Monday, December 15, 2008

Hi All

Hey there
Just wanted to thank all of you who turned up to Barnes and Noble signing in Baton Rouge.  It was wonderful to see some familiar faces and of course some new faces.  Thank you so much for all the lovely words of encouragement and the very thoughtful gifts.  It was a wonderful way to finish our promo tour.  
Our tickets are on sale for most of the dates as and from today.  Check out for more information.  We are all working very hard on the new production and we're so excited about it.
Obviously at this stage, everyone has heard the news about Orla.  I'd just like to say that over the last 4 years, Orla has not only been a colleague but a very valued friend and I will miss her dearly but I support her decision and wish her the very best in all she does, because she deserves every happiness in the word.  She is indescribable and brought so much laughter to our dressing room and tour bus!!!!.  But it's time for her to tackle new things and I wish her every success personally and professionally.
Having said that, I am really looking forward to working with Alex.  I've always been a huge fan of Alex since I saw her play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz in Dublin and can't believe that it's taken this long for us to work together.  The next year should be a very exciting one, so stay tuned!!!!!
Lots of love


Emily said...

Hey Lisa,

I'm excited about the new production too. I can't wait to see everything you all have in store for us fans! I already know it's gonna be awesome.

I'll miss Orla too. She is a beautiful musician and a beautiful person! I'm also really excited to see you and Alex perform together. Actually, I've never seen you perform! My first CW concert was last year when you were gone with Ellie, so while I've seen Alex, I haven't seen you. I am very much looking forward to my very first Lisa performance, and I can't wait to see you and Alex on stage together. :)

Glad you and the other girls arrived home safe and sound.


Thomas said...
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zankoku said...

Nollaig Shona dhuit

Thomas said...

Hello Lisa,

Thank you for blogging,

I will miss Orlagh as well and wish her every future success.

Ellie should have fun with her first Christmas. When my daughters were her age they just sat there and looked at their presents. It was a very precious time to catch on video, that I remember fondly.

Alex will be a great addition to CW and I look forward to seeing you both perform together in Chicago.

May your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Take care,


Ryan said...

Lisa, I think it's safe to say that you're more than proficient in your blogging skills. All the better for us--it's so great to have you back online again!

I couldn't agree with you more about Orla. An extraordinary talent and a study in class and grace, she will surely be missed. That said, I was very impressed with Alex when I first saw her perform in April, and I'm certain she will continue to dazzle in the upcoming tour. This should prove to be one amazing season!

Once again, a very Happy Christmas to you and yours.


Leila said...

Hey Lisa!!

I am SOOOO excited for the New Tour! I'm right now only going to one show, but that might change as the year progresses!

I'll miss orlagh so much, but i wish her all the success the world can bring her!

I am so excited to see Alex again!
As am i so excited to see you! I only saw you live once..and i was very very very far away from the stage..still an amazing show however. but i'll be in the front row this time!

Happy Holidays,

Wickie xx

Anonymous said...

Hiya Lisa,

Wow - you're really getting good at this whole blog thing, aren't you? ;)

Of course, we were all stunned and saddened to learn that Orlagh was leaving the tour. But she gave us everything she had for four years. She's obviously made a decision she's comfortable with, and it would be very selfish of us to ask her to reconsider that decision. Orlagh will always have a very special place in our hearts, and we'll continue to love and support her. And Alex is a wonderful addition to the troupe; a gifted performer, and a lovely lady. We had the honor of meeting her in May, and she's warm, caring, and just a pleasure to be around.

The excitement is building over the new tour. Lindsey - our ace webmistress - even designed a countdown clock, which is now prominently displayed on our forum. The first thing a visitor sees is the time remaining until the tour starts, down to the second. And I'm delighted to say that - God willing - I will be accompanying Emily when she sees you perform live for the first time, in Orlando. I'll try my best to keep her under control. Hehehe....

Thanks for keeping in touch with your fans, Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Hi lisa

I don't now what the plannings are for europe next year. I hoping to see the new show in europe next year.
Orla is gonna be missing by many people even me so "Orla good luck for the now, in the future and with everything you do"

Mel said...

Lisa, looking forward to seeing you and Alex together. I really can't wait for the new production.

We all will miss Orlagh, but I am glad we had her with CW for the past 4yrs, and she will always be one of the Originals, and always a CW.

Thanks once again in keeping us updated. Must be getting pretty exciting around the house with Ellie's first Christmas.

Have a great Holiday!


Ryan said...

Sorry, I had to share this. If your boys like big Christmas trees, this one should be right up their alley:

(Click here to view)

Quick FYI--that tree is located in the lobby of the Hotel Adolphus in downtown Dallas. The two people in the photograph are my sister Amy and her fiancee Adam, who, I'm very pleased to say, are getting married this Sunday right next to that tree. :-)

Donnis said...

Happy Christmas Lisa!
Can't wait for the Phoenix concert.


Lester said...

The good times are coming,
They’ll be comin real soon.
And I’m not just pitching pennies at the moon.

The good times are coming,
When they come I’ll be there….

You know, it’s going to be great listening to Lisa as she blogs. I think she’s a natural. Of course we’ll have to be a little bit patient as she is understandably quite busy. But so nice when she gives us an update.

I'm not sure know how to blog. Or how to respond to a blog that is. I suppose one should try to stay on topic when responding. Or just maybe try to be a little interesting and say something.

Or just come on and say hi and tell Lisa how much you love her music. I like doing that; Lisa, I love your music!

I just don’t know what the rules are but I’ll give it a try.

Oh yeah, the lyrics above – they’re from Momma Cass. The theme song from the 1970 movie Monte Walsh starring Lee Marvin and Jack Palance. One of the best westerns ever made.

You may be asking what this has to do with Baton Rouge and the upcoming Celtic Woman tour and Orla in regards to Lisa’s blog post. A lot actually. We’ll get into it.

Momma Cass did sing a number of uplifting single tunes but in the context of this movie her words gave you a haunting feeling. Not unlike a few songs Orla sang. One reviewer had this to say about the movie and Mamma Cass:

“Relentlessly sad and painful but also sweet and funny and somehow hopeful. It's universal theme of change and ability to adapt to change can be applied to the stages of life in individual lives, in industry, in cultures and in countries.

The theme song "The Good Times Are Coming," sung by Mama Cass is the greatest example I've ever seen of how music can elevate and accentuate the theme and tone of a movie."

We’re going through a change without Orla. It’s not easy, a little painful I know but change is probably the only constant. Except for one thing…

I think there is some of Monte Walsh in each of these girls. In a remake of the movie in 2003 Tom Selleck said of Monte Walsh:

“Monte is a bit of an anachronism but is completely committed to staying who he is. He will always be Monte. I think that is the most noble trait of his character and the film. I love doing Westerns and the theme of Westerns. This particular theme of being true to yourself and to others is a good thing for our modern culture to see.”

Orla will always be Orla.

You can draw your own conclusions but that last statement above is one key trait these women display and why an event like we had in Baton Rouge was so much fun.

With all the success they have had they have not changed. They are warm, approachable, kind, friendly. They are like a friend to their fans. The thing is, these girls are true to themselves and to others. Their fans adore them simply for who they are. At least as much as for their world class music.

They are simply refreshing. And yeah, a very good thing for our culture to see.

As a resut, they truly have a dedicated and loyal fan base. The show of love and support for these girls from the fans at Baton Rouge was a pleasure to witness. I’m certain they had a good time too.

I met a number of fans there and even had the pleasure of speaking to a couple of fans who were not there: Our dear Kelli and then Wickie from the keystone state.

So yes, it was a thrill to meet them all, to say hi, to get the CD’s, DVD’s signed and their music book too. And finally, to meet one of them that I’ve been wanting to meet for over 3 ½ years. What can I say? it was a dream come true. She’s wonderful, as they all are. I felt so happy. Thanks Lisa.

After taking a picture with them I was admittedly a little slow walking away. It had nothing to do with two sleepless nights leading up to the event. I felt like Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away. The last scene, someplace in West Texas, I believe. Standing at four corners, a little confused as to which direction to go. Then a cowgirl drives up, gives him a sense of direction.

For me, that girl was Orla. She turned, opened her arms while giving you that look with her eyes you can’t forget, gave me a hug. She gave me a sense of direction and then I walked away.

I suspect somehow… she sensed I needed that. If she did she was right.

Funny thing, the last words spoken in that movie – the cowgirl gets back in her pickup, looks at Tom Hanks and says, “Well, good luck cowboy.” Then she drove home.

I feel lucky the day ended that way for me. I’m really going to miss Orla. Her voice, her smile, her heart of gold. Thanks for all you have given us. Hopefully we can see her perform again someday. I know we’ll continually support her and follow her in her music career.


“The good times are coming
They’ll be coming real soon”

Yeah, just check Rich’s countdown clock on the forum. They’ll be coming real soon. And I saw Alex sing last tour. She and the rest of them are going to blow us away again with their performance. I just know it.

So, if you don’t have your tickets yet for the 2009 tour get them soon. Get with other fans and make it an event you won’t forget. Better yet, make it an event the girls won’t forget. Show them support any way you can, a standing ovation, or whatever makes sense to you. They deserve our support. And why wait till then? Send them a Christmas greeting if you haven’t already. You have to let them know they have the greatest fans.

Well Lisa, good luck girl. We look forward to seeing you perform soon. You bet I’ve got my ticket.


ScottyMcJ said...

Hi Lisa. I'm a new fan. I just saw my first Celtic Woman special on PBS, and when you sang "The Voice" I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I ever heard.
Thank you very much, and merry Christmas to you and your family.

Dr Garret said...

Hi Lisa!

I just bought my tickets this week for Celtic Woman in Memphis TN!! I just love your group and you too ;) I hope you have a great Christmas in Ireland with your family!!!


leen said...

Lisa, Can't wait to see you again, here in Austin, TX. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year's. Rest before starting back up, if you can. Christmas is about love and family....hug that baby for me. Mine is 9 now. It makes me remember when.

GMCullan said...

Hi Lisa, my wife and I discovered the music of Celtic Woman about a year ago. Being of Celtic heritage, I find your music to be quite moving. We were lucky enough to get tickets to your Mohegan Sun show and can't wait to experience the magic of Celtic Woman.

J.E.B. said...




Rich said...

Hi Lisa,

Nice job on the blog--what a treat this is for all of us die hard fans of yours. I think I speak for the rest of us here when I say that you've brought joy to all of our hearts with your remarkable voice and expressive stage talents. What a gift you have.

I was so sorry to miss you on the last tour. I caught the show at the Greek Theater in LA last spring. What an experience! But I was so disappointed that you couldn’t be there. I've since moved to the Denver area and I can't wait to see you at Red Rocks! And a summer evening show, no less. What a remarkable place to perform that must be! I know it will be simply breathtaking watching you perform under the Rocky Mountain stars. July will be long in coming this year for sure!

Take care and know that you are loved by so many. You are simply incomparable.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Lisa!! I just bought tickets for the May performance in Seattle, Wa. This will be my 2nd CW show(you were on maternity leave at the time). I'm thrilled to see you perform in person, and get to hear all the new songs that you and the other wonderful ladies have been working on. My daughters and I love to sing along to all the CW songs, especially the ones from you and Chloe!! My family and I would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a blessed New Year!

Heather & Family

TeresaSings said...

Hi Lisa,
I am so glad that you are able to find time to communicate with us fans again. I really don't know what to say that others haven't already. I know I am very excited to see you and the other girls in the Isle of Hope tour in the spring. Money is tight now but with 2 shows in Michigan, hopefully I can make it to at least 1 of them.

Orla's announcement is saddening, but all we can do is support what is in her heart and send her our best wishes. I am glad about her commitment to Celtic Woman but everyone needs a break.

I look forword to seeing you all in the spring. I missed you as you were taking a break with Ellie. Maybe I'll get tickets for Christmas or my birthday again. I look forward to seeing you live for the first time.

Merry Christmas to you Lisa and your family. Make Ellie's first Christmas memorable. And always, have a happy New Year.

Best Wishes,
Teresa Bundy

Marie said...

Hi Lisa,

My husband and I live in Perth, Western Australia and we are absolutely hooked on Celtic Woman. We especially love your voice and the beautiful songs that you sing.

Is the group considering a tour to Australia. We hope so.

Please pass on our thanks to the other girls for the joy that you give so many.


Anonymous said...

Hey lisa I hope you have a wonderful Christmas

Anonymous said...

Hey lisa just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonder ful year and cant wait for the Isle of Hope tour


tam said...

Hello Lisa,

Great to see the CW's and your excellent performance in Beijing! However, I think next time there should be more promotion, especially towards the Chinese fans living in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan (like me), for we seldom watch the mainland's channel and this time the Celtic Woman Chinese Fan site even hasn't got the news until the show come to an end.

By the way, have your team receive the Christmas Card and letter sent by the Celtic Woman Chinese Fan site (

海鹰 said...

OMG! I can see Lisa here! I m your fans from Chinese, welllll, it s really fantastic. Say hello to you and all of you Celtic Woman. you have fans in China^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm looking forward to your blog posts. I've been a fan for years now since I first saw you on my local public television special.

I'm not sure what I think is more beautiful, your voice or yourself. I do know I get in a lot less trouble with my wife listening to your voice then staring at your beauty :)

Good luck on the tour, hopefully I'll get a chance to see it in person this time!

Hoping you and yours are happy and healthy


kayla said...

hey Lisa. I have to say i'm going to miss Orla very much. i'm trying so hard to get the money to buy tickets for april when you come to St. Louis. I introduced my best friend to the albums and she wants to see you in concert. I wish you and your family the best. Merry Christmas.

derekvtx said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm so glad you started a blog so your fans can keep up with you. I went to two CW shows in 2006 but missed you in Texas last year. I just got tickets to your Dallas show in April and I'm very much looking forward to it. I also got meet & greet tickets and I'm crossing my fingers that you'll be there!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!


David said...

Hi Lisa,
Like everyone else, I can't wait for the new production. I'm sorry My wife and I missed you in Denver. I was willing to sit through the snowstorm! Orla will be missed. Thanks for creating this site.
My blessings to you and your family on this Christmas Holiday.

tomoko said...

Hello, Lisa!

I am a girl living in Japan.
I am very glad to be good at blog of Lisa!

When I was able to meet in a concert of December of the last year, I was really glad.

Though I am weak in English, I comment again.
Lisa loves it very.
In addition, please come to Japan.

May your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


tam said...

Dia duit,

Sorry to disturb you again, but some Chinese fans from the CWCF ( want me to ask whether you've received our Christmas card yet. So please let us know if you've read it.

Also, we really hope that next time the show in China will be held in Hong Kong and Macao with a longer time and a better promotion, for there will be more fans can see your performance. (Yes, actually most of the Chinese fans doesn't agree that this show has already answer our request).

Nollaig Shona


George said...

Hi Lisa

I just recently saw Celtic Woman on TV, and then bought the Greatest Journey DVD. Although all the singers have great voices, when you sang The Voice I was on the edge of my seat and couldn't look away from the TV. Awesome performance. And I'm somebody that usually just listens to rock music. Good luck going forward, and take care of yourself.


Jeanine said...


It's wonderful to be hearing from you once again! Órlagh is greatly missed by us as well, yet she has our full support also. I am also quite excited about the new show. I look forward to seeing you in Chicago. Merry Christmas to you and your family! God Bless each of you, and you all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.


toru said...

Hello Lisa,

I am surprised about Orla. I hope that her success and she return to Celtic Woman.

Please come to Japan again!! And, Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

Toru Yamauchi

Derrick said...

Hi Lisa,
Just like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Good luck and take care on your up coming tour. I too will miss Orla.

tam said...

Dia dhuit Laoise,



Merry Christmas and

May God bless you!

Stephen said...

Hey Lisa,
I am not as up to speed on all of you as some of your other fans, but I absolutely love to listen to you. My wife fell in love with you all when we first saw you on LPB a couple of years ago. Anyway I could not afford tickets at the time and being in the ARMY I am often away. I cannot believe you were here in Baton Rouge at Barnes and Noble....and I missed it! I am so out of local events. I managed to get my wife 2 floor tickets to the concert in 2009!! I am also trying to figure out a way to get her a chance to meet you all. She adores you all. She was very talented as a singer when she was young. The Dean of Music for LSU brought her to sing with the choir when she was a freshman in high school. Unfortunately she got married and had kids before she could really tap into that tallent. She is a Lyric Soprano and has a real appreciation for what you all do, and make it look so easy!! Now she is happy playing with our grandbabies and singing in our church choir. Anyway I hope to see you when you return to Baton Rouge. Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!! May God rain blessings down on you and yours for the year to come. Lots of love.


Black Morgan said...

Hello Lisa, I'm your Italian fan.
Congratulations on your career, you have a fantastic voice. can we see you in concert in Italy?
Buon Natale!

Judith said...

I am so glad you are blogging. What a feat with three wee ones, and a tour to boot.

I am looking forward to you coming into AUSTIN TEXAS, in April.

I will truly miss Orla, she is so classically Irish with that red hair and almond shaped eyes.
I wish her much success.

There must be an original Celtic Woman reunion tour down the road like many rock bands do, and you can bring the whole gang back together.


Judith said...

I am so looking forward to April, and your concert in Austin Texas.
Hope the tickets aren't sold out yet.

Orla will be missed, that red hair and almond shaped eyes, makes her look so classically Irish. She is so talented, as you all are, but her addition of the harp was trully an awesome gift to bring to the table in your ensemble.
Not to take anything away from what the rest of you bring. It will just be missed.

I am really looking forward to seeing all with your new additions, and I just can't wait!!

Thank you for blogging!

frozentexan1967 said...

Lisa I have listen to Celtic woman the past two years and have really enjoyed listening to the music.I just read that Orla is leaveing she will be surelly missed by all of the CW fans out there in the world and through out the Nations. God bless Orla and good luck with your furture.

Mallu Fernandes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mallu Fernandes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emanuelle Fernandes Damasceno said...

Hi dear Lisa...
I hope you understand my English. I do not speak English very well. My name is Emanuelle (nickname "Mallu"), I live in Brazil... I'm very happy to know that you have a blog.

I love to listen to her sing, you are simply wonderful! I lesson lyrical singing and I always sing their songs in concerts in my city. In Brazil few people know you and Celtic Woman. But I'm lucky because I found myself how beautiful is the work of you.

Is it possible a visit of Celtic Woman in Brazil? It would be a great pleasure to see them alive.

I hope the new year is full of joy, work and above all, blessings!
Success always! God bless...

In Portuguese ... "EU TE AMO" (I love you)
Kisses ang hugs :*

Emanuelle Fernandes Damasceno

Emily said...

Hey Lisa -- Rich just sent out the Lisa Kelly Fan Club Newsletter today and I was so excited to see your little note to all of us at the beginning! That was very sweet of you to do that, everyone really loved it!!! Thank you for doing that for us, Lisa. You are the absolute coolest, without a doubt!!


Mel said...

Lisa, Thanks for the lovely note in the first edition of The Voice. It really gives the Lisa Kelly Fan Club newsletter a special touch. Thanks again for letting Rich do this for you and us.


Pebblestream said...

Hi Lisa!

Thanks for putting up a blog!

I'm going to miss Orla so much. It's so sad Meav had to leave, I was really upset. But both of them I know will go far. They will be missed from Celtic Woman but I respect their decision. To be on tour must be hard, because you have to be so far away from your family for so long. I wish them luck on whatever journey they choose to go on next :)

The first Celic Woman performance I went to was so amazing my heart skipped a few beats. It was magical. I couldn't believe my eyes, the Celtic Woman were RIGHT THERE! My dad is the one who took me, and both of us simply LOVED it, but we were very sad that you weren't there. I saw Alex and Lynn who were amazing, but since you were on maturnity break, we couldn't see you. But that's ok. I'll make sure that the next time you come around San Diego we are GOING!

I hope you and the rest of the CW are having a great tour. (You guys sound like angels. I love listening to your music so much!)


Jeanine said...

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for the special touch of your thank you note to all of us in the Fan Club Newsletter: "The Voice". That was really sweet of you to do that. We all appreciated it. You are such a treasure. Slán go foíll! God Bless you, and Happy New Year!!

Le Grá,

Thomas said...

Hello Lisa,

Thank you for your personal contribution to "The Voice". It made for a very nice belated Christmas gift.

May the Porter/Kelly family have a Happy New Year!

Thanks again,


Donnis said...

The personal thank you note in "The Voice" fan club letter was very nice. It was also very thoughtful of you to take the time and answer questions. We all realize you have a very busy schedule. Thanks again and I am looking forward to the new tour.


Coleen said...

Hi, Lisa.

Thank you so much for lovely thank you comments in your newsletter. It means the world to us fans.

I can't wait until the new tour starts. It sounds like it's going to be fabulous!

Hope you and your family have a Happy New Year.


zankoku said...


It was great to seen you Message and your answers on the Newsletter.

It means as much as meeting you in person.

I know your kids travel with you, are you going to get your own bus with your growing clan?

If you need babysitters along the way, I know there are a lot of potential applicants who would volunteer to help you out.

Wishing you a Happy new Year and a sucessful tour in 2009.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Lisa! What happiness to find you here!
You're a great inspiration for me. I'm listening you and the girls all time! Your voice is perfect!
Thank you for to dedicate your beauty and voice for us.
Kisses from Brazil.

Ken said...

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to say that you keep me awake and inspired as I drive all over the USA as a truck driver. Not a day goes by that I don't tell the wife that I'm listening to "The Girls". Your songs and voices are the perfect remedy for road rage. No one could get angry while your music is playing.

I was telling my wife about Orla and we both agreed that she hade one of the most mezmerizing voices we had ever heard. She is definately someone who will be missed.

We hope to see all of you girls in Ft. Meyers, FL on May 27th (Our Anniversary) or on the 28th. We are just waiting now for the tickets to go on sale.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and and a very safe and Happy New Year.

Your Friend From The Begining
Ken and Rita

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa!
I'm from Brazil and I just wanna say that I love you and I wanna say that you, from Celtic Woman, have more than 3.000 fans in here (including me lol) I wanted to see you so much in Brazil and I was asking people if they know how to make you come here! You need to be known (yes, much more than you are lol) and someone said you could participate from Tim Festival! And then we'd see how people would react ;)

We love you so much!

austriakate said...

My husband and I are attending the Milwaulkee concert Feb 14. Can't wait! :)
Take care till then,

BJ said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for blogging it's nice to have you back on-line again. Also, I wanted to thank you for answering our question in the first issue of "The Voice".

I will miss Orlagh but I'm so excited that you are back on tour in the US. To me Celtic woman is not Celtic Woman without you! I'm sure touring with 3 kids will be difficult but I'm glad that you are able to travel with Scott and the kids as well as Helen. I'm glad she is back also!!!! Thank you for sharing the wonderful gift that Gad has given you with us.


Lucija Varšić said...

Hello Lisa,
Well(lol:P),You are my beeeeest singer in the world!!
I can't stop listening to Your songs. You sing with so much spirit and happiness... You sound like an angel.:)

Adriano said...

Hello Lisa!

I'm Brazilian and I LOVE CELTIC WOMAN!


Winzo said...

Hey Lisa!

Cén chaoi 'bhfuil tú?

Thanks for the blog, it is good to hear about what things are like for you on your exploits! I also want to thank you for sharing so beautifully the music of the homeland with the world!

Looking forward to the new material from Celtic Woman, and also looking forward to hearing some more solo music from you as well!

Be safe and well, and I look forward to hopefully seeing you and the girls in Aus at some stage

Go mbeannaí Dia duit


Ken said...

Hello again Lisa. Hope all is well with you and the rest of the girls. I have some great news. My wife and I were able to get great seats for you show in Ft. Meyers, FL on May 27th witch is going to be our 21st wedding anniversary. We couldn't think of a better way to spend the evening.

I was wondering if you ever meet with your Fan Club Members at the shows. I am now a charter member of your new fan club, and it would be wonderful to meet you in person at the show. It would be the greatest anniversary present we could ask for.

Thanks for filling our lives with beautiful music and we'll see you in May.

Your Friends
Ken and Rita