Saturday, December 6, 2008

My first BLOG

Hi All
Hope you are well and that you are liking the new site.  It's still in the beginning phase so please bear with us!!!.  
Well what a few weeks we have had!.  We visited China, which I have to say was an amazing experience.  The Chinese people were wonderful.  We performed at the Laureus Sports Awards and what a wonderful opportunity it was.  We were only there for 5 days but we got to take in some of the sites like The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Olympic Stadium.  It was a flying visit but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!.
Then we headed to New York - it was sooooooo good to be back in America.  I love the hustle and bustle of New York and always feel at home.  We were only off the plane and it was straight to CPTV - Connecticut PBS station for the first of many PBS interviews of the week.  I was based in NY for the next few days and did various interviews there.  And of course got a little bit of shopping in!.  However, the weather was terrible.  Cold and wet - sounds just like home!
Then it was on to LA.  Lovely, lovely LA.  Weather was fantastic here. We had a PBS interview in San Bernadino and then the following day was our Bonnie Hunt performances at the famous Culver Studios.  This was great fun from start to finish.  We got to meet Bonnie and Benji and Joel Madden were also being interviewed but much to Chloe's disappointment we didn't get to meet them!  However, Bonnie was really really nice. Once the Bonnie Hunt show was finished filming I was free and ended up with a day off in LA.  Perfect, for the last minute Christmas shopping!.  I'll need more than 2 suitcases going home.
So here I am in Dallas at the moment, getting ready for a PBS interview here and looking forward to Baton Rouge signing tomorrow.  It's so good to be back in the states!.  Having said that I am looking forward to getting home.  It doesn't feel like Christmas for me when the weather is HOT!.  It's -2C at home at the moment and I'm so excited about lighting the fire and seeing the tree that my boys at home put up for myself and Ellie!.
I'd like to just thank you all for your support and good wishes.  I hope to become a very good BLOGGER!  But with 3 kids it can be hard to find the time, but I'll do my best.
Wishing you all a "Happy Holiday"!
Love and best wishes


zankoku said...

Hi Lisa,
Glad you had a great trip , the Orient is fantastic. Maybe some day you will have more than a few days to explore.

I can relate to the Dallas weather as I live in Phoenix. I even met you and Orla in tempe in 2007.

Hope you have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas. Ellie's first. Hope the boys didn'tgo overboard on the tree. 20 foot is just about right. LOL.

Safe trip home hurry back.

The picture gallery is gorgeous. Can't wait for your new album.


Emily said...

Yay! Your first blog! How much fun is this!? Thank you, Lisa!!!

I laughed at your comment about hot weather during Christmas. I'm from Miami..we always have a hot Christmas! My Mom complains about it every single year. It really doesn't seem right to be wearing tank tops and shorts on Christmas Day, but whatever!

That makes me so happy to know you like being in the States! Hope y'all didn't go too crazy on shopping. Gotta save some of that shopping madness for the Spring. ;) That stinks that Chloe didn't get to meet Joel and Benji...I bet she really wanted to, rocker chick that she is hehehehe.

Enjoy your Christmas (and Ellie's first! whoohoo!)!! Can't wait to read more blogs from you! ;)

-- Emily

Brad T said...

Hi Lisa:
Thanks so much for the updates on all the adventures you and the others have had over the past few weeks. How do you keep track of where you are?

Ellie's first Christmas! I'll bet she - and you! - can hardly wait. Have a restful and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hi also to Scott and the boys. what a wonderful time for all of you!

Love your new website. See you all on Tour!


Thomas said...

Hello Lisa,

It is great to hear from you again,

I'm looking forward to reading you blog as the new tour approaches and seeing you perform again this February.

Please be safe and travel well back home and enjoy a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Mel said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to give us an update on things. Glad you all had a great time in China. I had hoped you would get a chance to see some of the sites.

As for being back in the States, it is winter ya know :D.

Hope all of you Girls have a safe trip back home, and have a wonderful Holiday with your family. This one will be special with Ellie's first Christmas.

Take care,


OldFatGuy said...

Well, hello there young lady. Good to see you out and about.

Warmest holiday wishes to you and your family, and we'll see you in February in cold Chicago!

Leila said...

Hi Lisa!!

Im glad your trip is going well!
Thank you for posting! Haha i know about the hot christmas, oy vey!
however, we have snow on the ground up here in PA!

That's no fun that Chloe didn't get to Meet Benji and Joel!!

I hope you and your entire family have a Very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year.

Have a Safe Trip Home!!

Lots of Love,

Leila "Wickie" xxx

celticatheart said...

Hi Lisa,
I"m so glad you're enjoying your time back in the states and that you started a blog!! My Mom and I can't wait to see you all again in the spring. Have safe travels home and a very Merry Christmas!


Martin said...

Hi Lisa,

so nice to gain insight into your daily routine. It's so sad I can't see any of your interviews here in germany (at least till they've been posted on youtube). I'm quite envious about all the american fans. :P

Greetings from good old europe


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!

It's very nice of you to leave this blog post for your fans!

I just want to say that your solo album was excellent and I hope that you record another solo album in the future! I love your work with Celtic Women, but I enjoyed your album very very much! Take care!

Kevin G.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you so much for the updates, its fun to read about your latest and greatest adventures.

I'm new to blogging as well, this is cool. I can't wait to see you and the girls when you all come to Arizona next year. I really look forward to it every year.

Have a wonderful time shopping, and a safe trip home. Enjoy your family, and Ellie's 1st Christmas. Happy Holidays.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

Sound someone have some fun.
Not for me this moment.
Thank you for bringing music in my life and heart( special these day's).
Looks like you got great kids.
Can't wait for the next cw album, i enjoyd each of them.
Any way happy holiday's for you and your famely and the others of cw.( not for me this year my father's dead resently).
Warm wishes on a cold wintersday

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

Have a wonderful Christmas. Hope Santa gets you what you want!!!!

sPoRtSaReMyLiFe said...

Thanks for the update!!! I'm so excited that you're back with the group again. I hope the family is wonderful and happy and healthy!!! Merry christmas....almost :)

shy wolf said...

Hi Lisa,
We are happy you are back and lovely as ever. The family is doing good. Yes Los Angeles winter is well warm usually. And I miss Dublin and Ireland alot. Well I am glad I saw you last year May 5, 2007 at the Greek Theater sitting front row:) And to go to Dublin for the ACC tapings and front row on the second night. I looking forward to seeing you and all at the Greek on April 25. Oh did you like the plaque I sent you?

Your friend, cairde


dEnIsE said...

Hello Lisa.

First of all, forgive me if my english is not good enough...
I'm really happy you are back! I do love your voice, and I'm looking forward to the new Celtic Woman DVD and new concert.
All the girls have wonderful voices, but I cannot deny that you are my favorite one.
I hope one day I can see a Celtic Woman Concert here in Brazil...
Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to tell us about your travel experiences on your Blog!

All the Best for you and your family!
Merry Christmas and happy new year!

God Bless you!


Ryan said...

Hi Lisa,

My compliments on a superb new website and an equally impressive first blog! I know it's been quite a while since we've had the chance to hear from you in person but as always, it was worth the wait.

Very glad to see that you had the opportunity to do at least some exploring while you were in China. If there's one part of your job I think I've always envied, it's the ability to travel and see the world the way you do. About how many countries does that make for you now?

A special thank you for being your usual gracious and charming self at the signing in Baton Rouge. (And that goes for all 5 of you.) It's easy to tell that you're really looking forward to your upcoming tour, and I'm sure it will be one heck of a show!

Let me close this by simply wishing you, Scott, Cian, Jack & Ellie the merriest of Christmases!

Take Care and God Bless,


Lester said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks so much for coming to Baton Rouge. It was like a dream come true to meet you and say hi. You were so gracious and thank you for the signings which will be treasured always.

I guess I must have been dreaming after the picture was taken because I left without saying thank you and saying goodbye. I hope you can forgive me.

Well, at least I wasn’t the one walking away and forgetting to hand you your roses.

OMG, it’s true then. There is such a thing as the “Lisa effect”… Yeah, it’s such a nice feeling and it will always stay with us.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful spirit with us Lisa. It helps to make this a beautiful life, especially this holiday season. You’re the greatest!

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Love ya,

Donnis said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for taking time out to leave a message for us to read. I am so glad that you will be coming to Phoenix this tour.


mwh1973 said...

Lisa, we LOVE you! We look forward to seeing you March 11th. The show was great last year but without you made me sigh. I hope you will be singing "The Voice" is my favorite song of all time...Have a Merry christmas!

Craig said...

Dia is Muire dhuit Lisa,
Thanks for you postings.

I like the photos posted from the memebers at the Baton Rouge signing on December 7. Glad you an the ladies got out our gifts. And was warm for the Bonnie Hunt show. I hope to see you all again at the Greek Theater , April 25 2009. We all will miss Orlagh on the 2009 tour but Alex will sing beautifully too as always.

Right now here in Southern California, is raining and snowing. Temp 30's to 50's bumping to the 60's during the day. I think of my first short visit to Dublin for the Christmas tapings. And to make back to Ireland for more visits...

Your Friend,
Craig (shy wolf):)

Clara said...

Lisa!!!! How amazing can find your blog!!!

I must to confess that I am a huge brazilian fan of the Celtic Woman and I love your voice!!! The songs that you sing are my favorite to sing!!!

I was so glad when I received a newsletter from the group and you sent grettings to your brazilian fans!!!! Thank you so much for your attention with us!!!!

May God Bless You!!!


Ps: Did you participate of the "Chess"???? Wow!!! Maybe you knew my beloved and most favourite singer - Josh Groban!!!! You both are my favorite artists!!! Thank you for the inspiration that you are for me!!!!!

Starman said...


Thank you for instituting this as a means of keeping your fans updated! We experienced quite a drought of news from/about you for several months and are so glad to have you back (with a new blessed little one no less!) We look very much forward to following your blog which we hope will be a convenient means for you to keep us posted on all things you would like us to know.

We wish you and your family the happiest of Christmases and New Year. We look so much forward to seeing you and all of Celtic Woman here in the US next year!

debra said...

hi lisa thank you for your music
that music has brought me through battling breast cancer and all 3 broke bones in one ankle 2 days before a double mast. on 8-01-08
i missed the celtic thunder due to not being able to drive but i will see you girls in april in grand pr. near dallas i will be the only female that is boobless in the dvd at slane castle when the three did the finding new loves at a dance i fell in love with the dress they looked comffy and i would love to know where i could get some
and please give cloe a hug for me i got her dvd on netflix in reordered it after i went to get a cd at barns and nobles and the case was broke so i have to fined all yalls cd and dvds
may god bless you all debra rejcek

antony said...

u r so sweety and Beautiful ,and ur voice i'll not talk about it u don't need one like me 2 talk about ur voice , i'm from italy work on navy,if u come here i'll kidnapping all my unite 2 hear u , by the way my voice sooooo Beautiful u can take me with u on party but i think best party to be my first is Deaf party
that is my mail if u want to visit italy
we love u here on italy
just takecare of urself

Darryl Douglass said...

Good morning Lisa... and I'm truly hoping you have a wonderful and memorable time in the states. Oh, and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

My daughter and I are great fans of Celtic Woman and in awe of all your talents. My daughter Haley is 12 and has a lovely voice, however she lacks the confidence or should I say "Awareness" that her voice is as great as it is. I can't get her to take advantage of the great gift God has given her, because of her lack of confidence. If you knew her, you would know that confidence is NOT a problem with her in ANYTHING else she does. She plays the piano, violin and clarinet, and now she is pushing me to let her play my guitar... however I believe her greatest talent lies within her voice.

Can I ask you... what can you recommend to me and to her, as a way for her to overcome of her lack of confidence in her voice. I've suggested that she allow me to record her and then play back for her to hear herself, however she won't allow me. :-(

We are also looking forward to seeing you and the entire production of Celtic Woman, when you are in Atlanta in March. Thank you so much for your time Lisa and have a great and blessed day.

Darryl Douglass

Artist1 said...

Hi Lisa,
It was nice to finally meet you and get to present the portrait I did of you a year ago, it was a great experience to get to pose with all the girls and give a gift to someone who has given us so much of herself.
I hope Scott liked the portrait and you have a nice place for it in your home, if he doesn't like it I can do another, hope your Christmas is merry and bright, your artist, Stan.

Jeff & Ali said...

Hi Lisa,
I hope you have a great Christmas and Happy New Year. I'm sure you will enjoy the time off from touring so you can spend some quality time with your family.
Looking forward to hearing how your Christmas was.
Take care,

mpdallen said...

This day God sent His Son into the world, and Jesus was born in a manger. We celebrate Christmas for all He has done for us. I wish for everyone in your family the Peace, Joy and Happiness that He provides to you; and in the coming New Year God will keep You, Scott, Jack, Cian, Ellie and all of you safe and healthy.

Lisa, you are blessed by God with so much beauty and talent, and I pray daily for you and your family. You bless so many people in all that you do, and I believe God is well pleased with you; and you are doing God’s work with all you talent.

Bless you and all of your family.

Lisa, Send Me a Song

Jim Allen

debra said...

hi Lisa just a note to wish you all a grang new year

Brad T said...

Hi Lisa:
I just received the newsletter for your Fan Club! It's wonderful! You were very gracious to answer so many questions from your fans and to send along a message! As a fan of CW and you, I am looking forward to the new Tour. All my best to you and your family as you celebrate the New Year!

Thanks again for letting Rich oversee your Fan Club! Oh, and your coffee mug is getting it's fill of fresh coffee every day!

See you soon,

Scott Segal/Hank Hokamp said...

Good Morning, Lisa:

Too bad my wife passed away in 2006. She wasn't able to see Celtic Woman on our PBS stations that service Quincy and Springfield, Illinois. Anyway, you might want to check me out. I'd like for you to join my two blogs:

(These are my first blogs)

Take care ... and I'll be watching Celtic Woman on TV.


Rick said...

Hi Lisa,
I saw you at the Ohio Theatre and it was cold that day. We have crazy weather. The day before it was in the 50's. I want to say that the Celtic Woman was the best show I have ever seen. I love your DVD but seeing you live is a whole new experince. I will be coming to cleveland in June to see you again. I got David, Lynn and Alex's autographs that night. Hope I can get more in Cleveland. Can't wait to buy The Isle Of Hope DVD. Thank you for such lovely music