Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our busiest week yet

Hi Guys
Hope you are all doing well.  Well we are coming to the end of our busiest week yet!!!!.  It's been crazy.  New York is always a busy time for us, but New York around Paddy's Day is just madness. We got to perform on the Today show again this year which was wonderful, considering it's where we started 4 years ago!.  Although this time they allowed us to sing indoors which was fantastic.  I'll never forget the first year, singing Orinocco Flow in the freezing cold!!  Kathy Lee Gifford and her husband hosted the show and they were really lovely to us.  Then we had the two nights in Radio City, which was just wonderful.  It was great to see so many familiar faces in the audience. Being in New York, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to Central Park Zoo with the kids. It's a really small zoo but perfect for the little ones.  We got to see the sea lions and the penguins!  Such beautiful creatures.  I actually received a gorgeous penguin called "Terrwyn" from the Mairead Forum fans when we played in Wilkes Barre so thank you so much for him.  I love him.  And thank you to all of you who sent letters and gifts over the last few weeks.  They were much appreciated.  
So here we are in Wallingford for 2 shows.  We head back to NYC tonight for our appearance on the Mike and Juliet show in the morning and then we get to ring the closing bell on the NYSE tomorrow afternoon.  How exciting!  We're really looking forward to that.  It's been hectic but fun.
Thanks for all your posts.  It's lovely to hear from you all!!!
Take care
Love and best wishes


Destiny said...

Wow, you all have been very busy. But I am glad that you are having a great time on the tour. I am sure your kids loved the zoo, how great that must have been for them to go do something fun.

Emily said...

Busy busy busy!!!! :) I'm glad you all have been having fun though. Can't wait to see you guys ring the closing bell hehe.

3 weeks until Orlando!

Brad T said...

It's good to hear from you Lisa. I'm so glad you found time to take the kids to the Zoo - what a fun experience! Have fun closing out the NYSE on Monday. Who's going to have the gavel? Or are all of you going to have a hold of it? I'll be watching.

Brad T

OldFatGuy said...

What a killer of a schedule! You'll be ready for that spa treatment by the time you get home.

I promise I won't pester you until you get to Boston. ;)


lintje said...

Hey Lisa,

Good to hear everything is going so well. Good thinking about bringing the kids to the Zoo. You can never be too old to go to the zoo. Well can't wait till your next blog. Hope to see you back in Europe someday.



Mel said...

WOW! I am worn out just from reading your post!! Wickie will post in a while, after she calms down from freaking out (talking on cell with her as I write). It was wonderful to hear all of you sing Danny Boy on the Today show. Glad your having a great time in NYC, and look forward to Atlanta.

Oh..and you were right! I did run out of credits :D!!

Chris/Raven said...

Glad to see New York kept you and the girls busy. Looks like you guys had a blast. I remember when you performed on the Today Show the first time- nice that they let you inside this time. Have fun with the rest of your shows this week!

Taylor said...

Hey Lisa, so wonderful to hear from you :) i cannot wait untill april 29th when you guys come to San Diego (the best place ever) :) I have been counting down the days since christmas and now its just a little bit over a month. Can't wait to see you live :)
- Taylor Pinegar

huddy-love said...

So nice to hear from you Lisa!
Never been to a show or anything but reading these blogs of yours is quite the treat.

Shae from Canada (:

P.S.: I'd love to come to a show but it'd have to be in Ontario at least so I'm still hoping for that day you come to Toronto or Ottawa! <3 <3

Thomas said...

Hello Lisa,

It's good to hear from you as always.

You looked beautiful on the Today show and the DVR is ready for tomorrow 3/16 for both appearances.

When you arrive in Cleveland this June, I suggest a visit to the Cleveland Zoo. My daughters have spent plenty of time there and always look forward to returning.

Please be safe and travel well.


Kevin said...

Hello Lisa,

This is my first blog entry so bear with me please. I am glad you are enjoying New York City and you were able to take the kids to the zoo. I just want to say that you,and the people that make up celtic woman give the people here in america hope. They can come to the shows and not have to worry about the economy, their jobs or any personal problems they may be dealing with. When they enter the doors to see the show they can enjoy themselves by listening to the most wonderful music sung by 4 women and not worry about anything else. I applaud you and we need to give credit were credit is due. Again Thank you. Look foward to your next blog.


Leila said...

Your schedule makes me so tired to read it..and i'm complaining about play practices!!!

It was so great to see you live Wednesday!!!
I'm so glad you liked Terrwyn!!

It's great to hear from you!!!

Wickie xxx

Delaney said...
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edtom said...

I'm glad that in your busy schedule that you had the chance to take your kids to the zoo.
On Wednesday night in Wilkes-Barre, I had the joy of seeing an absolutely fantastic concert. You, Mairead, Chloe, Lynn, Alex, and the whole cast and crew were wonderful.

Kelli said...

I hope you get a chance for some downtime soon! Thank you so much for keeping up with us this means the world to us! Wishing you everything good...

zankoku said...
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zankoku said...

The zoo is a great place to take kids, if you ever get a chacne, go to the Phoenix Zoo when you are here.

It's a great Desert Zoo.

And put some Irish luck on that bell.


Jeanine said...

Hi, Lisa! You've been busy for sure! I'm glad you've been able to enjoy yourself in the process. I was able to catch all of you on the Today Show, it was beautiful! I bet your little ones loved the zoo! Take care!


mpdallen said...


I know this past week has been so busy for you, and you deserve some time off, but when events happen as in Wilkes-Barre, Radio City Music Hall, and the Today Show, you have made so many people happy in your incomparable way in touching so many hearts that leaves souls blessed in joy. You know it was worth it.

So glad you had time to take the children to the zoo, and it gave them, and you, some time to enjoy outside events, and see some new animals.

Will look for you on TV today, and I hope the Dow is up today for your closing bell ring.

I do hope to meet you in Birmingham on the 27th.

This is such a wonderful way to keep up with you, and you to let us know what is happening with you.

Thank you,


Winzo said...

Sounds like you have been keeping busy! Glad you had time to do things with the little ones amongst such a busy schedule!

Hope you have fun in New York, and have a great St Paddy's Day in New York, or wherever you end up!!



Starman said...


We, your fans, are so proud of your every success, so we have of course been exceedingly proud this week! How you can maintain your composure with that type of schedule though, is no less amazing than your musical performances! Not quite your schedule this time last year, though was it? Amazing what the space of just a year will bring! On to even greater successes!


Delaney said...
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BECCA said...

by the way! the concert in Wilkes-Barre was amazing! absolutly brillianT!!! When you waved to us you like made our lives! you seriously are our favorite! we like the other girls too,but you more!! lol =)i really hope you remeber us and our signs???!! haha keep and eye out the next time you come to Wilkes-Barre because we make them everytime! We made ones last year but you weren't at the show! Mairead and Lynn signed them! ha we will have them at every show and thats how you'll know its my sister and

take care

BECCA said...

this comment belongs above the one before! ha that would make some sense!! sorry!

Hi Lisa!! I just saw you on March 11th in PA!!! my sister and i were the two girls with the posters that said WE LOVE CELTIC WOMAN! =)remeber us?!! lol=)) we are so excited you waved to us and atleast saw us!!!

lots of luck,becca!!!=)

Coleen said...

Hi, Lisa.

Thank you so much for the update. It's great hearing from you!

It was so great to see you on the Today Show and the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. And to have you be a part of the closing of the NYSE is awesome. That had to have been such a neat experience.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Take care.

Coleen xx

Kerri C. said...

Hi Lisa, so glad to hear all is going well and that you had a chance to spend some time with your children at the zoo, I bet they loved it. Saw you and the girls on the Today Show and Mike & Juliet and as usual you looked stunning and sounded heavenly. I saw the ringing of the closing bell as well and I sure hope some of your Irish luck rubbed off on it.
Well, stay safe and enjoy every minute of your success and happiness, you seem like a really nice person, someone who is deserving of it.

God Bless you and your family and may he watch over you on your travels.

Kerri C

Kerri C. said...

Hi Lisa, so glad to hear all is going well and that you had a chance to spend some time with your children at the zoo, I bet they loved it. Saw you and the girls on the Today Show and Mike & Juliet and as usual you looked stunning and sounded heavenly. I saw the ringing of the closing bell as well and I sure hope some of your Irish luck rubbed off on it.
Well, stay safe and enjoy every minute of your success and happiness, you seem like a really nice person, someone who is deserving of it.

God Bless you and your family and may he watch over you on your travels.

Kerri C

Brad T said...

Hi Lisa: It was great seeing you and the others at the stock exchange yesterday. Looked like you were having lots of fun. I was wondering which of you would be lucky enough to strike the gavel. I think you were the right choice. From what I could see, you gave it a real smacking! You must be real handy around the house since you know how to use a hammer so well ;-)

Stay well and have continued fun on the tour. Say "Hi" to everyone.

Brad T

Ryan said...

I'm keeping it simple today Lisa,

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!!!

Glad to see you and the girls have such a great (not to mention productive) time in NYC. May you now be fortunate enough to enjoy some real honest-to-goodness Spring weather!


(I am curious, did you have to fight any of the others off to get 'Gavel Privileges' at the NYSE?) ;-)

Rotten Rebel said...

Dear Lisa.
This it the first time I have had the opportunity to write to you. My name is Glenn, I am one of Mairead's Forum Members.
I go by the alias of Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel.
I wanted to say, that seeing you and all the other performers at the Wilkes Barre show, was absolutely wonderful.
At one point, you looked right at me, in the second row. I blew a kiss. You winked, I blushed! LOL!
Thank you Dear Lady. The new music is just beautiful. I hope that this tour isn't too stressful for you all.
I saw the tour schedule and just gasped! It troubles me. I worry for the well being of you all.
I have tickets to see you all again at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles in late April.
I can't wait. You have my hopes and prayers that all of you will be safe, and well. And that your travels will be easy.
Blessings to you Dear Lady, and everyone else.
Sincerely and respectfully yours,
Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel

derekvtx said...

Thanks so much Lisa for keeping us posted through your blog. I am really looking forward to seeing the show in Dallas next month and hopefully seeing you at the meet and greet afterwards!!

Derek V.

Scott Manke, Mairead forum administrator said...

Hello Lisa!

What a schedule indeed! Thank you so much for the mention of the Mairead forum and the event in Wilkes-Barre. While it was billed as MaireadFest, all of you are loved as well. That penguin came from Wickie and it was a very kind action on her part to bring those stuffed critters for all of you. she's a sweet young lady.

Lisa, what a great joy to finally meet you after waiting two years to thank you for inspiring that first poem. I owe you so much for being such a lovely instrument in God's hands to inspire. Meeting you twice in NY and again last night in Baltimore is such a thrill. Yes, i was singing along with you just as I do at home in vocals practice. I don't do that very loud though as folks come to concerts to here you not some silly fan next to them!

Thanks so much for the lovely interactions from the stage and the nice chats. We'll see you tonight. God's blessings to you and your family.

Marissa White said...

Hi Lisa,

Glad to see your blog. I created my own blog just os I could post on yours! Silly me...

I was at a Celtic Woman concert in Minneapolis on Feb. 13, 2009. MY mom dragged me away from the last 2 songs at the very endm BOTH of which I wanted to hear, but she wanted to leave early to avoid the rush. The day before the concert on TPT I was watching a Celtic Woman concert followed by an ad for tickets to the concert the next day. The front row seats/meet-and-greet were $1,000! Of course, I didn't dare ask my mom. We're tight on cash right now.

I can't wait to see Celtic Woman come back to Minneapolis.

Take care,

~Marissa, age 12

Marissa White said...

Oh dear, I'm a horrible typer. I misspelled a couple things on the first post, sorry!


Guilherme said...
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Guilherme said...

hi lisa!

i'd like to know if Celtic Woman have plans for tourning in Brazil someday. I'm a great fan, not only of the group but the whole Irland: among the country and culture.

I love your songs! i've a lot of friends who like it too, i'm always "creating" celtic woman's fans! hahaha.. but.. i've never had the opportunity to see you all live... =/

hey! i'm very excited to watch Isle of ope DVD \o/ when do you plan to record it? are you singing The Water Is Wide? Garten's Mother Lullaby? Sally's Garden? The Voice Of Home (from Fir Na Keol's albun The Heart's Quest)? Riverdance? Lift The Wings? Home And The Heartland?

I noticed that you're singing pop songs... although you always do a great job (oh! your arrangementes are simply perfect! thanks to David Downes! ^^) i see that you're losing the conection with the ireland traditional songs in Isle Of Hope Tour (as what i've found to be some featured musics)...

I can't believe you could be reading my coment right now! it's awesome! \o/ hahaha

i've written to much =S is better i go now.. hehehe

thanks for your great job and for the greatest moments i have when i listen to your voices...

Camberlee said...

Hey there,
Wonderful to hear touring is going well. Thank you for your blogs. I always look forward to read about the latest and greatest news. I sure hope to see you all soon when you come to Arizona! Travel safe and enjoy the rest of touring.


Jeannie said...

This is my first blog entry so bear with me please. I am glad you are enjoying New York City and you were able to take the kids to the zoo. I just want to say that you,and the people that make up Celtic Woman give the people here in America hope. They can come to the shows and not have to worry about the economy, their jobs or any personal problems they may be dealing with. When they enter the doors to see the show they can enjoy themselves by listening to the most wonderful music sung by 4 women and not worry about anything else. I applaud you and we need to give credit were credit is due. Again Thank you. Look foward to your next blog. I also wanted to add I saw you in St. Paul MN. I really enjoyed the show and listening to you sing you have an amazing voice thank you for sharing it with the rest of the world. I hope you come back to St. Paul again if you do I and my husband who is also a big fan of yours will be there.


Taylor "Angus" Gibson said...


So glad you got some time to relax at the zoo. I can't wait for June 17th! I'll be seeing you there in Nashville, and I'm really excited! This time, I'm bringing along a very special *ahem* lady friend who is very dear to me. I've made her into quite the Celtic Woman fan! She's coming with me to the meet and greet, and she's become a huge fan of both you and Mairead! Hope to meet you again like in Knoxville!

Sara said...

WOW! I must say i am impressed with all of your patience and strength each of you gals exhibit throughout the tour! I hope you are able to get in ample relaxation between shows. I hear you all are heading to my hometown of Atlanta! Best of luck there and i hope Georgia gives you a warm welcome. I wish i could be there but school is keeping me in Tennessee :(
love and prayers

Pebblestream said...

Hi Lisa!
You guys are so busy. But at least you're having fun! One day I aspire to be like you guys, so angelic and carefree. My father and I can NOT wait till you some to San Diego, you don't know how majestic and magical your performances are, and hearing you all sing with those voices fit for angels is just unearthly. And last time you all came to the Cricket Ampitheatre, you eeren't there, but that's another reason why we must go now so that we can finally see you!!

Virginia M. :D

Bob said...

Hi Lisa:
Glad to hear your getting some fun in with such a busy schedule,looking foreward to seeing you again here in California in May.

Jeff DeVore said...

I was able to see the video from the Today show. Your new dresses are very beautiful. Your hair is so long now. Very nice look.

Mike said...

Hi Lisa,

I was at last Saturday's show in Boston, and I just wanted to let you know that you were absolutely fantastic. You sing with such passion. Very inspiring! Good luck with the rest of your tour!

P.S. - Good work on the gavel at the NYSE! :)


Katie said...

Hi Lisa,

I’ve got to admit, I feel kind of silly posting a comment on your blog, but I did want to tell you about something that I think is just amazing. I met you in December at the Barnes & Noble signing in Baton Rouge and left a letter for you and the girls that talked about how my grandmaw, who has advanced Alzheimer’s, is always put completely at ease when we watch my Celtic Woman DVDs. At that point, we had been watching the DVDs maybe twice a week for about a month. Well, we’re still doing that and I’ve noticed lately something even more miraculous: she can remember your songs! Not just the ones that she’s known all her life like The Prayer and Panis Angelicus, but she hums along to Green the Whole Year Round and Caledonia, she claps her hands to Mo Ghile Mear and throws them in the air at the big finish. Obviously, these aren’t songs you’d ever hear in America if you didn’t listen to Celtic Woman. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see her remember, to see her light up when we watch y’all. It is the only thing that consistently brings her to life, and I’m beyond grateful that Celtic Woman can do that for her.

My mom, younger sister and I will be at the concert on April 16th; we wanted to bring my grandmaw along, but we decided not to, as she doesn’t do well without my grandpaw around.

Anyway, just thought I'd share with you a little bit of the joy you bring to other people's lives. Hope everything is going well for you and you’re enjoying the tour. If you have time when you come to Baton Rouge, you should definitely visit LSU, it’s a beautiful campus and you can take your kids to see Mike the Tiger – he is huge!

Katie McArdle

Thomas said...

Hello Lisa,

After listening to your interview with John Ozerhoski from "The Voice" March newsletter which was VERY well done, thank you again to John and Rich for making it possible.

I then read Katie's comment to you, which touched me deeply.

I believe that your gift of song has healed many more people in a positive way, then you maybe aware.

It can be argued that you have helped to heal more people and had a far more positive impact on people's lives in general than any one doctor can ever hope.

You provide more support to people with your beautiful singing talents during their time of need.

Please keep on singing! I'm in full appreciation of your God given gift.

I wanted to share that with you.

Please be safe and travel well,

PS, Thank you Katie for sharing your story

Julianne said...
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Julianne said...

I'm so excited about your concert in Memphis April 8.

A trip to the Memphis Zoo would be a good outing for you and the children. We have a very good one. The kids would enjoy the pandas, the polar bears swimming in their pool which can be viewed through a glass wall underwater, and the many other excellent cats, apes, etc.

Memphis is a barbecue town, so you might want to try the world famous ribs at The Rendezvous downtown near the Peabody. The kids also would enjoy the trolley ride.

longtalltexan777 said...
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longtalltexan777 said...

I heard that you were unable to attend the trip to the stock market. It's a shame, because I know you would have enjoyed ringing that bell. Glad that you are having a wonderful U.S. tour. I hope you have met at least one really great American since you got here, because you are one in a million.


Jake and Susie said...

Hi Lisa,
Wow what a busy time you guys are having! I love New York, its so fun! Do you guys travel a lot? How is that with kids and a family? I just got married almost 3 years ago and cant wait to have kids of my own. Do you travel with the other girls? I have liked your music for like a year now and dont know to much bout you guys so im really glad i can follow this blog. Thanks for keep us, your fans, posted! Take care!

Julianne said...

For Jake and Susie,

There are extra sections on their DVDs that would answer some of your questions. The girls travel together. Lisa sometimes brings her children with a nanny. I think they are with her now.

I love watching the extra parts on the DVDs.

Jake and Susie said...

Ha ha thats awesome! If any of the girls are looking for a nanny Im a babysitter! Thanks for answering my questions, i do have a couple of videos and I have not really watched that yet, but will def check it out, thanks again!!

Justin said...

Hello Lisa!
I can relate because I have been so busy as well! At least you are having a wonderful time! I'm so glad to hear that the tour is amazing. I saw you all on the Today show; you were awesome! I really love that version of "Danny Boy." I will be seeing you in a few days...April 8 in Memphis, TN. I cannot wait! Take care!!


Julianne said...

Justin, we are going to have a magical performance on Wednesday. I can't wait either. I'll be the old gal in an Ireland hat that I bought on my trip in 2001.

J.E.B. said...




Justin said...

So, does anyone here know how to get Meet and Greet tickets??

kathi said...

Thanks for the update!
Why you can´t just come to some places in europe this year, too???
Would like to hear and see you live performing!!!

Love...and take care

raquel said...

What a busy work you all have! I just have to say that I love all you do, and I made all my neighbours addicted to Celtic Woman.
Love and fun xxxxxxxx

Julianne said...

Tonight is my concert. I can hardly contain my excitement. I'll try to get back and give everyone a report.

Maz Mama said...

You are too busy for me...!

I would wake up every day and be like, "Uh, so where am I now?!" Maybe in Poland. Or Iceland. Or Mexico. Or, God forbid, the freezing tundra of Antarctica. Who knows - you're Lisa Kelly!

I hope you and the kids are doing well.


Julianne said...

I just got in from the CW concert. It was just lovely and they sang six or seven new songs plus many of our favorites. The new girls were excellent although I missed Orla's harp. They sang two hours with a 20 minute break in between each of the hours. Mairead broke two bow strings playing so great.

I think the encores were planned in the program, but we stood and cheered loudly.

Julianne said...

I forgot to add that Meav was missed, too. David Downes also was not there, but the pianist was excellent. On rechecking the program, there were 11 or 12 new songs added to the repertoire. There were scenes from Ellis Island and a tribute to America and her part in their success. The two percussionists had a large part along with a guitar, bass, Irish bagpipe, pipes, and a chorus of five.

I'm sure you will enjoy the show if you have tickets for when it comes to your town. Lisa and Chloe were brilliant as usual.

Justin said...

I also attended the concert last night, and I have say it was absolutely AMAZING!!!! All of the new songs were great, and they really added something a little different to the show. I got to meet all the girls, except for Lynn, after the show. They are all so down-to-earth and amazingly sweet! It was truly an eventful night, and I will never forget it!...They always say, "the third time's a charm,"...and if definitly was!!!

Julianne said...

How did you get to the meet and greet? I would love to have gone.

Justin said...

Julianne, I did not have M&G tickets...but, I just happen to run up on Mariead on Beale St that afternoon before the show. Then, I her and the other girls after the show outside of the Orpheum. It was fantastic...I'll never forget that!!

Julianne said...

How wonderful. I thought about going to Starbucks early that morning to meet Lisa, but I didn't go. I was just guessing that they were staying at the Peabody and she would probably go to the one in Peabody Place. Maybe next year.

kat said...

Hi Lisa

I had a good time during the show
Bad weather and bugs or not
What about the generator he could handel celtic woman anymore
And for me was it good to be in ireland again