Thursday, April 9, 2009

Catch up

Hi Guys
Hope all is well with you!!!.  Things are going well here.  We're in Elvis country at the moment.  Lovely Memphis!  The weather here has been such a mix.  Freezing cold the first day, roasting hot the second day and mild and breezy today!!.   We've had the strangest weather the last few weeks.  My children got to see their first real thunder and lightening storm in Birmingham, Alabama.  We thought going south we could get the shorts and t-shirts out, but it wasn't meant to be.  We had rain and wind and then eventually on the second day of Jacksonville the sun broke through, much to everyone's delight.
We've had some fantastic audiences over the last few weeks.  The response has been incredible!.  Probably the best was in Gainesville where we did the "Gator Clap" at the end of the show.  I thought the arena was going to cave in!.  Tonight we head to St Louis and then we have a well earned 4 day break.  Really looking forward to it, i have to say.  Hopefully the weather will improve!!! After that we start our journey to the west coast.  California here we come.
Hope you are all well
Lots of love


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Emily said...

Hi Lisa!!!!

Thanks for an AWESOME night in Orlando!! It was the absolute best show ever. You looked so beautiful and you were just amazing. I had such a good time, although poor Rich was probably exhausted at the end from sitting next to me and my enthusiasm lol. I can't wait to see you all again in West Palm Beach, and I hope I get to meet you at the Meet and Greet. I am counting down the days!!!!!!!! I hope you all continue to have safe travels for the rest of the tour...and enjoy that awesome 4 day break! You girls deserve it so much.

See you in May!!!

Emily :)

Emily said...

Oh, and P.S., I have to admit I was a little disappointed that you all did the "gator clap" in Gainesville...I am an alumna of Florida State University...ARCH RIVALS of the University of Florida Gators!!! Hahahahaha.

It's okay though, I will always forgive you, Lisa!! ;) LOL.

Marissa White said...

Nice to hear from you! Been looking forward to another update. *big smile* The gator clap? I wish I had been there instead of here in Minnesota. *moans* Well, Glad to hear from you!

Take care,
Marissa xx

Minx said...

Warm weather? In the South? Where?!?! It seems I've had my head in the clouds. ha ha! :)

Here in North Carolina, it's sort of warm if you're from the North...

Kerri C. said...
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Kerri C. said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm happy to hear you the show is doing so well, though it doesn't surprise me at all. It seems you can make a fan of anyone. It's so funny, I pick up my 6 yr old nephew Logan from school and one day I put in the Greatest Journey CD. I didn't think he was paying much attention to it, especially when he fell asleep. The next day I took the CD out again and he said "Are you putting in that CD again?" I asked "What CD?" he said "you know, the one you played yesterday... Catholic Ladies" I almost died laughing. Before I answered yes I prepared myself for a backlash of whiny complaint but much to my surprise he answered back with an excited "Yesss". Then he suprised me even more when I heard him singing some lyrics. Before long he was singing to and knew the names of most of the songs, though he insists that the real name of "Orinoco Flow" is "Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away". He also likes "The Voice", "Danny Boy" and "The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun" for which he has written a new verse. I think it went...If you want the sun to rise, if you want to see blue skies, if you want the orange dawn to shine through, then open up your eyes and I'll be in the sky. He then goes on to explain that the person in the sky is God and refers to the line "I am one with the One".
Anyway, I just thought you'd get a kick out of that. I'll stop rambling now. Enjoy your much deserved break. I wish you continued success and safe travel.

Be well,
Kerri C

April 9, 2009 8:32 PM

OldFatGuy said...

Lisa, welcome to the South. Hot, cold, wet, dry, sun, lightning and thunder - we've got it all.

Emily's right - Orlando was a terrific show. Everyone on stage seemed very happy and playful. Thanks for a great time.

See you in WPB and Cleveland.

Taylor said...

Hey Lisa!
Its always great to hear from you! I'm always excited to hear updates about your tour. I'm very happy that everything is going well. Sorry about the crazy mixed weather. You will be very happy when you come to San Diego :) The weather is perfect!! Ahh i'm so excited, only 20 days until you come to san diego!! Well can't wait for another update and to see you live! GOOD LUCK with everything :)
X.O. Taylor Pinegar - 15 years old

Mel said...

Hi Lisa! Yes, WELCOME to Spring! The weather gets a bit fickle now, bwt Winter still trying to hang on and the warmer days trying to get a grip. Give it another month and it will be pretty much warm everywhere. Have a Good time with your 4 days off. Relax! You all deserve it.

Troublemaker#1 :)

Tom~Tom said...

Hi Lisa,
Hope you find someplace warm and comfy for the much deserved break. Weatherwise, this has been a very up and down year, but bound to improve. Wishing all of you continued safe travels!



mpdallen said...


Birmingham, and your singing and performing was so exceptionally beautiful. There are now so many thank you`s I owe you, and you are well aware of all of them. You know everything you do for me is so greatly appreciated, and I too know what they are. At the Meet and Greet there was hardly any time with you, as it was late and you all had to leave. My questions and comments can wait for another time, but just getting to talk with you again was worth everything. This has been a busy schedule and the weather has not cooperated very well; and it is sort of typical spring weather here as you never know what it will be next. It will be better in Nashville in June.

Enjoy the upcoming few days off, as they are well deserved.

Travel well and be safe; and God bless you and your family.


Enchanted said...

Thanks so much for all of the updates. It is so great to hear how things are going for you! It is sweet of you to make time to update your blog.
The weather must have read your note, because here in Northern California we have had several days of light rain, but awoke this morning to blue skies and sun. We on the west coast are anxiously awaiting your arrival. I am in the middle of a 2 month Celtic Woman fast that ends on May 3rd when I get to see you in perform in San Jose, so I am perhaps waiting more anxiously than most. (Celtic Woman withdrawals)
Enjoy your mini "Spring Break".

lintje said...

Hey Lisa,

Here in The Netherlands the weather is great I even got sunburned already (I look like a walking tomato). I think after doing all these concerts so far you deserve a few days off. Hope the weather is good enough to really enjoy them.

Good luck on the rest from the tour and hope to see you back in Europe soon.


Erin B. said...

Wow. Enjoy the break! You guys deserve it! Glad the kids got to see some lightning and thunder. It impressive, isn't it?

Snookie said...

Lisa, thank you for updating! It's nice to know how you're doing! I hope you enjoy your well deserved break! I can't wait to see you in Houston, which is a week away! I'm so excited! (First row seats! ;))

Take care!

Sara said...

I'm so glad you know the "Gator Clap"! Welcome to the South lol And sorry about the crazy weather! But glad everyone is having so much fun. warm wishes and traveling mercies.
Much love,

Binti said...

Hi, Lisa. I'm so glad you are getting a break. I went to four wonderful shows in 10 days and know I was tired. I started in the thunder storms with you in Birmingham where I was honored to meet you and then the next Friday night got to meet you again in Pensacola. I was thrilled and it was after such a terrific performance. I then followed you to Orlando and finally waved goodbye to you as you got on the bus in Tampa. It was a fantastic, whirlwind weekend, one of the best.
I decided Tampa couldn't be the last stop for me so I have tickets to three wonderful shows when you return to Florida. Enjoy the west and I'll see you in Ft Myers in May. Save travels, God's blessings.
Much love, Lucie

Kelli said...

Enjoy your break, Lisa! You more than earned it. Thanks for the great show in Orlando!

Coleen said...

Thanks for the update, Lisa. So glad to hear that you will have a four day break. You deserve it!

See you in June in Cleveland!


zankoku said...

The weather in Phoenix has been mixed, all because California sent us a storm today. By the 23rd of April we should be nice and warm again.

By the time you get home, you guys will have great tans, if they let you in the sun.

Sorry to say I can't make the show, but I will be there in spirit.


Anonymous said...

Hi lisa

Can wait when the new album if cw is coming out.
I'm gonna do the blessing (1of the 3) for my music exam this year.

Have fun in the states, a safe trip and keep on rocking girl.

jen said...

Your performance was marvelous in Memphis, TN. It has been 25 years since I last attended a concert. It was well worth the wait. i don't believe I've ever been so overwhelmed by music! Several times during the show I caught myself gasping like a child who was seeing Santa Claus or something. My son and husband also attended. He loves music and plans to pursue it as a career. The performance was a great influence in this dream of his. While he's been drawn to heavy metal, this music of Celtic Woman has grabbed his heart. As a mom it is transparent and nice to see the interest in good quality music.

He attends public schools and music is becoming such a challenge to pursue. The acedemic requirements for college bound children are of such that fitting music into those demands is proving to be quite challenging.

Thank you for giving us, the fans so much of your time. I will keep your family in my prayers as you all travel together. I pray your children learn and enjoy so much that many children never see. I pray you are able to enjoy their childhood to the fullest!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! Ya the weather EVERYWHERE is crazy...i live in ohio and yesterday it was warm but rainy and today it was sunny and cold! Oh and I cant wait to see you when u come to ohio! I will see you in Youngstown I beleive! Lots of love Maddie!

Winzo said...

Hey Lisa

Good to here the tour is going well!

Have a safe and happy easter

Cáisc shona duit


Scott Manke, Mairead forum administrator said...

Have a very happy Easter today, Lisa, and a wonderful four days off! You're so right that you all deserve a nice break. The shows I've attended have been fantastic! See you in Dallas!

mpdallen said...


I hope you and your family, and everyone else with you there, has a wonderful Easter day. May you all be safe and healthy, and I pray for each of you by name each day. Enjoy these days off with your family; and as you soon head out west may you see old friends and make many new ones, and everything will be well with you. Looking forward to seeing you in June.


Justin said...

Hey Lisa!!
I saw you in Memphis, TN, Wednesday night, and it was so fantastic!! I thought the night couldn't get any better until I met you outside of the Orpheum after the concert! I didn't get a chance to say much, but I just wanted to thank you sooo much for a great performance and for your time afterwards! You are extremely talented, and you bless me every time I hear your voice! I will never forget you waving back to me when I was leaving the other were already in your van, but you realized I was leaving and waved back to me. I'm so glad to hear that you all are getting a break. I bet you all are extremely tired, and you deserve a little time off! I hope to see you again in the future, Lisa! I hope you all had a great Easter!


Starman said...


We are thrilled and gratified by your every post to us as the tour progresses! Happy Easter to you and the whole family! We are privileged to have you here to celebrate it with us. I hope you were able to celebrate it satisfactorily where you were.

We definitely count you among our Easter blessings!


Anonymous said...

Lisa my name emma i 6 year old and i wiv in a orphanage. it really dirty and yucky. Eveyone says i wont get dopteded i dont know why nobodys liked me. do u think maby you cowd donate some money so they coulded get nicerest people to watched us. i wisten to your moosic and i thought that u sounded nice and all the big kids are making fun of me for asking u. i called them poopoo heads tough. if u getted this could u post tumthing so i know u gotted it. Tank you - emma

clarumley said...

The show in Memphis this past Wednesday was my very first Celtic Woman concert and I have to say, it was incredible! The whole day couldn't have been any better. The weather was beautiful, I loved every second of the concert, and afterward my boyfriend and I had the pleasure of meeting you outside of the Orpheum! I was very grateful to meet someone so talented and kind. It was late, so thank you for taking the time to speak to us. You waved goodbye to my boyfriend, Justin, and I do believe that made his day! :)

Looking forward to many more concerts!!! Hope you've had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying your break.


Rotten Rebel said...

Warmest Greetings Lisa.
Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel here.
From the Mairead Nesbitt Forum. Just dropping in to give a friendly hello.
I will be seeing you soon, at what will hopefully be a warm, inviting and sunny Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.
I will have a seat in the Orchestra pit, so you will see a familiar face there. With a Fiddler Crossing Sign. LOL!
I must say, that the Wilkes Barre PA. Concert was just pure magic. I just wish you were at the M&G with Mairead & Chloe that night. Then it would have been that much better.
I know this tour must be at times, a drag. I hope you all get enough rest. When I first saw the tour schedule, I must say, I had great concerns for everyone’s well being.
Anyway Dear Lady, I will be looking forward to seeing all of you again on the 25th of this month.
Blessings to you, and all those you love. And, thank you so much for all you do.
Sincerely and respectfully yours,
A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel
From The Mairead Nesbitt Forum

myilbeach said...

Hi Lisa,
Love the idea of you blogging! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Dallas this Sat. I'm bringing my sister and brother-in-law.I know thaty they will enjoy the show.
I did see the Celtic Woman last year in Tucson. Not to take anything away from the other ladies but I really was disappointed that you weren't there.

See you,

Marlon said...

Dear Mrs. Kelly

I had the great pleasure of attending your April 8th performance and I must tell tell you, it was one of the most enjoyable evenings I've had in a long time. I’m of Scotch Irish dissent and a natural born American, however after seeing your performances in Celtic Women has done much to rekindle the love of my Irish heritage. I think you are giving us Americans much more than an opportunity to see and hear the most exquisite singing talent your beautiful Country has to offer.
Your ability to project the soul and character of a Nation through song is quiet an amazing skill. Several songs in your solo performance that struck me deeply (The Blessing & The Voice) are two examples. I am not a musician or a singer at best, but your voice and range of talent tells me that you are one of today's highly gifted and worthy Ambassadors of music in our time.
I do have every intention of attending another of your performances before your tour dates end, if at all possible.
I wish you every happiness and success in your profession and may God keep you and those you love safe and in good health always.

Very Truly Yours

A Fan For Life

Marlon Smith

mpdallen said...


After you so graciously signed your CD “Lisa” in Birmingham with your words “Congratulations, With Love, Lisa X”, I have announced a contest on the web site for members of that forum to enter a contest using graphics and artwork featuring you or your likeness to win that CD. This contest is for members of the forum that have joined and submits and entry on this forum; and these forum entries will close at midnight after the last Celtic Woman Show in June of 2009 in Nashville Tennessee. The winner will be selected by the Administrators and Moderators of this forum.

Lisa, you have so many fans that just love you, and love you’re singing and performing abilities, and I thought this would be a way for them to express their love for you and a chance for them to get something personalized from you that would enrich their lives forever.

Lisa, thank you for everything you do for your fans, and being the person you are is why your fans love you so much.


Taylor "Angus" Gibson said...

Dia Duit, Lisa,

Not the Gator Clap! ANYTHING but the Gator Clap! Haha. I go to the University of Tennessee, and one of our rivals is the Florida Gators. But I'm very, very glad you had a nice stay in Memphis - the city where I was born. I hope that if you go to the city where I live - Chattanooga, Tennessee - you will have just a great a time as you did in Memphis. Can't wait to see you June 17th in Nashville - hopefully meeting you there, too! I'm bringing my lady friend, Robin. She and I are planning a trip to Ireland for (hopefully, if I can get the money in time) Summer 2010! Hope to meet you again in Nashville to get some advice on where to go!

Take Care! Slán!
With Love,

Katie said...

Hi Lisa!

Looks like y'all will have to start showing a little spirit for the school of the city you're in from now on...that gator clap incident has started something. :) We don't care much for the Florida Gators here in Louisiana, who are big rivals here just as in Tennessee.

Hope y'all have enjoyed your days off, I'm sure they were much needed, but I am so glad that the Baton Rouge show is just a day away.

Have a safe trip down here and Geaux Tigers!!! :D


Natasha said...

I just wanted to tell you again how awesome you were on Friday night in St. Louis, MO. Also, thank you again for coming out in the freezing cold to take pictures and sign autographs. How did Cian, Jack and Ellie like their Easter baskets. Hope you had a great break... it was well deserved! I am desperatly trying to get tickets for Kanasas City... hopefully something will work out. Thanks again! Nataha Rohlfing

Craig said...

Hi Lisa,
Here at Southern California, this week to next week the temp range is mid 70's to high 80's to 90 degrees. Will watch Dancing with the Stars just for you ladies. You deserve the 4 day break!


J.E.B. said...





kathi said...

hey Lisa,
thank you for the update =)
Enjoy your free days!

greets from the sunny germany (at the moment) :P xD


Belinda said...
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Belinda said...

Hi Lisa
I know this bad weather, at the moment I'm living on a farm in Alberta, Canada and it's not a very pleasant feeling to hear, that in Switzerland they have such a nice spring weather;-) My hostmothers favourite tv show is dancing with the stars so I'm looking forward to see you tomorrow and wish you all the best!!

SavannahB said...

It was absolutely wonderful meeting you and Chloe after the show in Jacksonville! You girls did a wonderful job! You're so down to Earth! You guys be safe out there!
Stay fabulous love:)

Anonymous said...

Yay for California! I saw The Celtic Woman last year at The Greek Theater, but I think you were absent (on maternity leave?). I was quite sad!

However, I'm so very excited that you are on this tour and absolutely cannot WAIT until this Saturday to see you perform at The Greek! Every one of my friends know how excited I am...I haven't shut up about it in weeks!

Looking forward to Saturday and best of luck,

Jake and Susie said...

Hey, you guys did awesome last night on Dancing with the Stars!! I have to admit it was a little weird not seeing the original group, but it is nice to see new faces, im glad there are still you three there :). I really enjoyed watching you guys perform, I dont usually watch that show, until I found out you guys were performing lol! Hope you guys are doing well take care and thanks for keeping us (your fans) up to date!!

Jeanine said...

Hi, Lisa! Wow, I'm a little behind! :o I just now saw this blog. That's crazy weather alright! Glad the audiences have been so great. I bet the children were quite excited by the storm. Glad you are doing well!