Thursday, February 12, 2009

Production Week

Hi All
Well production week is officially over!!!!.  We arrived in Evansville last week and got to see very little of the city but plenty of the Walnut Centre downtown!.
Rehearsals went pretty well to be honest.  There are some new faces on the tour this time which is always nice and of course there was the catching up with friends that we haven't seen since last tour!  The weather was baltic, to say the least!!!!.  I've never been as cold in all my life and then by the end of the week, the temperature hit 65!!!!!.  Crazy!  Anyway by the time last night arrived, dresses had been fitted, dance moves had be mastered (well kind of!!) and the voices were on top form.  Our show kicked off at about 7.45 and what a joy it was to see so many familiar faces in the front row!.  It helped put all our nerves at ease!.  We had a great time last night.  The show went without a hitch but I'm not giving away any spoilers!.  You'll all just have to wait and see.
So here we are in Minneapolis and guess what - it's even colder than Evansville!!!!  But there's always Mall of America to keep me warm!!.
Thanks for all your good wishes for the tour.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon


Emily said...

Hey Lisa!! Thanks for the update! I heard the show went really well last night and was absolutely fantastic (I'm weak and have no self-control so I read all of the spoilers lol!)! I'm happy to hear that it went really well. I can't wait until Orlando!!!! It's going to be amazing! I hope you girls stay warm in Minneapolis. I don't envy you. I don't really do cold weather, haha. Have fun, stay safe and healthy and see you in April!

Love always,


celticatheart said...
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celticatheart said...

Hi Lisa!! Glad that it's going so well so far. I can't wait to see you all again next month in Pittsburgh! Hope you all have fun on tour! ^_^

~Sarah (celticatheart on CWF)

zankoku said...

Good luck on the tour (I hate to say break a leg as Mairead tried that in 2007.

At least by the time you get to Phoenix, it will be warm.


OldFatGuy said...

Lisa, it's so good to have you back on our shores and on tour. Thanks for the update and the teaser. Luckily, I don't have to wait until April to see you again. (Sorry, Emily. Hehehe......) We'll be joining you in frigid Chicago in a few days. See you there. And - by the way - be prepared to go home with some loot. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey there,
It's always great to hear the latest and greatest news. I am so excited and really looking forward to the new tour; and for Lynn as well! I was watching my Riverdance dvd and I saw yourself an Lynn preforming at the special olympics. You guys were wonderful! I hope to see you all 23rd April in the Arizona! Travel safe!


Winzo said...

Hey Lisa! Awesome to hear things have kicked off well for the tour! Have an awesome time in the US!! Sad you are not touring here in Aus!!

Sláinte chugat

Have Fun


Thomas said...

Hello Lisa,

Evansville was FANTASTIC!

I had the pleasure of watching you perform from the front row and I'll keep the new show's surprises between us.

I'm looking forward to ForumFest 09 in Chicago next week and seeing you perform again next Tuesday.

The new show is fabulous as were you and the rest of the cast and crew. (Thank you for "The Voice")

Meeting Rachel, Joanne, Alex, and Lynn was an added bonus to my already wonderful evening.

Please be safe and travel well.

PS, please thank David for me

PPS, as Rich noted, I hope that you ready for plenty of loot

dwight said...

Hi Lisa, I'm glad to have come to Evansville Ind from Phoenix, Ariz to see the 1st show. You can actually thank Scott AKA Moscopoet from the Mairead forum for talking me into coming. I hope everyone enjoyed the Valentines day cards I gave to Racheal plus the one extra birthday card for Helen. My next show will be at the Fox theatre in Detroit Mich. My brother who lives in Waterford Mich already has recieved the tickets from Ch 56 they are of course M&G and front row center. BTW I hope your in the M&G my brother would like to meet you. :) At anyrate have a great time and hope to see you and everyone else soon. Oh say Hi to Ray for me. :)

Brad T said...

Hi Lisa: Thanks for the update on what's been going on! A bit chilly you say? I'm an upstate New Yorker and lately the weather in the northern states has been pretty tame. I hope you all have mild and storm-free weather for the rest of the time you're up north! I can't wait to see you in Chicago. We're taking the train! Our first long trip that way. Should be a riot! See you soon!

Love ya,

Jeanine said...

Hi Lisa! Great to hear from you! Glad you didn't give any spoilers, when I see you in Chicago, I want to be completely without having heard anything about the show before hand! ;) Can't wait to see you and the girls again, and the show as well! Praying for safe travels for you all and will be with everyone in spirit tonight at St. Paul! Take care and God Bless!

Le Grá,

Jenny said...

Lisa, I can't believe you may possibly read this note. You seem like a super-celebrity to me because everyday you and the other lovely ladies of Celtic Woman fill our TV screen (by DVD)and help entertain my dear 2 year old Sophia before her lunch. Nearly everyday she puts on her flowy princess dress and moves to your music and has even started singing phrases from her favorite songs (spanish lady, the prayer, the voice.
Her love of y'all's music has been contagious and we all never seem to mind her having songtime. We have even treated ourselves with tickets to Celtic Woman in Grand Prairie (quite a splurge)because we know the beauty of your sound can only be increased with the energy of your live performance. Happy travels and keep warm. God's blessings to you all. Jenny

Craig said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your info and the weather will get warmer when you come west and to Southern California. I miss you all too.


Mel said...

Hi Lisa!! Welcome back!!! I am posting prior to my first show of the new Tour in Chicago, so have to keep from reading others comments, in case of Spoilers :D . I have been off CW music for almost 2 months...cleansing my senses...can't wait till Feb 17th in Chicago!! Hopefully it's stays semi-warm, as I am tired of the cold..ready for warmer weather. Looking forward to seeing in the show again.

mpdallen said...

Hi Lisa,
As you could see, I brought Don with me to Evansville and we were on the front row about center, as you know. Lisa the new Show is absolutely so beautiful, as is everything about the Show. Every one of you ladies sang so beautifully, and as the Show continued and we heard such outstanding arrangements in those songs we were familiar with, and then the new ones were so good, there was no holding back the tears. I am sure you could tell; and yes it is as you have told me, Lisa they are tears of joy. Thank you again for the attention; and you know that thrills my heart beyond description.

David Downs and Scott Porter, and everyone else involved, now have this "Isle of Hope" Show that is so beautiful; and I have plans to see some more Shows.

Great to see Helen back in the Choir.


Starman said...


I was privileged to be among that front row contingent in Evansville cheering you on! I'm afraid we may have earned the ire of the folks behind us with our frequent standing ovations, but they were deserved! We hope we were able to give you something of a proper send off! We're with you all the way!

John Mann

Sara said...

I am so looking forward to seeing the show in Knoxville, Tennessee! I can't promise warm weather; however it has been in the mid 60s this week with a forecast of snow for next week! Glad to hear the show went well. I am absolutely ecstatic about seeing you all in concert for the first time! Be safe traveling and good luck with your upcoming shows!
love and hugs,

lintje said...

hey Lisa !!!

Sounds like it went great. At days like that I wish I was an American living in America :p
Hope you and all the other girls stay okay during the rest of the tour.
And I hope i will see you and the others soon again in Europe :D



kathi said...

hey lisa!
Thank you for the update. It will be great if you will keep going to update your blog while touring(. I´m happy if can read whats going on there over the sea^^, because I can´t be there =(.
Last night before sleeping I was like: ohh, at the same time when I will sleeping tonight, celtic woman will sing far far away...maybe I heared it in my dreams^^ bad that america is that far away from germany...
so hope you had fun lasr night and wish you fun tonight in Milwaukee! Amd tomorrow...and so on;)and a warmer weather.
enjoy the tour and good luck!


Brett said...

Hi Lisa,

Attended to your concert at the Theater at Excel in St. Paul last evening. It was wonderful!

Loved your costumes, sets, lighting, and all the new music including Oh America, as well as the music we’ve known to love from Celtic Woman. That Mairead is something else! She sure plays a mean fiddle!

It was a wonderful way to spend the end of the week to help you kick off your North American tour. Sure hope one of these concerts ends up on DVD and CD real soon!

All the Best,
Brett of Irish Descent in the Twin Cities

austriakate said...

Hi Lisa!
Getting ready for the show tonight! I'm not in the front row, but I'll be singing along! Looking forward to it!
Sorry about our cold weather up here. It's actually much warmer then several weeks ago...Negative 20's. I'm from Rhode Island so it's different for me, I'm always cold here. Someday I'd like to live in Scotland or Ireland.
Take care and have fun at the concert tonight!
Love, Kate

Dave said...

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so much for the kind words!! it was so nice to be there in the front row on wensday night the new show is FANTASTIC!! see you in March


Robert said...

Hi Lisa. I am going to the show in Chicago on the 17th. I'll be in the front row. I also have meet and greet passes and I am so excited for a chance to finally meet you. I have been to your show 3 prior times and loved every moment! I discovered Celtic Woman on PBS and it re-kindled a love of music I haven't seen in years. I used to be a drummer and haven't picked up a pair of stick in a long time but now I want to get back into music again thanks to you. I hope I get to talk to you at the meet and greet Tuesday. I'm so excited. Thank you for countless hours of your lovely voice that brings tears to my eyes. Caledonia does it every time. See you soon. Robert.

Anonymous said...


I was in the front row last night at the show in St. Paul (for the encore songs anyway, otherwise I was a few rows back). I tried to shake your hand, but I didn't know you had yet another song to sing and had to quickly move to a different part of the stage. It was quite amazing to see and hear you in person.

Unfortunately for me almost all of the people sitting towards the front part of the stage had only seen Celtic Woman on TV (PBS). They didn't know your names, didn't know most of the songs, etc. I was talking a mile a minute to them to bring them up to speed on what they've been missing by not buying and listening to all of the CDs/DVDs.

I just wanted to say that you have the most amazing voice I have ever heard and I want to thank you for sharing it with all of us.


meganelie said...
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John said...

Hey Lisa!

My family and I saw the show for the first time in Milwaukee this past all were amazing!!! My wife bought the tickets for the show as a present for my 41st birthday and we had a blast! It is obvious that you and all of the girls are following your passions and fulfilling your dreams! Congratulations!!! As a musician myself I can sure appreciate your talents...thanks so much for sharing them! My sons, young musicians too, were so inspired -- it was one of those moments in their lives they won't soon forget. It must be an amazing feeling when you realize all of the memories you create for others by sharing your talents with your fans!

God Bless and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


megan elie said...

Hey Lisa just wanted to thank you for the update and tell you I absolutely loved the shows in minnesota and wisconsin (and believe it or not, Us minnesotans are loving the "warm" weather in mid february!) Everything was stunning from the songs and performance to the dresses and lighting.

Wish you all the best luck,

P.S. Enjoy the warm states!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing, Lisa!! Thank you for news!!
Come to Brazil, Lisa, pleaseeee!!
Have a great tour!!

Jeff DeVore said...

I'm jealous of all these comments. I have to wait until May before I get a chance to see the show. Just make sure your not pregnant again. We missed you last year!

SavannahB said...


Thanks for keeping your fans updated! :) I have a meet 'n greet after the Jacksonville, FL show on March 30! I really do hope that you and Chloe are on for the meet 'n greet that night! :) I'd looove to meet you girls! I can't wait!

Much love,
Savannah B :)

celticgirl06 said...

Hey Lisa! I'm so glad you are enjoying the tour! I just saw you guys in Milwaukee! Let me tell you it was so amazing! My sister surprised me with the tickets for Valentine's day to help us kick start our trip to Ireland in March! I have been a fan of yours for a long tme! I really hope to get the chance see you all in concert again! Take care and enjoy yourself!


AngusGibson said...

Hey Lisa! My first post on your blog! First of all, I love your voice. A little short story on how I became a Celtic Woman fan. Being part Irish myself, I had taken a little interest in my heritage. However, I figured I wasn't in for much of a surprise. I expressed this to my friend. She showed me "The Voice" on youtube, and I was hooked from the start. I now am proud owner of "The Greatest Journey" dvd and now, I'm excited about learning about my Irish heritage!
I love your rendition of "May It Be" as well as "Caledonia," and "Green the Whole Year Round."
I am also a proud owner of tickets and meet-and-greet passes to the February 28th concert in Knoxville, Tennessee! I can't wait to meet you!


Taylor "Angus" Gibson

Robert said...

I just got home from the concert in Chicago on Tuesday night. Lisa, it was such a thrill to finally meet you at the meet and greet. I wanted to tell you so much more but our talk was brief. Your show and your voice have brought back a lot of joy to my heart. I listen every day and am moved to tears every time. This was my fourth show and it gets better every time. Thank you for a wonderful evening!

AngusGibson said...

Hello again! I already posted a comment above, but I found out today that there's a chance that you may not be at the meet-and-greet as they usually do only 2 members of the group. I sincerely hope that you'll be there! Have a great show!

-Taylor (AngusGibson on CWF)

Jeannie said...

I went to see the show in St Paul on the 13th of Feb. It was fantastic you blew me away I was awed by your grace and beauty and your voice. Thank you so much for coming to St. Paul I loved the show I loved the music and well I just loved everything about the show. But most of all I loved lostening to you. I have since joined your fan club and the fan club of Celtic Women. I have all of the CD's and DVD's of Celtic Women and listen to them all the time I recently purchased your CD and was again blown away by your voice.You have made my hum drum life a little brighter with your voice. Thank you so much.
Jeannie/St. Paul, MN

Craig said...

Hi Lisa,

Welcome to Detroit! I can't wait to see the concert tonight at the Fox Theater. This will be my first time seeing Celtic Woman live on stage. I am so very excited. I hope you all enjoy your stay in the Motor City.



Thomas said...

Hello Lisa,

I had to take this opportunity to thank you after our meet and greet meeting in Chicago.

That was a first and most important meet and greet in meeting you for many forum friends of mine, including myself.

You could not have been more pleasant and gracious considering the long meet and greet session that we had. (Thank you for the photos!)

I really enjoyed meeting, chatting, and laughing with you.

Your performance this past Tuesday night was stellar and as many of us forum friends discussed, as far as we were concerned, your best performance EVER!

The new "Isle of Hope" show is fantastic and I love the American theme. The new song "OH America" was very emotional for me, but I suspect that you already knew that.

Please be safe and travel well.

Thank you again for everything you do.


Craig said...

Hi Lisa,

The concert in Detroit was absolutely awesome. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and I was so excited afterwords that I was up all night. All of you looked so beautiful and the energy you had was incredible. I look forward to your coming again to Detroit. My 7 year old son is also a big fan of Celtic Woman and I am hoping to bring him to see you in Ohio. Thank you for such a beautiful night. Someday I hope to attend a meet and greet so I can thank you all in person for bringing such beautiful music to the world.

Be safe and have a wonderful time on your tour.



Kellie said...

I took my husband and parents to see Celtic Woman at the Chicago Theatre. WHAT A FABULOUS SHOW. We loved every minute of it. I was even surprised that my husband enjoyed it (Sorry, but it's true!!). Thank you so much for everything!

Brad T said...

Hi Lisa:
It was such a pleasure for me to finally meet you in Chicago! You are a very special person to me - I admire you and your music a great deal. The concert exceeded my greatest expectations. Everyone at CW, Ltd. should be very proud of their accomplishments. Is the picture associated with this blog the one you were thinking of during our conversation?
I hope to have a chance to see you in concert again this spring - we'll see.
Take care and thanks again for spending time with your fans.

Love ya,
Brad T

ilenekroll said...

Hi Lisa,

I saw Celtic Woman last night in Detroit. We were in the 5 th row. I am still in awe of it all. You were absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent. I have a son Jack too!

jpn said...

Hi Lisa! I first heard Celtic Woman December 2008 on Maryland Public television, tuning in as the song “The Voice” came on and I was instantly hooked. You are so gorgeous and have the voice of an angel. I now have all three DVDs, which I listen to constantly. Your rendition of “May it Be” is just incredibly (Better than the original). Although you by far are my favorite, I will miss Meav and Orla. I would love to see the show live but can not make any of the shows in the U.S., but just want to tell you to have fun and stay warm. I’ll look forward to the Isle of Hope tour DVD. John

Coleen said...

Hi, Lisa.

It was so nice to meet you in Chicago! The new show is fabulous! Looking forward to seeing you again in June.


Stev said...

Hi Lisa! I'm so glad you're back with the group. My wife and I have been fans since the first PBS special aired. We've been to the last 3 concerts in KC (just wasn't the same without you last year)and are planning on being there when you come in June. "Send Me a Song" is the best stress reliever in the world. No matter how bad a day has been, that song just sooths my soul. Thank you again for sharing your incredible gift with us.

mpdallen said...

I have seen some of the photos from Chicago where Rich and the Celtic Woman Forum members brought gifts for you, Scott, Jack, Cian and Ellie, and they were wonderful gifts appropriately selected for each of you. The white teddy bear and Day Spa gift certificate for you (and white teddy bear for Mairead), the crystal desk clock for Scott, the watches for Jack and Cian, and the beautiful unique music box for Ellie. How thoughtful and wonderful for them to do this for you and you beautiful family. You have earned and deserve everything your fans do for you.

The dresses you and Mairead are wearing for this event is so spectacularly beautiful and shows each of you in magnificent fashion. The dress Mairead is wearing appears to be strapless silver with gold highlights and yours a strapless gold colored dress with silver highlights, and each of you are so elegantly presented for your fans to see you in all your glory. So beautiful!

Lisa, the statement I made in my message to you after the Baton Rogue appearance will always be true; only the dress has changed.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


Rich Boyd said...

Hey, you need to update your blog more often girl!

I only "discovered" Celtic Woman a couple months ago when you were running on PBS. Where have I BEEN!? We watched that over and over on DVR then bought four DVDs and I was sad to learn I'd missed out on this tour -- all sold out I guess in Baltimore, the closest venue. The good news, I should be ahead of the curve for the NEXT tour -- like 2010!? My 8-year-old daughter and I are singing along a lot, and I tell her she can be a future "Celtic Woman." Meanwhile, she's "Celtic Girl" and I'm "Celtic Man." haha.

I have the tour schedule out of a DVD box right here so I can see, "Where are they now?" So, we're with you in spirit. Have a great time enjoying the wonderful weather in the northern US in winter.

What ever happened to the DVD you were going to make of your solo CD? All wrapped up in Celtic Woman and the DVD release strategies I suppose. Seeya.

Rich in Maryland -- new fan.

David Bustin said...

Dear Lisa,
I hope this finds you well and in good spirits. My wife Theresa and I truely adore you and the oher members of Celtic Woman . We have never gotten to see the group in person because to travel for my wife is impossible, but we have watched the Youtube showws and the TV performances. My wife is ill and I know you probally get alot of this kind of thing and I don't know if you even have time to ever read any of the blog entries but it would thrill my wife's heart to no end it get something that was signed from you for a memory of the joy you and the other girls have brought to her. She was once a concert pianist but is no longer able to play so she has lost what she cherished, and that is the piano. Please if you could see your way to this it would really liven her life.

Sincerely David Bustin

Rich Boyd said...

To the tune of "I Wish I was in Carrickfergus..." I wish I Loui-is-ville...

Jon said...

Lisa, my wife and I had a truly enjoyable afternoon here in Indianapolis last Sunday when we attended the latest Celtic Woman Tour, The Isle of Hope. There aren't enough superlatives in the English dictionary to convey how much pleasure we receive by attending Celtic Woman shows. Thanks for your great musicality and please, please keep the music coming.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, you all rocked at louisville palace, it was my first time in front row absolutely A+ and it was awesome :) loved spanish lady. Thanks

Sara said...

I can't believe i will be at the Celtic Woman concert in Knoxville, Tn. in two days!!!! I'm so excited about this; it's my CW concert! I hope all the other venues have been successful (as if it were possible for you to have a poor concert!) and i hope the travel isn't too tiring. I can't wait to see the setup, costumes, staging, and hear the songs...any chance at a hint for the magic we are in for here in Tennessee? thanks for the hard work you all put into the music!
love and best wishes

AngusGibson said...
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