Saturday, January 17, 2009


Happy New Year to you all.  Hope you had a fantastic Christmas.  I have just returned from Australia.  We left Ireland on 26th December and spent two weeks in Perth, WA.  We had a fantastic time.  The weather was amazing and the kids got to see the other half of their family.  It went by so quickly though but it was worth the 22 hour flight!!!
Back in cold and rainy Ireland with a bang though!!!.  Straight in to learning new material for the show and rehearsals start next week - no rest for the wicked, they say!
I'd like to thank Rich for the wonderful work he has done on "The Voice".  It looked fantastic.  I don't know where he gets his energy from. Thanks Rich
Thanks for all your lovely posts
Hope 2009 brings everything you wish for


OldFatGuy said...

Happy New Year, Lisa and family! Glad you guys had such a great time in Australia. It must have been nice to get back to beautiful, cold, wet Ireland, though. And very soon, you'll be basking in the warm sunshine of........... Minnesota? ;)

"The Voice" is a labor of love, believe me. And your contributions made it a huge success. Thank you for everything!


edtom said...

Happy New Year! I am glad to see that Scott's family gets to see you and the kids. I bet Ellie and the boys weren't spoiled at all while they were there.
I'm looking forward to seeing you in Wilkes-Barre on March 11.


Mel said...

Happy New Year Lisa!! Sorry you had to come back home to the cold, after being DOWNUNDER in Warm Summer weather :D. But least you will be acculmated to the cold when you head back to the U.S. Right now we are in sub-zero weather. Not liking it myself.

Glad the Porter half of the clan got to see the new edition, and Ellie is really getting started on her Fly Miles ;).

Don't Work too hard, and looking forward to next month and Chicago, and CW return to Columbus.


Thomas said...

Happy New Year Lisa,

Thank you for both your permission and participation with "The Voice".

Rich does a great job with his creative talents.

Rich and Mel are correct, the low temperatures in MN are about -30C.

Enjoy the remainder of your time in Ireland and I'm looking forward to seeing you perform again in Chicago.

Please be safe and travel well,


OldFatGuy said...

We promise to have warm, sunny weather for you when you get to Jacksonville!

Brad T said...

Hi Lisa! So glad to hear that you all had a chance to visit Scott's family during the Christmas season. I've watched the weather in Ireland over the past few weeks; a bit chilly and rainy. As I write this, it's a balmy -15C here in upstate New York. They're saying we might get to freezing next week!

Everyone is so excited about the new Tour! We can hardly wait to see all of you again, hear all the new songs, and see all the new outfits!

Thanks for helping Rich make "The Voice" such a beautiful newsletter. I know what he means when he says it's a labor of love - but your "presence" makes it so wonderful.

See you in about 1 month in Chicago!


Kelli said...

I know why you married you could spend the Irish winter someplace warm! ;o) Seriously, thanks for your blogs and I'm glad you and your family had such a wonderful time in Australia. We'll try to have Minnesota a little warmer for you in February, but no promises! Bring your snow boots just in case...

Thank you for your contributions to The Voice. Aw heck, thank you for everything!


katia said...

Happy new year.
At least you and your famely of course had good holiday's,not really for me.
Have fun and good luck with the new tour.

mpdallen said...

I am so happy you, Scott, Jack, Cian, and Ellie got to spend two weeks in Australia with Scott’s family. A long flight with three children, but it was worth 22 hours just so the Porter grandparents could spend time with the grandchildren, and meet Ellie for the first time there. Of course they were delighted to see you and Scott, and get to spend quality time with all of you.

Now, welcome back home to hard work and cold weather. The work you and Scott will be involved in, and getting perfected, before the “Isle of Hope” Tour begins will leave lasting memories on the many thousands of fans of Celtic Woman, and they will see and hear what a masterpiece you have accomplished. Then you will know it was worth everything you put into it.

Lisa may you and your family enjoy a wonderful 2009.


jimbo1mcm said...

Hi Lisa. Can't wait to see you on March 15 in Wallingford CT. Please don't smile and stare at me TOO much, since my wife might get upset!!!!

Coleen said...

Hi, Lisa.

Happy New Year to you and your family! Glad to hear that you visited Australia with Scott's family. Australian weather sounds wonderful right now. The weather here in the States has been freezing!

Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago with the tour. Take care and see you soon.


zankoku said...

Hi Lisa,

Glad you had a great time in the Australian summer. It's always nice to get home, no matter where you go.

And while it is still winter in Arizona, we still have 75 degree temps. Too bad you can't start the tour here.


Jeanine said...

Dear Lisa,

Happy New Year!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with Scott's family in Australia and that you arrived safely home! We are all so excited about the new tour! I am so looking forward to seeing you in Chicago in a month! Thank you so much for everything you do. You are a very special person. Take care of yourself and travel safely! God Bless!


Emily said...

Oh lisa! I knew you were going to update your blog while I was in vegas on vacation! Now I have to type this comment on my iPhone, haha. I will make it short. Soooooooooooooooo excited for the tour. It's going to be smokin''! Girl, I have to give you serious credit....22 hours on a plane would leave me in tears and you did it with 3
Kids!!!!! You are one heck of a woman LOL. See you in April!!!!!


Bobby Howell said...

Bobby from Oklahoma would like to say Ilove to hear you sing,you are an angel by all means. If you read this message Please let me know witch ladies are going to be in Tulsa,ok on june 28-09.YOU ARE A REAL SWEETHEART!By the way my great grandmum&pa were born and lived all there lives in Irland,near Dublin.XXXYA,BOBBY

Leila said...

Happy new Year Lisa!!

It's so great to hear from you!! I'm so glad Australia was fun for you all!
At least it's not -2 Degrees and Snowy [like it is here]!

I can't wait to see you at the Wilkes Barre Show in March! i can't promise it'll be too warm, seeing as it is March in Pennsylvania =D

I pray that you and your family will have a very blessed and successful 2009!

With Love,

Leila xxx

David said...

My best wishes to you, Scott and the rest of the family. I cat' wait to see the new show. Please give the rest of the girls my warmest regards.

Bobby Howell said...

LISA:LISA,As you start your journey to the USA to sing for us all.I would like to say;YOU are the voice that touches our hearts and souls in everyway.You may not think you are an angel from far away,but who is to say.From the first time i seen you ladies sing,i have listen to a lot of music,but nothing has ever touched my heart like yours.LISA YOU ARE THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL!Caledonia,just plain love it!I would just love to meet you ladies in Tulsa,ok on June-28-09,but probley a slim chance of that.Oklahoma/Laurie/Lisa K.I bet you are a great Mum, my Mum had 21 children, my Dad was irish and his Dad was also,you are just wonderful lady!SING FOR ALL OF US,GOOD LUCK LISA!Bobby in Oklahoma.

derekvtx said...

Happy New Year Lisa to you and your family! Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas in April.


Snookie said...

Great to know you had a good one, Lisa!! It must've been nice to see the other side of the family!

I'm looking forward to see you in Houston on April 20th!!!! Hehe....:D

I hope you and your family are good and well!!


Lester said...

Hi Lisa ,

So nice to hear all of you got to visit family for a couple of weeks over the holidays. I’m sure a lot of memories were made.

Wow, a 22 hour trip! I haven’t taken a long trip with children (and dogs) in quite some time. Thirty to thirty-six hours by car. They were quite the adventure. Today we laugh about some of the things that happened during those long drives. Memories are great.

Happy New Year to you and family.


Bobby Howell said...

HI LISA,I WROTE YOU A PPOEM TO GIVE TO YOUR HUSBAND,SCOTT.YOU MAY REWRITE IT.FOREVER LOVE:EACH MORNING THAT I WAKE ,I STOP AND LOOK AT YOU AND THINK ,NO ONE ELSE WILL DO:AS THE DAY GOES BY WE MAY ONLY SEE EYE TO EYE, BUT I KNOW IN MY HEART I DON"T LIKE BEING APART. SOMETIMES WHEN WE ARE FAR AWAY I THINK OF YOU EVERYDAY.YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND I AM YOUR BEAUTIFUL WIFE,SO SWEETHEART;TAKE THIS TO HEART I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU NO MATTER HOW FAR APART,I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU FOREVER!Lisa,i used to write poetry for Hallmark a long time ago,LOVE is important I lost my beautiful wife Laurie in a car wreck when she was only 22.Iknow you are busy so Please don"tget upset that i write so much,Ilike to write!I know you may not want to write back but if you do my e-mail is care,Bobby j in the U S A,Oklahoma.

Starman said...

Happy New Year Lisa to you and yours! May this new year be one of your best ever! We look very much forward to seeing you here in the US beginning only next month!

kathi said...

Hey lisa...
I think it is not to late for wishing a happy new year to you and your family! Have a great year 2009 and wonderful experiences on your tour!
Unfortunatly the US are too far away from germany, not 22 hours^^, but over 10 and this is too far, too :(!
So I´m looking forward for your next Celtic-woman dvd :)
I can see you live-performing. Hope so! if not in Germany so maybe in ireland?!
Wish you fun and sucess with all your practicing stuff.
Keep your heart on the right place, where it is now!
kisses from germany


Jenny said...

Hi Lisa,

I have been meaning to get to your blog and post a hello! Rich is good about keeping me up to date on your current travels and professional career. Apparently you have him eating out of the palm of your hand. - You GO girl! All he does is give me a hard time!! You must have the midas touch. Nawww... I love that guy like a big brother and have to say you got yourself a real gem there. I saw some of your recent pictures and told Rich that you look like a million dollars and that Scott must be mad for allowing you out in public looking so adorable.

I just wanted to tell you that I've loved listening to your music from a far over the past few years and would love to get to one of your concerts this year again sometime. It's just been so crazy here. I'm currently working on helping Orla develop her new website and of course continue to maintain my Deirdre's website too! They are both such lovely girls. Brain and I too are into our own ventures... we will be hosting a weekly radio show on live 365 through Celtic Radio by summer time. Look for "Celtic Heat" at coming soon! My priority right now is getting Orla up and running to support her solo career.

I wish you and your lovely family a wonderful New Year in 2009 and may it be filled with all the blessings your hearts can hold.

God bless you Lisa,
Love, Jenny Fedei (and Brian too!)

mwh1973 said...

I can't wait until March 11th. I will be down front (again) for the Wilkes-Barre, PA show. I missed you last year so I am very excited about this performance. I will miss Orla but you are by far my favorite. I hope you will be singing "The Voice"...that is my all-time favorite. Good luck with rehersals and I hope all the crew has safe travel on your tour. God Bless. Matt

BillyChapman said...

Dear Lisa,
I had a friend pass away Dec, 11.
He requested that I play your song "Send Me a Song" at his funeral. He loved the inspiration you give in your music. He always wanted to go see you perform in Ireland. That was his dream. He never got to, because he was always working trying to provide for everyone else. He was a very selfless man. I want to thank you personally for your inspiration that you gave him through your song. I know that you getting this letter is probably a long shot, but I wanted you to know that your song meant the world to Bill.

Billy Chapman


Winzo said...

Hey Lisa, Happy New Year!

Was Awesome to hear that you came and spent some time in the land Down Under! Must be nice being back home tho!!

Look forward to hearing about the tour! Sucks that it does not do a run down here in Aus!! Hopefully you gals do a live DVD for it!!

You do an awesome job with the Voice, sounds beautiful!!

Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit


N. L. Seattle, WA. said...

Happy New Year to you and your entire family.
I have influenced many at my work to listen to your music and they are now fans as well.
Can't wait to see your performance again in Seattle, May 16th....

Sara<3 said...
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Sara said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! I have recently been introduced to the music and voices of Celtic Woman (recently as in December 2008) and i have fallen in love with the music and lyrics of the show! I just wanted to say that your music is so inspriational and i am fortuante enough to be able to see the Isle of Hope show when it comes to Knoxville Tennessee. I look forward to hearing the melodies of Celtic Woman live. thank you for your hard work and beautiful voice!

Lucija Varšić said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! I'm sixteen, and I love to sing. I've started to sing when I was three, in kids choir...:)and I played a violin for 6 years in music school.
I'm listening Your songs every day for half of the day and write now, while I'm writing this mail, I'm listening two of Your songs "Caledonia" and "The voice". I like the way how do You sing with so much spirit and happiness. For me it looks like singing is Your life and I hope that I'm not wrong. For me You sound like an angel. ;))
I know that You have lots of wories about work and Your family and that You don't have much time to answer me... but I'm hoping that You will answer me even with only one sentence.
It would meant a lot to me.

I wounder will You have any concert in Ireland this SUMMER?? I want to go there just that I hear you :)

Camberlee said...

Happy New Year! Great to see you're all doing well; I so thrilled for the up comming tour. You know my grandparents and I are very close and 16 months ago they went to South Africa to serve a mission. The last thing that we did together was go and see you and the girls preform. They return home to AZ 15th April just in time for you and the girls to arrive on the 23rd. We are all so very excited and we hope that there will be tickets left. Travel safe!


mpdallen said...


You and everyone else should have arrived by now, and are hard at work with rehearsals. I ask that you and everyone else try and stay warm, as I know it is very cold there; and to be very careful and not get injured or sick. I am so looking forward to seeing the new “Isle of Hope” Show. Considering the people involved with bringing this Show to us for our enjoyment, it has to be outstanding.

I hope to see you one week from today if it is possible; but for sure the next day if God be willing. I will not tell you anything now that you do not already know.

I need to see Rachel or Joanne when I get there. You know why.

Lisa, Send Me a Song.


L8apxrx7 said...


Let me start off by telling you that your voice is most magical. Every time I hear it I get goose pimples. The entire ensemble of "Celtic Women" is truly one of the most talented and special groups I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.

I would like to speak to you now about the song "The Voice." The first time I heard you sing that song I literally had tears running down my face. The words speak so many meanings and the most inspirational of thoughts. I really wish I could explain the feelings I get when I hear this song. I just can't put them into words.

I gave my mother tickets to see your concert on March 17th in Baltimore Maryland. I really wish I could be there but unfortunately I'm in Montana. Hopefully when you come out to the west coast I may have the pleasure of seeing the show.

Take care of yourself and keep on singing.