
Thank you for taking the time to connect with us! Your life makes mine look as if I'm standing still and I'm on spin-cycle most of the time! You are an amazing woman and your enthusiasm and energy are miraculously transmitted to us. You have no idea how you and the others with you have impacted our lives across our wonderful Land!

Enjoy your last few days on this unforgettable tour! Get some rest and take time for have given so much to us!

God bless you and those you love and give hugs to the other girls with gratitude from me.

Rainbow Momma said...

We were at the Little Rock show last night. AMAZING is the only word that comes to my mine. I was very excited to meet you and Chloë at the meet & greet. Thank you so much for spending your precious time with us. Can't wait until you come through Little Rock again.

Justin said...

Lisa, I have to say, I was sooo excited when I saw you had posted a new blog! I'm so glad you keep us so up-to-date with your travels!

I can't believe the tour is almost over! It seems like just yesterday I was ordering tickets for the Memphis show...and that was back in November!! ;) It's good to hear that you have had an amazing time over the course of the tour. You and the girls have to be some kind of tough to get through a tour as long as this one has been! ;)

I'm on edge about the DVD, by the way!!

I hope you have a wonderful time with these last few shows!!


Clarissa! said...

Wow, you do sound like you've been busy, and now you're a Chief!! hah! It's great that y'all have had such a wonderful tour. I'll definitely be watching on Good Morning America!
YES my goodness I've loved this tour! And I'm so looking forward to the DVD!! I hope you do get to post some pics.
Have an awesome last few shows.

Artist1 said...

Dear Lisa,

If I had only know of your appointment of honor in Nashville, I would have been more careful hanging around the buses to give Rachel the new portraits LOL. Of course we did make good friends with the security guard.
I hope you like your new portrait and now maybe you can share one with your father.

Jeanine said...

Dearest Lisa,

Hello! It's so delightful to hear from you!! Sounds like things are going absolutely beautifully. I think of each of you daily and wish I was going to be seeing you in RR. Alas, I'll have to wait and see if there's a possibility of seeing you all in the Fall again. That depends on various things, however. Meanwhile, I'm totally there in spirit at least. I pray everyone continues to do well and be safe. God bless each and every one of you! Take care!

Lots of Love,

J.E.B. said...





Winzo said...

Chief of Police! Well done! Sounds like the tour has been going great guns and the end is now in sight. So glad you go to see so much of the US!

Thank you for sharing with so many people some of the beautiful songs of our homeland, and also so many other beautiful songs! I look forward to seeing the new DVD after it has been filmed and released!

Go n-éirí on bóthar leat


Enchanted said...

Lisa, Thank you for another wonderful update. You must know how much we all love to hear from you. As you could probably tell by my review in "The Voice", this tour was very special to me. Thank you for all of the love and energy you put into your work. I must say that the Isle of Hope will become the Isle of Tears when you and the rest of Celtic Woman head home. Nonetheless, I hope that you have a wonderful Summer and get some well deserved vacation time. Know that we will still be thinking of you and wishing the best for you and your family.
With love,

Phillip said...

Hi, Lisa. It was so good to get to see you in Raleigh at both shows and in Nashville. Little Heather really enjoyed them. You always lift me up when I hear you sing and watching you on stage is such a joy. I hope the tour has not been too hard on you, I hope to see you all again soon. Have a safe journey back home.
Slán abhaile,

Anonymous said...

O, America a very touchy song
I don't know whats more swollen my throath (hearing)or my feet by the warm weather here

Thomas said...

Hello Lisa,

Thank you once again for making this tour with:


Being so very special.

I just viewed your Good Morning America performance and all that I can say is WOW! You hit that one out of the park.

I wish you well at Red Rocks and with the new DVD filming. Sorry that I cannot attend.

Please be safe and travel well,

PS, I'm looking forward to seeing you in the fall

wolf1977 said...

Lisa you have an amazing voice. I listen to you and the other girls ever day. I really enjoyed the concert I saw in west palm beach, fl. And you guys where great on Good Morning America. I can't wait for you cd/dvd to come out (Celtic Woman) or yours.
Thank you
Robin Wolf

Kerri C. said...
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Kerri C. said...

Hi Chief Kelly,
It's good to hear that you all are well and having a great time. Although there may be some sadness with the tour coming to an end, I'm sure you are all looking forward to going back home and enjoying a little R&R, if there's any to be had. I just want to let you know how wonderful I think you are and how much your songs have touched my heart. I saw the show in CT back in early March and I still find myself thinking about it. It must be wonderful to touch so many people's lives the way you have. I wish you all the best and look forward to the new CD and DVD as it will hopefully hold me over until the next tour, and maybe the release of your solo DVD (hint, hint). Until then, take care of yourself and enjoy the time you have with your family.
Love Kerri C

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you so much for sharing. We're so anxious to see you today (July 2nd) at Red Rocks. I have two little girls who can hardly contain themselves; they're so excited. I hope you have a nice stay in Colorado. My girls and I would love to show you around, but we know how it is. Best wishes to you and a safe journey home!


Dreamer said...

I absolutely LOVED the 2009 Isle Of Hope tour!!! It has been the best one yet. I got to see you in North Charleston, SC & Raleigh, NC. In SC, I had a meet n greet w/ Mairead & Lynn. I bought you all gifts with a SC mug & gave it 2 your tour manager. I don't know if you got it but if you did I hoped you liked it.

I hope one day I will get to meet you! You & Chloe have always been my absolute favs, since I saw your 1st DVD in 2005. You being honored Chief of Police was so funny! You all did an incredible job on Good Morning America! 'O America' & 'Isle of Hope,Isle of Tears' r my favorites. You don't know how much you & the girls mean to me! You are such a wonderful encouragement & inspiration! I hope you have a blast on your last day of the show!! Can't wait for the new DVD to come out!!!! Love you all!


Raquel Caetano said...

"Honorary Chief of Police"? LOL I would be terrified too xD

Oh it's great the tour went well!

It took so long then the last time you wrote to us T_T Is good to see you don't forgot us!


Starman said...


Thank you for this most recent blog! I had the good fortune to see you at the Lexington show (and following Meet & Greet with Alex and yourself). Your were kind enough to autograph for me your picture and fan club T-shirt. I wish you could have visited the Kentucky Horse Park, which will host the 2010 World Equestrian Games next year. Maybe next time!

I was front row center in Nashville the following night and enjoyed your performance, as usual! Jim Allen provided us with the "Lisa's Place" signs we were flashing. It was indeed your place! Jim had told us of your new position on the constabulary of the city of Nashville and consequently, we were going to call on you if we got mugged on the way back to the car! We saw two suspicious-looking characters near the bus, but it turned out to be Helen and Una! :)

I enjoyed the five shows I saw you in this tour and look forward to supporting you and the group in all you do, always!


Kerri C. said...

Hi Lisa,

I know I already submitted a comment for your latest blog but I had to write again because I just watched the GMA performance of "Oh America" I had recorded on my DVR and I have to say it was absolutely amazing. Although you were all great I have to say that you are my favorite and never has it been more evident that you bring something extra to the performance. I could really see how much you truly mean the words you sing and how it really is what you are feeling in your kind heart. Please don't ever lose that quality for it makes you shine even brighter than already do.

Love Kerri C

Bluefire said...

Hello again, Lisa.

Red Rocks sounds like a wonderful venue to end the tour at, and from the reviews, it sounds like it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all. As for me, I was fortunate enough to see you perform in Tulsa. It is an event I will not forget. Thank you for all you do, and all that you share with us.

Take care and best wishes,

Chris said...

Lisa, I was there at Red Rocks on the 1st! What an AMAZING first show for me! You girls rock live. Hopefully the rain didn't bug you guys much, not that it bothered me.
Anyway, get some rest when you get home, and thanks again for an mazing tour!
Chris A. Brillante

Unknown said...

Thanks, Lisa, for bringing warmth and light into the lives of a great mom and her 5 year old boy. You're amazing.

Ed said...

Hi Lisa. I just wanted to chime in here and thank you for the wonderful tour and you sharing you voice, your personality and your thoughts with us. I only discovered CW about 6 months ago and I was fortunate enought to see you live in Richmond a few weeks ago. I was mesmerized by the show; the sounds, the lights, the voices, the expressions, the costumes. As an amateur musician, I was inspired by all of you. Your skills as singers and performers and musicians is just top-notch, and your "showmanship," the way you interact with your audiences on stage was a real pleasure for me to study. It was exciting to be in the same room only 20 feet from people I had only seen on DVD, but weith who I already felt familiar because of it. I am very grateful that you all did the Isle of Hope tour for us, and while I know it was exhausting at times, I hope you came away with as many great memories as you gave us. Your introduction to "Oh, America" was so sweet; it felt very personal the way you did it. I got a little teary-eyed. Thank you for that; it meant a lot to us. You are all truly like Celtic Sirens; I hear your call and you wisk me away to another world of beauty and song. The show definitely put the come-hither on me; it's like a magical fairy thing. Thank everyone in the show for us. We were really wowed. Oh, and speaking of the faery, I have to pass this along. I had a CW DVD playing on TV for my 4-year old granddaughter Aziah (Asia) back in May and she was mesmerized, too. When Mairead came flying across the stage fiddling, she pointed right to her and said, "Look, that's Tinker Bell." Then she pointed at you (and she didn't call you the Chief of Police, LOL). What she said was "and that's Ariel!" This was just before you announced you and Mairead would be working on the new Tinker Bell film at Disney. Somehow she seemed to know already. I looked at the DVD again and you know...I see it now. Wow, the intelligence of children! Well, thank you so much for the shows, sharing your talents and making the world a much nicer place. I'll never be in Ireland without thinking of CW. I miss you guys already and hope you'll be back soon. Have a safe trip home, Lisa. All the best.

Erin B. said...

Thank you Lisa for the post throughout the tour. And what a tour it was! Thank you for all you do, and I can't wait to see the DVD and maybe pics!


Bobby Howell said...


Bobby Howell said...
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*_Rina_* said...

Thank you for the update. I´m glad you doin' well.
I´m looking forward for your new DvD. I thought about coming to Ireland to the production, but unfortunally I´m on vacation at this time... :(
mhh, so I have to wait... ;)
Have fun and enjoy it.
Love and Greets from Germany

Lester said...

Hi Lisa,

Oops, that should be, Hi Lisa Kelly, Chief of Police! That sounds so formal. Keeper of law and order, and…mischief. Actually, I prefer Lisa Kelly, Texas Ranger. It has a ring of adventure to it. Besides, you would look good in a cowboy stetson hat.

Lisa, I wanted to thank you, all of you, for visiting us again in your recent tour. It was nice to see you all live again. I even watched the Red Rocks concert via webcam. Still shots that were updated every few seconds.

The O America ringtone – I love it. I have missed a few phone calls however. It’s not an easy thing to cut off your voice in a beautiful song just to answer the call.

You guys did great on the morning shows singing O America. I look forward to the new dvd and cd. Take care.


Bobby Howell said...
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Bobby Howell said...

Hi Lisa k,where are you;home enjoying your time off for a while.I would like to Thank You for signing the group picture for me at the Tulsa,Ok concert,I am the one that gave you Ladies the Award/Plaque and you deserved it so very much and I hope you all love it.Love to hear you sing Lady,you are the irish voice of caledonia!Luv Ya Lisa k,xxx.Bobby Howell.

Bobby Howell said...
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poetry-kiddo rockstarmono alienbabauniversalmatter said...

Hello Lisa,

Do you know me? Do I know you? Do we know each other? Have we met before?
Can you perceive when I decieve and you forgive me all the more?
Could you reach out and touch my hand although I reside in a foreign land?
Would you weep tears and wash my fears, like water turning rock to sand?

* Were you my Best-Friend.. in my previous life? Do you remember me?
Were you my Starlight... on a distant star? Do you remember me?
Gave me advice when I fumbled for words..... Do you remember me?
Shared my burden, taught me to pardon..... Do you remember me?
I,m your best fan....
God bless you Kelly!

I might have been born as a leaf on a branch
and you might have been the Fir tree,
I might have been flying like a bird on the wing
and you; the wind beneath me...
I might have been snow on the top of a peak
and you; the Himalayan range,
You might have sat on the throne of a queen
and I was just your foot-bench!

I feel I've know you just as you might`ve known me
a fantastic family that greets all so warmly...
so cozy and so homely, rare and so few;
not many like you...
like you
dear Lisa Kelly.................
Do you remember me?!!!

mpdallen said...


A comment on your description of Savannah. My family and I spent part of the day there on Friday July 17th, our first visit, and what an old but beautiful city this is. I marveled at the historical old houses, Forsyth Park with it`s beautiful Forsyth Fountain and other attractions, and all the other parks and statues. So much history there with so little time to truly enjoy all Savannah has to offer. The ‘Isle of Hope” island visit will have to wait for more time to enjoy all it has to offer. Thank you for reminding me about this beautiful town.

Good Morning America showcased “Oh America”, Celtic Woman, all you ladies, and especially you. It was beautiful!


David said...

I'm glad you had a great tour. I'm sure you will be happy to get off the road for a while. Living in Boulder, CO makes Red Rocks one of my favorite places to see a wonderful show. I am looking forward to the DVD. Thanks for sharing the information with us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisa for writing! I would love going to one of your concerts, but I live in Argentina, so it's quite impossible! Anyway, I'd like to tell you I love your voice and the songs you sing, especially The Voice! I hope I will watch CW perform one day! Sorry for my English, actually I speak Spanish! I hope you and your family are OK! Once again, thank you for sharing your music with us!

dyanmatheson said...

my 8 year old daughter saw you on pbs and now she is takeing violin lessons because of you she love to pla the violin and she wants to be just like you so thank you for bring music to her life im her mom and im a big fan im dyan amd my daughters is madyson