Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hi All
Just a very quick post tonight!  What an amazing experience! We are still on cloud 9.  When we heard a few weeks ago that we were going to be on Dancing With The Stars, we were excited but I don't think any of us expected to feel the way we feel now!
We arrived in LA on Monday and had monday evening off, which was lovely.  I love LA.  Then we were up early on Tuesday for hair and make up and travelled to the studios for our performance.  When we got the we were escorted to our trailer, yes a trailer, and had to get ready for our sound check!.  Once in costume, we headed in to the studio passing all the American Idol judge's dressing rooms on the way!  I was really looking out for Simon Cowell, as I'm a huge fan, but sadly didn't get to see him.  We made it on to the DWTS set and looked on in awe at the beautiful set!.  It was so pretty.  We did our sound check and watched the amazing dancers dance in front of us.  Eric and Georgia were incredible.  It was really hard for us to focus on what we were supposed to be doing.  We then got to meet some of the dancers and celebrities, all of whom were so nice and welcoming.  When it was finally time for the 'real thing' we stood nervously in the waiting area and were lucky enough to meet the judges Len and Bruno.  We have the original version at home with is called Strictly Come Dancing so we are used to seeing Len and Bruno on our TV's, so you can imagine the excitement when they came to say hello!.  I thought Catherine Neylan (one of our choir girls) was going to faint!.  She loves Len.  Again, they were so nice to us and very excited to see us perform.  We were then called to get in to position the nerves started to kick in, but once the intro started and the dancers moved on to the floor we all relaxed and did what we were there to do.  And I have to say it was one of the highlights of Celtic Woman.  We had a ball.  We enjoyed every single minute of it.  I was so sad when it was over.  It was wonderful for us to have the choir with us and of course having Rachel, Scott, Scotty, Wayne, Andrew, Sara, Lucy and Alison made it all so easy and comfortable.  Our "Celtic Woman" family is incredible.  It's an occasion that I think we will be talking about for a very long time.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.  And i really want to thank everyone that was involved in making it all so incredible.  For me, it was a dream come true 
Hope you are all well


Destiny said...

I have never watched the show but I had to watch it that night. You all were simply amazing. I think the dancers were great too, I can't imagine dancing like that though. I am glad that you were able to meet some of the dancers and the judges, it sounds like a dream come true for you.

I look forward to seeing you again in a few months, take care Lisa. I hope the rest of you tour goes as well as the first half has gone.


Taylor said...

hey Lisa!!
Seems like you had a wonderful time! i have watched DWTS since the first season and the Celtic Woman's performance has been my favorite! Im very glad that you got to meet some of the judges and dancers! Very excited to see you in San Diego on the 29th! Have a great week in California :)
See Ya soon...
Taylor Pinegar _ 1 5 years old

Chris said...

Sadly, I watched with the show on mute, because I am waiting to hear "You Raise Me Up" live and want it to be fresh in my mind. However, you and the girls looked GORGEOUS. I love your second act dresses, and you all looked splendid! Enjoy your time in California!

ManFromTheMoon said...

Great apperance!:) I would only remove these "Stars" from "DWTS", to focus better on Celtic Woman:) All right - dancers were amazing too!:) Even This Malicious MoonDragon started to dance... Or doing something HE cosidered as "dancing". So, anyway, I had "Dancing With The Moon" up here, and I'm not sure if my health insurance covers it... Looks like I will have to dance with my lawyer now... :)
But You all were great, as You always are:)

Best Wishes and Greetings From The Silver Globe!:)))

Tom~Tom said...

Hi Lisa,
Glad you had a good time. I’m sure it was nice to break from the routine and do something out of the ordinary, but please don’t go Hollywood on us. Everyone looked great and excited to be there amid what looked to be a very distracting environment. Poor Mairead, stuck on her perch not being able to move, must have felt somewhat restrained. Nice to see the choir get some up front time. I guess Ray and Nicky have been able to explore the pubs of Phoenix while waiting for all of you to return. Great to see you appear in prime time, albeit abbreviated, I’m sure it will fill up some seats for the remainder of the tour.

Brad T said...

Hi Lisa: It was a special treat for all of us to hear and see all of you on TV! I know for me it's been a long time since seeing you in Chicago and watching the all-too-short performance just made the wait until my next concert that much tougher. We are so glad you had a great time doing something so special. What an honor! Well deserved! Have fun on your western swing.

Brad T

Thomas said...

Hello Lisa,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

I enjoyed your performance and you all looked beautiful as always.

Please be safe and travel well,


Charlie said...

You said you were sad when it was over. Then you can imagine how we feel when a Celtic Woman concert is over!! You Raise Me Up is a beautiful song, but it signals that the end is near, and we have to rely on memories and posts like this to keep us in touch with our adopted singing family. Thanks for taking time to write this, and tell all that you and the rest of our 'adopted' singing family are much loved.
Thank you

OldFatGuy said...

Hi Lisa,

Of course, we all watched DWtS Tuesday night. (I also recorded it so I could fast forward past all the dancing and get straight to the CW part.) I've watched the recording several times, and I have one thing to say. You all were wonderful. You were gorgeous, as always, and performed flawlessly. Everyone is delighted that you've all finally gotten some exposure on a major network show in prime time. It was a long time coming and well deserved. We hope it's the first of many. Alex, Chloë, Lisa, Lynn, Máiréad, and choir - and the entire CW organization - major kudos to you all. We're incredibly proud of you!

Emily said...

Congratulations, Lisa!!!

I was definitely watching on Tuesday night and you all did a fabulous job, as we knew you would. I'm glad you had such a great time. As Rich said, you all deserved some prime time TV exposure. Congrats!!!

See you soon!


Erin B. said...

Glad to hear you had such a good time! I loved watching you all perform, it was so enjoyable! I love the gowns you wore, they are the best so far in my opinion.

Jake and Susie said...

I only watched the show because you guys were going to be on! I loved watching it, the dancers added to your music was cool to see.

SVeverka said...
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Gary said...

Hi Lisa
I am so in love with your talents and thats not a pass. I am a singer, writer and play all sorts of instruments.

I don't know if you get itme to read this but I was wondering if we could ever hear or ask questions to your husband. I am not a female so that clear. But I would like to know more about how it feels to live with someone of your talents to provide me with a better picture of your lives.
I believe it would have some "moments" but any man who love his wife as I am sure he does has feelings that are important too. I don't want to pry but just be open and see what he feels and thinks of tours, singing and family life.

my email is

SVeverka said...

Hey Lisa,

You guys did an amazing job performing Tuesday night (well, you guys always do amazing :P). I was so ixcited to hear that you guys were going to be on Dancing With the Stars. One of my favorite shows this spring, and my favorite singing group ensemble! I had to make my family be quiet durring dinner so I could take it all in. I am so jealous of you getting to meet so many different people! ahh, to think of the day I will be able to travel around and meet people...

You're amazing, keep it up. Hope you girls, your family, and crew are enjoying yourselves on this splendid tour of yours :).

Sarah Veverka

Winzo said...

Hey Lisa

That was an amazing performance you girls did on DWTS! The dancers was great as well!

Awesome to see you are having a great tour! You sound amazing!

Slain Leat!


edtom said...

You ladies did a great job as always, and hopefully now have many new fans.

Kelli said...

Thank you so much, Lisa, for telling us how it was from your perspective! You all looked like you were having a ball onstage. I hope this is the first of many prime time experiences!
And kudos to whoever set this up for you all, well done!

robl said...

I felt like a mother of 5 daughters! I was so proud of you!
You were all amazing and looked so beautiful and so happy to be there.
You all deserved the treatment of a "Star". CONGRATULATIONS!

Rosie Allen

Justin said...

Hey Lisa!
I am so happy to hear that you had a wonderful time on Dancing with the Stars!! I watched you all, and it was terrific!! You all looked and sounded great, as usual! ;) It's interesting that you are a fan of Simon too. I watch him every week, just about, on American Idol. He is something else! ha ha. Glad to hear that you are doing well and loving life!! Thanks for another great is interesting to know what is going on with your everday life!

Have fun with the rest of the wishes!!!

Clarissa said...

It really was a beautiful set, and all of you did so wonderful!! The dresses were gorgeous.
I would've been looking out for Simon as well. I love that man. It was great to see Celtic Woman on TV, especially with the choir! Hopefully there's more to come. Best wishes for the rest of the tour.

Thanks for blogging for us all :)


zankoku said...

Lisa, the DWTS was great. I only watched because of CW and it was great exposure for you all.

Tonight you are here in Phoenix enjoying our cool temperatures. Couldn't make the show this time but next time.

I met you in 2007 when you got off the bus, by accident, really. My car had an oil leak and was smoking.

You and Orla coming out put that thought out of my head.

Enjoy the rest of the tour.


Kerri C. said...

Hi Lisa,
I am a devoted fan of DWTS, been watching it since the first season, and while I totally agree that you were all great it amazes me at how humble you are. You and your caliber of talent are so far beyond worthy of this show and anyone on it and as far as Simon Cowell goes, he's got nothing on you. I think that's one of the things I like best about you though, you seem to see the greatness in others yet you're so humble about your own, as Tom Tom said "please don't go Hollywood on us". You are like a breath of fresh air in a country filled with egotistical, look at me and everything I've got, spoiled rotten celebrities, and I hope you stay that way.
Anyway, on a lighter note, I'm glad your being on DWTS made you feel so good as you make a lot of people feel good as well but I think they made a huge error in keeping your performance so short and I'm willing to bet they will regret it and will probably beg you to come back and grace their stage again in future seasons.

God Bless, stay safe,
Kerri C.

kathi said...

hey Lisa,
sadly, there´s no american tv in germany but I´m so lucky I have the internet. I watched your performance a minute ago;) and it was so wonderful! You all looked so great and sung so beautiful.There was this look in your eyes that you really enjoyed it.

PS: One of my dreams is to see you performing live...mhhh

Enchanted said...

Thanks for the update. It is wonderful to hear the excitement in your words. That excitement that you felt is just a touch of what it is like for all of us to see you perform. You truly were the stars on that stage. Unfortunately, I am on a 2 month Celtic Woman "fast" leading up to seeing your live show, so I did not watch DWTS. I have already added it and all of your other recent appearances to my favorites list on You Tube so that I can watch them after I see you live on May 3rd. Welcome back to California!

Scott Manke, Mairead forum administrator said...

Congratulations, Lisa, to you and all the others who performed on Dancing With the Stars. Getting exposure on a national show like that, even limited time is a good thing. Now a lot more people will know why so many of us are such huge fans/friends of Celtic Woman. Nice to have the choir get exposure as well which is a rare thing. I did think though that Mairead's abbreviated role made her look more like an accessory than an integral part of the group. Not the fault of CW or anyone in the group though.

Speaking of Mairead, thank you Lisa for being so sweet in Dallas and giving Mairead the fiddle bow from those of us in her forum for her birthday. We know she trusts you with her fiddle and it seemed the perfect person to give her that gift if I could not. Her forum can't wait to hear her reaction to all of the gifts!

It was also fun to watch you interact with Lynn when you swiped her forum birthday gifts away from her to hold until her birthday! The look on her face was priceless!

Thanks so much for all of your hard work, and the endless travel and concerts. We all keep you and the others in our prayers for good health, safe travels, and blessings on your performances.

Warmest regards, Scott

Craig said...

Hi Lisa,
I don't watch that show yet only to you ladies:) And of course you all are fantastic!


Breno said...

Hi Lisa!
The presentation was really wonderful of you!
I was thrilled!
You are completely perfect *--*
I hope to see you again on TV!

our Brazilian community of Celtic Woman has over 4 thousand members!

We love you much!

kisses! and sorry for my English, I used the google translator lol

Breno Thiago
Campina Grande - PB / Brasil

Oi Lisa!!
A apresentação de vocês foi realmente maravilhosa!!!!
eu fiquei emocionado!
Vocês são totalmente perfeitas *--*
Espero ver vocês de novo na TV!

nossa comunidade brasileira de Celtic Woman já tem mais de 4 mil membros!


beijos! e desculpe pelo meu inglês, eu usei o tradutor google lol

Breno Thiago
Campina Grande - PB / Brasil

Mel said...

Hey Lisa, glad you all enjoyed yourself. I had to wait for the YouTube version, since it was Way past my bedtime ;). When watching, I was wondering if you all had a hard time concentrating with the dancers, and just being there to perform for such a highly rated tv show.

Hope you all are finally enjoying the sun and warmer weather.

Take care, looking forward to WPB


Starman said...


Needless to say, it was thrilling for us to see you on DWTS! I don't know if you heard the audible approval of the audience at the start of the show when it was announced that Celtic Woman would be appearing later in the show! DWTS is one of the top-rated shows in the US and so there were definitely millions watching! We were of course so proud of you all! I'm afraid for many of us it was "hurry up and get those dancers out of the way so we can see Celtic Woman"! It was yet another triumph among many more to come for you and we take pride in every one of them!


Coleen said...

Hi, Lisa,

It was so exciting seeing you all perform on Dancing With the Stars! Congratulations on a job well done!


Miriam said...

Hello Lisa and all the Celtic Woman of the present and the past.
It is very gratifying to have found this page and be more in touch with their emocines about their tours.
For several years I am still very close Irish music and I want to say that the personal is the best music I've heard, and being HOnet Mexican music is beautiful but lacks culture.
The harmony and synchronization is incredible.
Do not ever stop doing this.
Please send each and every one of those who are part of Celtic Woman my deepest admiration, and who are no longer as well. My admiration also for the musicians, singers and those who are always behind the scenes because without them you would not be Celtic Woman.
I feel sad because this city offers no guarantee for you and I do not want to come, but those who appreciate the culture be supported from Mexico.
pd. Sorry for my English.

Miriam said...
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Miriam said...
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Marissa said...

Hi, Lisa, a Celtic Woman forum member, Celtic Chicken, created this in February. So, now we know why you like the walrus so much. Hehe (Since you apparantly visit the forum a lot, I'm sure you get it)(Also I LOVED the performance)

DaveM said...

Hi Lisa, your performance on DWTS was so great I almost didn't notice they were dancing...:)

Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks in Seattle. Hope you have some nice things planned since you'll be here a few days.

Tom~Tom said...

Just heard the news that you were busy in LA along with Mairead doing the title song for Tinkerbelle 2. Congrats!!



Lin said...


Jeanine said...

Hi, Lisa! Your performance on "Dancing With the Stars" was fantastic! I had to wait until it was posted online before I could watch it since I wasn't home that night, but it was beautiful! That's cool that you were able to meet the dancers and Len and Bruno. I'm sure that was awesome for you! Take care and God Bless! I've missed seeing you all at more shows since Chicago, but my heart is with you and the others always, even if I can't be there myself.

Le Grá,

Thomas said...

Hello Lisa,

I just learned about your new addition "If You Believe" to "Tinkerbell - The Lost Treasure" and I could not be more happy and excited for you.

I can only imagine how proud your kids are of you.

Well done, now I have a new "May It Be" to look forward to in October.

Please be safe and travel well,


Rotten Rebel said...

Hi Lisa,
Glenn A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel here. I saw you at The Greek Theatre In L.A. on the 25th. WOW! What a show! You sang more beautifully than the Angels above. At least I think so. Just wanted to write in and give you my support. Hope I get to see you all again some time. And i hope this long tour Isn't getting you all down. Blessings & hugs all around. Thank you all so much for doing what you do. It brings me so much joy. Sincerely yours'
Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel
From The Mairead Nesbitt Fan Forum

mpdallen said...

Oh Lisa,

I have been out of town and away from the computer for the last six days and all kinds of good things are happening to you and the Celtic Woman ladies. I have just got back home and have not seen the Dancing with the Stars Video, and I have just looked at your Blog news and what great news this is. You are singing the title song “If You Believe” in the upcoming Disney Pictures Movie Tinkerbelle – The Lost Treasure. I am so happy for you; and now you will receive the recognition from the millions of fans that will see this movie and hear your beautiful voice. They will then become believers in what I have known from the first time I heard you sing. Lisa, you have no equal in this world in the beauty and quality and depth in your singing ability. Now the whole world will know you, and this wonderful God given gift of singing you have, and that you share with us so beautifully. Lisa, I am overjoyed for you.


JenJen7232 said...

I loved the performance and your dresses were beautiful!!! We DVR the performance and my 5 year old daughter and I watched it over and over. I think she thinks you are princesses.

Rotten Rebel said...

Warmest greetings Lisa,
Glenn A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel. Resident of The Mairead Nesbitt Forum.
Just wanted to say a few words. What a wonderful show at The Greek Theatre on the 25th.
Hope you saw a Fiddler Crossing Sign in the audience.
It is to let you, and all the others on the group know that you all are supported by us.
And we will always be there to support Celtic Woman.
I thought you all sang your hearts out that night.
It brought me to tears more than once. Thank you so much.
Blessings to you all, I wish you safe travels, and have a wonderful time on the rest of the tour.
We are with you always.
Sincerely & respectfully yours,
Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel
Resident of The Mairead Nesbitt Fan Forum.

raquel said...

Oh my God!!!!!
You were just wonderful!
I only could see Dancing With Stars today, because I was travelling~
But you all are amazing!
More dreams coming true for you, Lisa ^^ and for all the girls too.


emma said...

Omg do u not check your comments god

Justin said...

Emma, Lisa is a very busy lady! You should be happy that she takes time out of her BUSY schedule to let us in on her life. I am certain she reads everyone of her comments, but do you really expect her to reply to every single one of them? That would take her forever. Just be a little thoughtful, Emma..and respectful of Lisa. She is a very special woman, and she graces us with the blog...and do you think she blogs for herself? No. She does this for us, Emma! I just ask that you be more respectful of Lisa, please.


mpdallen said...


To thank you for your unequaled talent; and a “Happy Birthday” wish.

When I gaze upon your face as you begin to sing, your voice is so beautiful and your essence is so powerful that what I am seeing and hearing dissipates all other thoughts and worries, and I am now completely immersed with you and your singing, and the message of your song. This gift you have that vanishes all worried and heals body and spirits is unequaled on this earth; and God instilled all these talents into you when He created you a few short years ago; and you have worked with this special gift and have become a singer and performer that has this unique and unequaled ability and beauty in all that you do when you sing. There is no other person on this earth that comes close to you with all your God given gifts. The ease in which it seams you so effortlessly give of yourself to your fans cannot be expressed in mere thank you`s to you. That would be so inadequate.

Lisa, I want to express to you what my heart feels for you, but mere words cannot do justice in that; so may I, Jim Allen, tell you Lisa Kelly, I wish for you on this your birthday the “Happiest Birthday Wish” that can ever be bestowed upon you. If some measure in all that you have given to so many could be returned to you, you would be overwhelmed with love and affection. It is just that simple.


Lisa, after you celebrate your birthday with family and friends, now do something on this your day off that will most please only you.

Thomas said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!!!!

Please enjoy this special day.

Be safe and travel well.


Taylor said...

Happy Birthday girl!!! Hope you have a wonderful and fun packed day!
Lots of Love!!
Taylor Pinegar-15 years old

Sue and Bill said...
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Sue and Bill said...

I was so excited to see that Celtic Woman would be performing on DWTS! Wow, that was incredible to watch one of my favorite shows and favorite groups at the same time! You all did a splendid job - just wish they would have let you do another song! Hope to see your performance in Cincinnati and Lexington - my husband and I are both fans! The trips will be "mini" vacations for us to two of our favorite cities to see one of our favorite groups!
I had a few typo error on the previous post and did not want to leave it that way - English teacher coming out in me! :):)
Hope you all have a great tour here in the States!

OldFatGuy said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa, with a hug from the Ropes guys.

jreynold said...
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Mike said...


Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday today! (I even wore kelly green today in honor of you!)

Your performance on Dancing With the Stars was excellent, as always. And I can't wait to hear you sing in the new Tinker Bell movie!


Ryan said...

I know I'm getting this in just under the deadline, but better now than never...

Warmest Birthday Wishes to you, Lisa!!!

(And since Mother's Day is only three days away, consider these well-wishes doubled.) :-)

BTW, I've been so busy in the past few weeks, that I never properly thanked you and the girls for the incredible show in Austin last month. It was a special night made even more memorable by the fact that it was my mother's very first CW concert. Needless to say, she was completely blown away. Expect to see her at a concert again very soon!

Please give my best to the whole "family". Look forward to seeing you very soon in Ohio!


Salado, TX

jreynold said...

Hi Lisa and everyone else at Celtic Woman,

I would like to thank you, Chloe, Lynn, Mairead, Alex, Ray, Nicky, Tommy, all the members of the Aontas Choir, the guitar players, the pianist, and everyone else that was involved for two very wonderful evenings of music/entertainment. I attended the show in Sacramento, CA. and enjoyed it so much that I decided to go see it again the next day. I was able to get a good seat for this show at the Paramount Theater in Oakland, CA. (this is really a nice place for a Celtic Woman show and, I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the theater itself). Both shows were just fabulous and could not have been any better. The lighting effects, the costumes, and overall design of the show were really BRILLIANT!!! It is so much fun to see all of you doing what you enjoy and doing it best. It was obvious all of the hard work and efforts that went into the presentation. It really is a fantastic show in many, many ways and I really loved it. It is really wonderful that all of you bring such joy to people's lives in your performances (especially as it is needed even more in current times). I believe this is one of the strengths behind Celtic Woman as well as talent that is just unparalleled. I really had a great time at both shows and enjoyed seeing everyone else do the same. I first learned about Celtic Woman last fall on TV, seeing "The Greatest Journey" on PBS and have really enjoyed past C.W. shows (on DVD) as well as the music on the solo CD's that each of you have produced. I shall be looking forward to future concerts and projects that be released. Once again, I would really like to thank all of you for a really outstanding performance.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the tour - take care, remain safe, and God Bless,

Joe R.

PS I see that it is your birthday today Lisa - wishing you a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you are able to do something really nice on your day off. ENJOY!!!

Matthew said...

Hey Lisa,
I hope you had a wonderful BIRTHDAY and you're enjoying yourself on the road! Wishing you the best from us at the CeltcWomanForum! I saw you at Radio City for the second year in a row (glad you were back for this tour) and you were phenominal! I love your rendition of Fields of Gold; can't wait until it comes out!

Clarissa said...

Happy Mother's Day, Lisa! You're lucky to have your birthday and today so close together ;) Hope it was a wonderful day for you.

V said...

Happy Mother's Day, Lisa!
Oh, and happy (belated) birthday, too! I forgot to tell you after the show on Wednesday. It was brilliant, by the way. I cried a lot!

mpdallen said...


I know this is a day late, but I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day.


Lindy Leigh Photography said...


Sounds cool to be on dwts!

We just saw you in Portland, OR and truly enjoyed the show. Awesome!


kathi said...

hey Lisa
I know it is belated but:
Happy Birthday and a wonderful next year of your life!


kat said...

Hi Lisa
I'm happy for you that you got a good time + I'm happy for the other thinkerbell movie
have fun with it and with cw tour ofcourse too
Greatings and best wishes
BIG HUGHS from kat

Julio César said...


Que emoción! He visto el video del concierto de Celtic Woman que hicieron en el castillo, año 2006 y el anterior que realizaron en el teatro de Dublin. Fue impresionante verlas y escucharlas a todas en especial a la maravillosa proyección que muestras en el escenario.

Siento que eres una muy buena persona, de altura y mucho más hermosa todavía en persona, además una gran madre y esposa.

He quedado impactado que hasta me gustaría conocerles.......y adivina soy de Panamá y no hablo inglés, pero cuando te veo cantar me trasmites ánimo, energía, emoción, alegría, en fin cosas muy positivas.

Me gustaría conoceros...

Tu fans panameño: Julio César Franco. e-mail:

Brad T said...
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Brad T said...

Lisa... I've just watched the YouTube release of "Oh, America!".
THANK YOU! for being part of this amazing song.

See you Charlotte, NC!! I'd love to meet you once again.

Brad T

OldFatGuy said...

Love your new little video diary. Short and sweet. Nice to hear your voice again.

David said...

I waited and waited. I wish you would have performed first...and longer.

Katie Leann said...

When I heard that Celtic Woman was going to be on Dancing with the Stars, I almost cried that I wasn't going to be able to watch it. :( But what happened was my friend invited me to her house and so I saw it!! I was so happy!! You guys did beyond fantastic!! And I have to tell you that I'm a huge fan of Simon too! He's totally not afraid to say his true feelings. :)

Hey guess what?! I happened to be at the concert you did at the Greek Theatre on the 25th! That was stunning, I almost died I was so happy! I bought one of the programs and I have it leaning against my dresser mirror where I see it everyday. :)

A huge 13-year-old fan,
Kjersten :)

(Katie Leann is just one of my many nicknames)